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Are you ready for Roof kino?

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Note that Law is on the page with Big Mom and Kaido.
Betrayal incoming.


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wew that was an ugly thread, hopefully this one will be better

>Note that Law is on the page with Big Mom and Kaido.
He isn't?

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He is.
Look at the page break.

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I don't think so, look

Are you purposely ignoring the line dividing the supernovas and the Yonko?

Did Drake ever tell the Marines that Kaido had a kid?

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Film: Red.
August 6th.

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>shizophrenic nitpicker

why are laws eyes shaded here?

Did Drake really murder the entire village?

> You will never be able to visit Japan and kneel to the Nami statue
Why live bros?

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I beginning to (reluctantly) accept that Sabo will be fighting Akainu, it just feels like a huge cockblock after all this time after giving Luffy his scar after literally killing his older brother right in front of his eyes this fight is going to asspull third brother, fuck I hate Sabo so much.

What was the point of this bitch?

This movie will be another Stampede. You fell for the Shanks meme.

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The only other characters other than the SHs is Law, Bepo, Barto, and Coby and Helmeppo. That is nowhere near the same as Stampede

To be best girl

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Sabo likely dead after his outburst at reverie

Luffy will have to fight someone who ate the mera-mera no mi and thus his two brothers inherited will

Because I said PAGE nigger, not PANEL.
Law is in the Supernova panel, but he's on the page with the Yonko (the enemies).


its a waifu, there is no point

Don’t ever say never, user.

even worse than stampede

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Need my tongue on Bonney's soles

"they" are usually here during US prime time
if you want good threads you should come here between 2am and 8-9am Eastern Standard time

based autist

Kaido will not fall.

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But I sleep at that time.

But tell me user, why would Law even betray Luffy at this point? For what? He was literally ready to die in Dressrosa, and the only reason he didn't was cause of Luffy. And he needs the SHs to accomplish his next goal of finding out about the Ds

And you can't even say "he will kidnapp Robin!", cause Law at this points knows the lengths Luffy will go to save his friends. He literally told his own crew to not tell Luffy he was captured cause he knew Luffy and the SHs would ruin the plan to rescue him

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not fall, fly.

>2 more years of wano
jesus christ you people really want this? Just get to the next arc already

C'mon dude you know Oda didn't kill Sabo off panel right?

Fun fact, milky is the only mink that can breed with reindeers (her mink class) or humans, stated by Oda himself

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Why would he? Probably never even knew about her since the tobi roppo rarely gathered on Onigashima.

>But tell me user
don't reply to this shitter.Just begs for (You)s

> Koby
I wonder if there'll be more Navy kino like in Z.

Knowing OP they will reveal he didn't actually kill anybody.

I'm sorry my man

he probably did

Luffy is not punching hard right now
he's punching big

But it still falls under the category of a strong punch. Therefore, Kaido will withstand it, assuming it even connects with him to begin with.

It's all part of Law's plan. Pirates alliances always end in betrayal. It will happen, okay?

Why did Franky never mention that he’s met Oden and seen Roger?

Why didn’t he bring up the Roger Pirate’s visit to Water Seven when he was at Shakky’s Bar?

You think they hang out in mainland Wano?

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luffy gotta have the strongest haki to win the end game so big punch=more haki surface area thus increasing the strength of his haki punch
see: stampede

Was already on Onigashima during Dressrosa apparently.

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>assuming it even connects
Luffy is still clutching his chest even after all that. Unless Kaidou manages to break free, he's not dodging.

Huh, I never noticed, but in the middle panel Drake is looking specifically at Law's poster

so since we get chapters on Thursday now

>Thursday 28th
golden week break
>Thursday 5th
GW but we will get a new chapter at a random time during these 2 weeks
the chapter will be the Kaido flashback
>Thursday 12th
still Kaido flashback
>Thursday 19th
punch connects

only 1 more month, bros

>Unless Kaidou manages to break free
And he will.

Oh god fucking damn it not this phoneposting assclown again
Go away, even Hunter threads can't stand you.

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>Unless Kaidou manages to break free
He literally just needs to bite Luffy's arm off

hardening haki

Wano sucks, worst arc

Yeah just before it lands anyway lmao

Kaido is a fish, arms are weak against fish in One Piece
Luffy going to lose an arm soon

Luffys meteor sized punch also has electricity on it
Just saying

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How long is the line of people rubbing her leg?

>Yamato spam dies down
>HxH falseflagging starts

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>Yamato spam dies down
>thread dies

its like they are desperate for attention hmmmm

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well he just got banned for racism but judging by the filename he was phoneposting
so he will be back soon

Is anyone going to come up the elevator?

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Luffy’s punch will land but it’s not going to kill Kaido. Oda is tricking you.

Just wait until the next episode comes out, no matter how many amazing shots there are the same Yamato images will be spammed