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One week until the manga comes off hiatus.

Dumping "Extra Chapter: Immortality" from Volume 9.

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Typestting this chapter was troublesome. Apologies in advance.

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ugly mofo

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God what a pantywaist

Thanks for teaching me a new word.

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Thank you based user

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End of the chapter.

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It looks like was knitting in this pic. Wonder what kind of utensils he is using.

Either dissection tools or cutlery. Or both.

Character art from the end of Volume 9.

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He probably just liked eyebrows

I didn't realize until looking at this page that Despa's mustache is only separated in his anime design.

The english lexicon is a treasure trove. Thanks for the chapter user.

He's just a baboon

And from the end of Volume 13. I think I forgot to post this one in the previous thread.

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>Despa busy counting gold coins again
No wonder fans are shipping him with trasure-kun. Guess it's canon.

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I really like the art in this manga it’s very clean with nice composition, it reminds me of independent western comics except this is good

"Junk Scans" uploaded the first chapter of volume 6 to mangadex yesterday. I had assumed that they were just dumping the official translation, but is this instead another fan translation group?

I should have read that chapter before making a comment.

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There are no acceptable OR translation besides user's. They are all fucking trash and I wish they didn't exist because everybody is reading those.
I even checked the brazilian and italian ones and they are just translating the shit from Hero so it spreads around the world.

Should I put my stuff on mangadex then, if I fix the old CN/KR-based errors? I'm confident that my translation is better, but my typesetting isn't great, and I don't know anything about manga-uploading etiquette.

You even have the huge advantage of being fast so maybe the community can be saved when most of them start reading your translations since they want to read the newer chapters.

Doesn't mean you have to be fast now. Do the fixes whenever. Hero scans is so fucking slow they will need another two years till they get to the end of volume 13.

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“Without fearing their king” sounds smoother

I'd say that's a good idea. Like said, you're much faster and do a much better job translating then the other guys doing it right now. I'm sure there are of plenty of people who'd wanna read the stuff you've done already.

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It doesn't to me.

I wish there were clean versions of the chapters after vol 13.
This kind of sucks. At least the web chapters should be HQ but they aren't either.

>on the days they were born
So Desha and Despa are not twins.

Yeah nice to finally have a confirmation for this.
The untranslated page made it look as if they were, but Japanese fans always referred to Despa as little brother which felt a bit odd if they were only born minutes or something apart.
It makes more sense for Satun to need multiple attempts till his experiments worked not only two. Bet Desha is even a few years older then since Satun's studies might have needed a huge overhaul if it didn't do shit with Desha, despite him inheriting all kinds of god powers.

>still talking after being eradicated
Is Satun actually gone?

The impression I have is that it's like when Bosse is still talking after he dies and his soul flies away from Daida's body. He gets to cry about his regrets for a good few minutes and dump his Miranjoboner on Daida before he fucks off.

Bet Desha and Ouken can't wait meeting him again in the afterlife when they die.

Well, that was a much better explanation of his immortality than the anime.

Just finished the anime, great stuff. The manga continues the story?
There are some things left unanswered, but it ended on such a high note its hard to imagine more coming after

>The manga continues the story?
Yes. The story is far from over.

It’s a lot less wordy, and sounds a lot smoother. Why doesn’t it sound smooth?

Yes. You can read the chapter dumped in this thread because it's something the anime skipped.
The rest should be uploaded by user at some point. I recommend you to wait for user's TLs because those available on mangadex are sadly not very good.

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Yes it's basically only starting now. The anime was some sort of introduction to the world and the characters. In the part right afterwards you see Bojji and Kage starting their journey meet more people and places that will eventually hopefully help them build their kingdom. The rest so far is about Ouken's and Desha's subplot and world lore.

>The rest so far is about Ouken's and Desha's subplot and world lore.
There's more about Bojji and Kage's adventure in Kuhya by this point than there was about Ouken. Lots of lore and questions about the world though, and not even half as many answers.

I know most anons prefer Ouken without the mask (probably because most anons are gay) but I wish he had kept it or get a new one for the fights. He wouldn't usually wear it anyway, but traveling through the land and fighting gods and other armored dudes without a helm sounds careless and the armor doesn't help if gets shot in the head. Unless his head is harder than metal, which might be the case.

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>Unless his head is harder than metal, which might be the case.
It's possible, I mean he wouldn't be the first.

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I love that some of the characters just happen to have cartoon physics for no particular reason.
Doumas and Ouken are probably immortal after all even without the curse.

To the user in the previous thread who was stressing about Ouken using "boku", "watashi", and "ore", here's a fun fact:
After Desha wishes Ouken back to normal, Ouken spends the next several chapters referring to both Despa and Desha as "aniue", instead of his relaxed "niisan" and "anija".

I don't know why they skipped this. In the anime you don't even know why he is immortal, they just said he is. I mean it mentions that Satun was searching for it, but there is some kind of missing link you have to fill with headcanons to come to the same conclusion as what the manga tells you.

>clubbed in half with one swing

Maybe he shizo. Do any of the other characters change their I-forms like that?

Looks like Desha clubbed off (or either brother ripped off) a dude's arm on this page too

At least he had taste I prefer Ouken too

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How did a monkey like Satun produce such handsome sons?

so he was born immortal then became what he is, good to know.

Not other user I wondered about that too the knight massacre is pretty brutal. Especially thinking that he became their leader later. Wonder if any of the knights that worked for Satun defected to join him later or if he had to kill all of them before reviving that order. During the war Ouken seems to be the only soldier of Desha who is wearing that golden armor.

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I’d like if you did, makes it easier to find chapters if I miss a thread.

Hair styles and beards define people. Satun legit doesn't look much different from Desha. It's basically just the two tusks that make him look more feral, the rest is just style. He should cut his damn hair and beard and he would basically be a white Desha.