I hate yuri, why can't girls just be friends with each other

>I hate yuri, why can't girls just be friends with each other
What's wrong with a friendship between two lesbians?

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BTW this is a pic of how OP looks like

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Only election tourists hate yuri.

It's what, not how.

OP is not chad enough to have 2 top tier girlfriends

I don't think he is chad enough to have 1 girlfriend, though he also isn't a whore.

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I think OP is implying is that two lesbians who aren't interested in each other can still be friends. Although those two girls from Saki are technically bisluts.

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What makes them technically bisluts? I dropped Saki when the gay tournament started

Ritz, the creator, dumbledored them into being bisexual (with a preference for girls) on her blog.

I mean, even if that is the case, if they never actually get with boys it's a pointless thing to point out.

And I don't think Saki will ever finish the gay tournament and the creator will die before it.

Why is Renako like this anons? How does someone grow to have so little respect for her Renafriends?

Taco expresses interest in that one guy in the very beginning but that's been quietly swept under the rug as time has gone on.

I mean, we can all agree that Saki not only got bigger but gayer as time went on, it's funny to think of this series with today standards, but 16 years ago the author probably never thought it would be okay to actually have gay girls outside of a yuri magazine.

This thread intrigues me. Post lesbians who are just friends.

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Lesbian friends who support each other's romantic pursuits is kino.

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I want to see a oneeloli masterpiece about two lolis talking about their sexual adventures with their several oneesan girlfriends

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Me and my crush

Renako is a fucking whore.

I do wonder if people would react well to an anime, popularity aside, actual reactions.

>friendship with girls
Doesn't exist watch Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu. Women are all manipulation and interest. The only thing they're good for is sex.

I hope it never gets a anime adaption desu
Whisper me a Love Song is just a better version of it imo.
Haremshit is always gonna be haremshit, yuri or not.

Well, chances are neither of them ever will get anime adaptations anyway and maybe it's for the best, nothing good will come from bringing other types of audience to yuri.

>some harem isekai is supposedly an accurate depiction of women

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Can you blame him? Watching women in isekai harem shitshows will be the closest he will ever be to a woman.

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For sure. Rereading my message, i realise that i implied Whisper me a Love Song should be a anime. I didnt mean to do that, i was just trying to point out that it features some what similar tropes/types of characters and that one has not turned into haremshit.

h-haha, yeah. Y-you too.

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you will never be a lesbian

pic unrelated? taco is straight

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You shouldn't look at the west or local schizo seething at it daily as accurate reaction to it, go and see the way bigger Japanese/Chinese yuri fandom reactions
It's super popular and well liked

I wouldn't trust the Chinese fans. Their entire world view is warped.

I'm not sure japanese otaku are perspective either, would not be surprised if most of those were also Redofags.

That was retconed just like iPS not existing.

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>Only election tourists hate

The majoirty of those posts are hating yurifags, not yuri itself. But I should clarify that an Yea Forumsnon might like, dislike, or feel nothing towards yuri, but someone only hates yuri if they're too wrapped up in political bullshit.


>I find the whole genre degenerate and pozzed.
And which yuri manga have you read to form this opinion?

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They do gay things with their girlfriends, though. Surely you don't want a yuri series where it's just one giant sex orgy.

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Nodoka's HUGE tits.



Serious questions anons
>Does Renako deserves to get cucked on her own manga?

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they are. Kou has Rin and Aoba is for everyone to share

I hope New Game! author does some doujins like the Sakura Trick author did and confirm this suspicion most people have, Aoba was actually fucking most of the girls and was the office's whore.

The majority of the hate clearly comes from people who only read the first arc, got way too attached to Mai, then dropped it. Which I attribute a lot of to Watanare having one of the most cursed translation situations out there. The Japanese can actually read the whole thing so they don't care.

>What's wrong with a friendship between two lesbians?

All we get from moe girls now is "friendship" that involves the girls getting very close to each other for friends (but definitely aren't carpet munchers), near 24/7 blushing and not a guy in sight or the guys are just background characters.

>Ritz, the creator, dumbledored them into being bisexual (with a preference for girls) on her blog.

Unless it happens in the manga I don't care about word of god bullshit.

Don't put words in my mouth.

Then you're retarded.

>All we get from moe girls now is "friendship"
Moe girls can have non-gay friendships with girls they aren't interested in. That's what this entire thread is about. You can also see the yuri in Saki here:

>The japanese waifufags love it!

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ZLS isn't a yuri anime, but Ai and Junko are definitely gay for each other, and anyone who says otherwise is in deep denial

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They're not even friends.

The issue he is pointing is that sometimes, mostly on CGDCT anime, every girl acts gay for every girl, making impossible to see the difference between friendships and romance or what their sexuality actually is, you can even see in the image above that Aoba was being shipped with Kou, even though the mangaka always meant for Kou and Rin to be seen as an actual gay couple.

The art with Kou and Aoba is only a promotional image, and both of them are looking at the viewer anyway, so it's more threesome fantasy fanservice for waifufags than shipping for yurifags.

>every girl acts gay for every girl
Perhaps, but usually the girls have one girl in particular that they act super gay with. Girls like Nanoha and Hibiki don't sleep in the same bed as Hayate and Chris. In fact, yurifags actually don't like it when you play around with the established pairings too much. Just look at Love Live Sunshine as an example.

I don't care about China.

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You're correct. They're lovers

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