Killing bites

Inabunny dump when

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Was already dumped in the last thread. Had tiger barb in it. Look in archive

the full chapter? I don't think so. I just wanted to have the full raws and original text archived somewhere outside the official site.

like for real, if there was a thread with all the full pages that evaded all of my searches thus far I'd be grateful to find it.

She will never be fucked at this point.
Hope she gets the human cock, less pleassure but can hold for more than 1 minute.

Have they shown her nipples yet

sadly no

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They really outdid themselves with this chapter. I assumed Inaba would at least make contact with Leo's dick, but no, she just came on the spot, and they gave her the win anyways. What an incredible troll manga.

>Ui and Eruza both have piss scenes
>Ui and Eruza both have Leo handing them the victory
it's a shame they have such a bad relationship.

horse next

“wanted to have the full raws and original text archived somewhere outside the official site”

Sure will do

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Would read this doujin

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oh no

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And fin

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>cat peen while being human everywhere else
Did he shift back fully to human form here?

Beastmen can transform any individual limb, including their dicks.

So this is getting around the Uma Musume doujin moratorium, huh? 39 OP.

Yes, I was just wondering if he intentionally completely turned back into human form in that second page there.

Wait so if his dick was in human form, why was he premature ejaculating like a lion? Looks like he's always been a one-pump chump

Serious answer is that there are some things that are permanently different about you after becoming a hybrid, even when not transforming any part of your body. Like how Ui has extremely sharp hearing at all times that she cannot turn off, even while fully human. And how Eruza was extremely fast even when not transforming in her debut. This is most likely the reason how Kido was so strong even without transforming, too.

...but in this case though, he always transformed when it was time for orgasm.

I don't get it

>you failed to make me cum
>but UNDER PURGATORY RULES... if you are the one cumming, you win.
Kek. I love it

New user here. My headcanon is that the brutes can eventually control their body if they are skilled enought and doesn't lack of concentration in between (or else, the regular sexual life for any male brute minus the dolphins, the rabbits and other flew animals who enjoys sex outside from reproduction would be an absolute pain).

Yeah, I thought of this too and I want it to be true as well.

Lol, this tournament fucking sucks

That's kinda the joke though right? Like early on Inaba was basically like "What the fuck are we even doing here?" And then you have lion casually giving away secrets about his allegiances right before getting jerked off in front of a crowd of brute dudes

and him giving bunny the win is actually the closest to his canon characterization and gives me hope that maybe this'll all make sense by the end.

mystery solved

>scenes only furries can understand

>no blattodea this month for some reason
>dino still a jobber
>all the official twitter account for gangan comics does is advertise her getting raped over and over

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>we've seen cheetos nipples before inaba nipples

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She looks like she's grown since her first appearance

Still remember an user going “WTF I THOUGHT SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FLAT” over this scene lol.

>its bimonthly now

>not!Uma Musume working as prostitutes
He's going to get disappeared by the yakuza, isn't he?

The one with the sharper fangs wins. That's Killing Bites.

you should know the author only cares about animal dicks

I think she shlicked in front of him?

he isn't even daring to make them show some skin...