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he was too GAR to be kept alive

It's fun until the time skip. Then you can drop it.

That's what happened with me. My brother finished watching it, but I couldn't keep watching after Kamina died.


the anime really went to shit after episode 8

Gurren Lagann is genuinely the single most overrated anime I've ever seen. It's painfully mediocre, but has the most cancerous fanbase I've ever seen.

Thanks for the spoiler dude


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Respect for this man

Aniki ja nai...

What's it like back there in 2007 user?


>trans mc


Simon literally surpasses him though

yep same. but I finished it like 2 years later and now its my favorite show

what do you consider good then?

I got the fact that he died spoiled for me before I watched this but I was expecting it to happen in the middle of the series, not as early as it actually did.

I didn't finish TTGL for years after Kamina died. He was the only good character.

Kittan is the biggest cuck in the show

People think that they're Kamina but they're actually pre-skip Simon.

Should have given Lordgenome more screentime

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It only gets good after he dies

I dropped it when the timeskip happened and they became adult retards


And then it becomes worse than ever


This but unironically I still haven't finished it.

Still mad that he jobbed to a cheap shot.


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I dropped it

he dropped dead


It's got flashy animation and "crazy" power escalation, that's all you need to impress you know who.

>He's trying again

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Literally the only good Mecha anime besides Decadence and SNK.

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>DROPs dead

Well done. Simon is cringe all they way to the end.

I didn't watch the none edited version of the bath house episode until literal years later. I can see why they changed it, got really disappointed seeing Kamina act so sexist.

more like picked up, wish the other loud retard died too

Here's a guy who saw an anime being well-liked, tried one episode, didn't get the fuss and to this day is still personally offended that something he doesn't like can be popular.

Lamina was the last manly character in anime. Real manliness in anime died with him.

He had the perfect amount of screentime and overall presence enhances the show.

Why did they even put politics into this show if it was supposed to be nonsensical fun. It just showed how retarded and pretentious the writers of this show actually were. .

Gurren Lagann is a sequel and remake of every anime ever made before 2007.
I'm sorry you're too much of a faggot to realize that.

I also lost interest after this complete jobber died in the like the second episode—he was the only thing in this dumpsterfire of an anime that somewhat resembled an interesting character. To be honest, though, my interest in the show was already basically zero, anyway, so him dying early pretty much just helped me make the wise decision to stop early before it got worse.

Which it would: there's literally a tranny faggot character that nobody seems to notice is an obvious kiddy diddler with blue hair and lipstick. The one female in the show is completely sexualized to the point of vomit-inducing and her giant tits are annoying and I want to punch them repeatedly and violently.

Simon also sounds like a gay and the entire premise of the show is fucking stupid. Don't they also eventually start riding around on a big ass giant train together or something? Fuck what a stupid ass show lol.

Oh, and they fight with giant mecha with dumbshit retarded faces that move when they talk and their primary weapons are usually drills. Holy FUCK two nukes was __NOT ENOUGH__.

Are you alright?

Nice pasta.


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What are some actual manly anime one should watch instead of this turd?

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Dragon Ball Super

Gurren Lagann: Lagann-hen

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the movie ed is really good. Aniki's death is actually a major part of the plot development

>Gurren Lagann is so good it still gets POPULAR = BAD threads 15 fucking years later
Amazing desu


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> copies katakuri circus

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I watched some of this, it was kind of absurd.

I really love episode 15. The way they fight their way to him is amazing. Viral's frustration that he gets his ass kicked AGAIN and finally Lord Genome's spirit and thirst for combat reawakening.
Gurren Lagann gets so much better on rewatches it's crazy.

Actually anime peaked with Gurren Lagann. Everything that came after proves this thesis.

it was earlier than one piece when manga were creative