Villain is evil because... she has lots of sex

>Villain is evil because... she has lots of sex

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Having a lot of sex is evil.


It's fine if a woman has a lot of sex with her husband for the sake of procreation.

In fact it's a virtue.

>Heroine is good because.... she's a virgin

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No even once

>She's a virgin
Not after what GODzan did to her

Me when I spot a whore (fucked someone she isn't married to)

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She can fix me.

She literally killed countless men and women through history

How else she's gonna kill people if not during sex? she's a woman


Yes. Whores are almost always evil whether in fiction or real life.

>not only hates humans but also hates ugly people
>still whores herself out with such enthusiasm to the point of becoming the #1 top whore
this shit arc was full of nonsense

>Gyuutaro had to listen everytime she got railed

Having lots of sex with people who aren't me is bad.

Imagine the smell

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She loves sex.

Especially with her brother peeking

She wouldn't have become evil if she hadn't been so pure in the first place. That's the twist.

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I think the whole beating children thing is pretty evil

sluts are evil

She is evil because she abuses and kills people and thinks nothing of it. The other prostitutes aren't painted in a negative light.

>omg this character is so fucking hit
>Posts fan art


>Villain is evil because... he's an ugly incel

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It makes perfect sense.

You don’t know that, that isn’t even canon.
Not canon you are just projecting
Gyutaro is very cute

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>The other prostitutes aren't painted in a negative light.
They should be

Okay, Muhammad.

It is canon

Me on the right about to behead Gyuutarou

whats the problem?

wrong. she is routinely filled with a big helping of big brother jizz

Elliot rodger??

No it’s not. Go to hell.
Pfft whatever you would never be able to even get close to cutting off his head. My Gyutaro is actually the strongest uppermoon so you’d have a really hard time. He only lost to Uzui because a good and sweet guy. If he wasn’t such a good boy he would have just murdered Tanjiro, but his good pure soul just wouldn’t allow him to not try and save him. It’s a shame they used that against him. It’s also a shame his worthless sister just sat there and hindered him the whole fight.

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Sorry for the typos I’m severely dehydrated and my brain is hurting. :3
Kys the only person receiving gyutaros semen is me.

Yes and?

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Like every single cock and pussy in the Redlight district.

>She drew art of Gyuutaro fucking her
What the hell

I actually didn’t draw this a very nice person from these threads did.. I have no idea what happened to him but he captured how my face looks very well so I’m forever in debt to him.

This bitch is built for rape

Based Dakibro and Dakithread

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Why does that art always get deleted it’s fucking censored. Whatever whatever I’ll post a super censored one. I hate this place I’m a good girl I don’t deserve this.

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>villain is evil because hes mentally ill

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Then call me Dr. Evil

>I'm a good girl
You posted your tits, pussy and butthole for hundreds of people to see

What the fuck was his problem?

Not relevant… besides if that never happened you would just be calling me a tranny and calling me a larper.

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>Villain is evil because... look he just is okay?

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>Villain is evil because he's afraid of dying

He didnt have a problem. He did absolutely nothing wrong

>Villain is actually good and just wants a quiet life.

Yeah, raping men with her vastly superior strength that is.

Built for big Tengen cock

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She looks so much better with black hair

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You’re a tranny with implants, women aren’t real
This unironically should have happened, what a waste of one of the few good characters this series has

>Yea Forums pattern-posting
>this is ok and unpunished on nu-Yea Forums
so much for "board policing"

But I have a vagina and I also can have babies. What the hell.
Sometimes I wonder why Tengen didn’t flirt with her or at least make a comment about how attractive she is. Are demons really that disgusting to demon slayers? If I were a demon slayer And I met Gyutaro I would beg him to impregnate me.

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>villain is evil because... she doesn't have sex

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Therefore, sex is bad.


Hey that’s actually p nice art. Glad you could find someone to draw for you, Gyutaroastie.

>Are demons really that disgusting to demon slayers?
Basically, almost of the pillars wanted to kill Nezuko at first and they wanted to decapitate Tanjiro for protecting her.