Correct this!

Correct this!

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add ryona

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user... at least wear a tanktop you look like a pig.

Busting a massing load in Miria's tiny, lolicious cunny and tummy

she wouldn't survive it without generous amount of BS and asspulls

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won't be so tough when it's time for the diaper change


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Sorry, but this Miria artwork completely misses her aesthetic appeal. I will have to refuse any sort of correction.

>this Miria artwork completely misses her aesthetic appeal.
What do you mean?

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Do nips really?


What kind of correction should I give?


Is her cute friend around?

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Stop drinking coffee.

Nice correctionp

Caffeine is a drug, dummy.

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Correct and no longer erect

I know is a hard job but somebody has to do it, pal.


Handsome legitimate son

>and no longer erect
Talk for yourself

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There's gonna be so many new Miria doujins when her anime airs

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Here come the nanomachines

This is how you should correct kusogakis. You lolicons are doing it all wrong.

why is the thought of her being on ecstasy so hot to me??

But what about mesugakis?

He might look "ugly" but if this man works out, gets a gynecomastia surgery (if required) and starts using a dermaroller, he would start looking like a Greek god.

Holy shit muh dick. Sauce?

Sex with children!

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Camera a tiny bit too high

Is she nopan?

That’s really cute. It’s almost a shame I have to discipline her. I’ve watched Hajime no Ippo so I’m practically a boxing champ so she doesn’t stand a chance.

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Type Hatena has good taste in onaholes. He shouldn't bust them after use though. Its a waste.


[Fuzuii Undou(Fuzui)]

Thanks but that's the wrong one.

Do you have more


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She’s cute

unfathomably based

This is just more erotic than before!

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Her underwear should be transparent too

Miria is strong

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Be careful what you wish for.

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Like this?

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But her underwear is visible.

Imagine working all day animating lolis.

Careful MSGK attack in packs. There are at least 10 more hiding and ready to ambush you.

Now she doesn't look like Miria anymore.

Sorry, I'm drunk
sounds like a dream job

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Lolidols should do strip dances.

If I could work modelling and animating lolis all day, I wouldn't need anything else.

Four in the advance force/vanguard, three in reserve, a two-msgk sniper team, one pack leader who serves as operations commander, and one van driver.

Sexy 13-year-old skeleton.

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