What if Build King wasn't dogshit?

>What if Build King wasn't dogshit?
>What if you took the fun of Romance Dawn era One Piece and the autistic world building of Dungeon Meshi and put them together?
>What if anyone ever fucking read this manga?

Please read Saora and the Monsters House. Its about a girl who was raised, badly, to be a soldier in a monster war but peace came before she came of age and now travels with a group of dwarves building homes for monsters with unique requirements.

It is good.

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>Please read
post a chapter to convince me to pick it up

Whenever some guy spouts about muh worldbuilding, my mind instantly cuts off

the little slime was cute
but I've seen what happens to headstrong female adventurers in monster territory before

Yeah dump the first chapter at least

Imagine admitting to being a smoothbrain so readily

Fine i'll show you!

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>file size too big
too kino more like

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>Romance Dawn era One Piece
You mean the worst era of One Piece?

No i didn't say Wano.

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I read this but you might put people off on a series when you either jump in comparing it to other series or trying to trash (an admittedly garbage) story with a similar premise.

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Oh, this is pretty cool.

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Maybe the little one is really, really short, but the other two donĀ“t really like look like dwarves,

File size again

>not muh tolkeinesque!
/tg/ pls, you were bad enough with the japanese kobolds.

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Thats the end of chapter 1, one of the weaker chapters of the 6 our and shame the great full colour and splash pages make the hacker known as Phor Chan shit the bed but go read the rest its good!

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I really like the art

been following since chapter 1 but now I'm unreading it out of spite

Looks like it could be interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks op.

It kind of feels like if tiny little lives in the woods was a shonen jump sries.

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how long until humans are the real monsters?

I feel like the gimmick could get repetitive pretty fast.

>solution to messy cave is to pull a 30000 year old magic tree out
I'm suspecting insufficient autism here


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I will keep reading but that's just magic bullshit.

reminds me of Gosu where a kid is mentored by a peak martial artist in some god-foresaken valley for years who teaches him top-tier techniques so that the kid goes out and take revenge in his stead but the first thing the kid learns is that all his mentor's enemies are dead and so he starts living his day to day life as a delivery boy in a dumpling store

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feels like one of those series that just introduces fantastical problems and then resolves them with fantastical solutions where everyone is capable of whatever the story demands at the time

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give sauce pls

It's some good shit OP

What's the point of calling them dwarves if they're indistinguishable from humans? The size and beards are the only thing that set them apart.