Spring anime

Now that everything is out, what’s AOTS?

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This season has a higher average quality than last season, but nothing is as good as last season's top shows.

Such as ?

>everything is out

assuming that's true it would mean last season is basically backlog season because it's easy to either follow those few shows that are of higher quality as they're airing or just work on your backlog and go back to those few shows later. a season with a bunch more higher quality shows is meant for keeping up with

I'm enjoying Machikado Mazoku the most and Summertime Rendering seems objectively the best but I haven't read the manga so don't know if the plot is going to be good.
What exactly was good last season? I haven't watched anything. Kimetsu no Yaiba?

Top 5 so far?

Tomodachi game

Biggest disappointment: Shikimori

Summer Time
Spy X Family

This plus guya and shamiko.

Not watching anything so far because I don't like watching adaptations of manga I like.
Last season was either phenomenal for you if you're into sequels or else fucking boring.

If you talking about Shingeki no Kyojin I might concede even when I'm not a big fan but that's it, last season was ok at best, this spring might be the best season of anime in years.

Kongming is overrated as shit.

It's SpyxFamily vs Kaguya for aots

literally the only thing I'm watching at normal speed is Bookworm.
everything else is on speedwatch

Im only watching summertime and bookworm what other shows had a good 1-2 episodes? Im not into romcom so anything else beside this

It's tough to say. There are so many good shows this season and they're all about the same in terms of quality.

>Machikado 2
>Komi-san 2
>RPG Real Estate

Machikado and Aharen are probably the best in terms of quality, but Kunoichi and RPG Real Estate make me :baw: the hardest.

Sono Bisque Doll

I am only watching this so my AOTS is obviously it

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paripi koumei

I just dropped birdie wing for the moment (+ I don't watch kingdom & I have to catch up on kyoukai senki)
the rest is decent so far but nothing special

Aharen-san is at least a billion times better than Sono Bisque.

this season made me calculate my stats and i complete only 40% of shows i pick up. i have 250 watched TV series for nearly 400 dropped

Kaijin Kaihatsubu.

I'm also the only one watching this

t. man-hating dyke or tranny

I'm only watching Birdie Wing and Kyoukai Senki, both are very good so far.

Nothing seems better than Sk8.
The soccer one seems okay.

how are people still watching komi past ep 1? Can't relate.

For me it's Healer Girl so far

Aharen is great
How is Japan likin it?

Ya boi

Any anime with black people in it?

Paripi Koumei
Skeleton Knight
Summertime Render
Spy x Family
Tomodachi Game
Kunoichi Tsubaki
Black Rock Shooter


Second episode of Shikimori was the most predictable piece of shit I've watched in a while



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kuroitsu san and the sexy wolf

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Virgin Road.

There's none dude don't troll

>Biggest disappointment: Shikimori
This, holy shit what a letdown.

Aharen > Shikimori > Love After World Domination > Cuckoos


You claim to hate predictable shows, and yet you're still watching formulaic isekai trash and Shounen Jump "comedy".


Watch Aharen

Been thinking about it, Aharen and the golf show are the only two other shows that I haven't started but I've considered picking up

At this point, Summertime Render, but I have no clue if it can keep up at this level for the entire season. Shows with actual narratives can shit the bed at any point so even having the strongest opening episodes means little. Obviously stuff like Kaguya, Mazoku, and SpyxFamily are going to continue being exactly what they are.
It's a terrible season if you want something of actual substance rather than just comedies that have bits of heart to them. That type of show seems to be the theme for the season though, ranging from the high end Kaguya to the mid-range Rikeikoi and down to garbage Shikimori with a dozen others along the way. The Gosling factor has been pretty high with Aharen and Spy.

Basically I agree with you here. Just a lot of bloat right now.

Spy x Family and Kunoichi is the only watchable trash from this trash season.

Hate that Hungarian nigger dance anime the most.

I'm watching some of these and they're fun, but I wish we had more actual stories with meaning and not just authors writing out their own personal fantasies. A lot of these are just fluff without anything more to them.

>Shokei Shoujo.
Series I'm enjoying a lot:
>Estab Life
>Otome Game Sekai wa
Series that have been decent and I might finish watching:
>Yuusha Yamemasu.
>Tomodachi game.

Dunno I have yet to finish watching everything but do far Koumei and Kunoichi are the most enjoyable ones also Spy x Family is probably the most overrated anime I've seen since SnK.

>I only watch the most abhorrent garbage

build divide
summer time
shokei shoujo

those are the candidates

based and kuroitsupilled

Rather enjoying Deaimon, RPG Fudousan, Kaguya, Spy Family and Dance Dance Danseur but I'd have a hard time labeling any of them a true AOTS

he ain't wrong
bonus points for spotting the protagonist

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deaimon is good but its taking to long to actually get going

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Anyone that have Tomodachi Game in their list is just shitposting, do not trust.

I'm curious, what substance is there in Summertime?

It's attempting to tell an actual story rather than just being a premise for setting up jokes. At episode 2 it's a bit early to say that it's doing nothing innovative with its themes since there's been no time to develop anything, but it has at least set up for itself the standards of the two major narrative patterns it has combined ("return to hometown, discover alien threat" and "investigation through looped time").

>return to hometown, discover alien threat
>investigation through looped time
That's just the plot, what substance is there to alien threat and time shenanigans?

So far having a plot is the substance. Generally those devices are used to contrast childhood idealism with an adult reality and explore characters through variation in behavior, but at this point as an animeonly there's no way to know if it's actually going to deliver. It would certainly lose its place as AOTS if it just stops trying and meanders pointless.
But at the start of the season, it's the only show that even has the potential to be substantive.

>he's still a plotfag in current year
if you cared about plot you wouldnt be watching manga adaptations and especially not manga adaptations from that particular magazine

>if you cared about plot you wouldnt be watching manga adaptations

Because LN adaptations have better stories? Fuck outta here

Why not read the manga? You don't have to bet on whether it'll deliver substance.

way too much otome and tranny shit this season.

Healer Girl for its cute gimmick of being an anime musical