Love Live!

Best subunit AND best couple!

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>Best subunit

>best couple

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ai will protect her smile

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Loli Ai!

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I'm ready for even more sister kino

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Setsuna just become more of the higher rank than Shio in anime. I like it.

Lesbian pedophilia is a vicious cycle.

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I hope the anime will fix that soon, Shioriko deserves better.

Yeah, I feel bad for Shioriko. She's not fearless like in the game version.

>Have parents that allow literally no form of otaku entertainment in your home
>"Why does she need to hide the fact she's an idol, an entertainer who appeals majorly to Otaku?"
Gee, I fucking wonder why.

>People pay for this

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Yes I pay for evenings with them, got a problem?

calm down

What a loser. I wonder how the other Nijis can stomach keeping that nerd around.

what was her illness???

Misato was made to be loved and comforted

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Side character syndrome

cock addiction in an universe where men are an extinct gender

Does that mean VP is about to die too?

meh, she's only loser in the game.

I doubt that, she's too important in the plot.


she literally saved the girls in S1.

>You just need more confidence, Kasumin!

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kek even the N girls are more relevant to the plot

>what do you mean no one thinks you're cute
>just b urself ;)

>N girls
They're side idols, you can't compare them.

Shizuku loves Yuu now

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Someone needs to edit the loli Kasumi with the text "NO BITCHES?"

pacing too fast

ShioPomu soon.

So now that she's alive after we joked about her being dead due to her s1 absence and also one of the main characters of an entire episode, how do we feel about misato?

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I hope Ai can keep her alive until old age.

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It's easy to go fast when one of the girls doesn't have a personality.

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Nah, the anime is a loser.
In the game her reasons for leaving the club are actually plausible inadequacies fostered by Kasumi being a fucking retard and causing a misunderstanding.
In the anime it's cause...SHE JUST DID OKAY!

Ai is an angel, I wish Nijigasaki had less characters so she'd have more screen time.

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Forgot to include enlarging the forehead size.

Oh, no live lovesisters. We got too cocky!

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Based. Ai is gen leader material.

Ai and Rina finally did something, feels like they've barely interacted in the first 3 episodes.

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They agreed to just stay friends.

When you think about it, all 9 of them dying like this and last 3 episodes being a dream sequence was a pretty original idea for such a show about idols, thats why people still remember it fondly.

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Ai can do a lot better desu

Mia could also do a lot better desu

sorry but they're lolichads

Wish I was Rina right now

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Reminder that Karin and Ai are the least popular nijis

Based Aibro. Also, which characters would you get rid of?

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worst moment in the series

Objectively wrong

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Run jew.

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Why doesn't Emma ever get lumped in with Ai and Karin when it comes to being a huge cockslut? She has the proportions (biggest tits in the franchise, height on par with Karin, stout and sturdy hips), and they would all look so good together as primary color-coded sex demons.

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Because she's from the countryside.
The only dick she knows is family related.