How can we defeat the Colors?

How can we defeat the Colors?

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With my secret weapon.

Fat Ugly Bastard and Micheal-san!

Just give the blue one video games maybe Yea Forums will know what kind

Those guys

We can't

A healthyman

With the help of those guys.

What if we all teamed up to take them down?

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Like this

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Why do you find these girls sexy?

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>shot taken a split-second before my semen hits her face

You don't, they even defeat the cock. Nothing can stop them now.

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Femdom is still losing to the cock. It just defeats the men they're attached to.

They're little girls.



I'm very tall and they're very small.

Are you also attracted to midgets?

Okay, wise guy.
The Colors are small AND aren't ugly and deformed.


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Kotoha would be an amazing lay.


an amazing lady right?

No, I mean it would feel really good to have sex with her.


It was ogre before it ever began

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Yui: mating press
Sacchan: anal
Kotoha: irrumatio


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Are they aiming at russian tank?

I don't get it. Old games are harder.

They’re terrorists.

I want to correct the colors!

They have extremely low defense, so anything quick enough to hit them before they hit you should work

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If you can't beat em then join em

That's how they get you.
Sacchan can handle several dozens of anons at once just long enough for Kotoha to move in for the kill.

Who are they terrorizing?

Little girls are probably scared of sticky white stuff hitting them in the face.

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guys who like classic rock

She's just a fucking little girl, no way she can take dozens of men at once.

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You'd be surprised by the resilience and sheer libido of a blonde mesugali.

Their nemesis.

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is this real?

wtf where'd you get this pic of me??

I had a dream about Sacchan confessing her love to me. But some JK trying to out me as a lolicon, because she saw me blushing. I politely denied her accusations and went back to my house and Sacchan was on my bed waiting. I get on and we cuddle with each other.

I don't know how did it happen, I didn't really watched her show.

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Extremely hairy.

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Imagine running your fingers through Nono-chan's bush...


Imagine ramming your dick into Nono's vagina.

what would you do if you find a pube in Nono's bread


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Blackmail her

I want to increase the feeling of fucking!

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Banish them to North Korea.

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jibun wo?