Anybody watching Black Rock Shooter?

Anybody watching Black Rock Shooter?

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Fu fu hou.
Fu fu hou.

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Are you literally retarded?

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall, why else would I ask that question

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Picked the fuck UP

I don't watch Disney shows. That stuff's for kids.

The fuck is this show about?

Nier Automata with blackhaired MIku riding on a trike.

how does the sex come into play?

Bad guy fucks girls until they die from ultra-super-orgasms.
>By the way, the series of scenes in which Black Rock Shooter Empress wakes up in Episode 1 A part of Black Rock Shooter are all cuts by Masayuki Nonaka, the animation director of character designers. I think this scene alone is worth a visit! It's a little erotic! Nonaka-kun is good after all

About normal people doing normal things

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Funnest show of the season next to Koumei

Look, guys. It's very simple.
Having sex with zombie-loli-cyborgs is not forbidden anymore.
Because civilization has fallen, the machines will soon overrun us, and there's no law anymore.

Guys is this true? I really thought I had it this time, I thought our subs for this episode were pretty similar...

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does this show really?

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Sure. Disney+-series do tend to do that.
Smily helps the girls reach a smile.

Disney knew it was about to go broke and decided to go full self-destructmode and licensing the edgiest shit they can just to generate controversy.
You will never outsmart the social engineers

Their ultimate groomer plan got exposed in Florida so might as well go all out I guess.

Holy shit it's George Russell

the worst studio of all time is making it
also bless our tnfag

>Nier Automata
nigger BRS is 10 years older than nier

Does he kill them by cumming or something?

The guy who licensed it sure didn't.

>not particularly interested in the show
>will keep watching because I have a short shorts fetish

Is this dude a doll? Or is a new level of "quality"?

He's a doll, just look at the mouth

No one said the opposite. user just said similar stuff so he could form an idea.

Does she snap her neck or something?

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The prequel novel is great, I just wonder why they made key information about how these Hemitheos units work exclusive to a novel that most people won't read.

>finally get the edgy BRS anime I wanted
honestly it looks really good sometimes especially in that scene where Empress wakes up but some others like the one where she is being chased by the Institute in the middle of Death Valley does not hold up at all.

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Nobody has given a straight answer in any of the threads I've seen. Do the girls actually die here or are they just exhausted to the point of passing out from the sex? No meme responses. One of you fags answer me seriously.

They unironically die, the show literally refers to them as sacrifices

They don't die cause they are robots. But they do get fucked super hard tho

I feel like neither of you are meming and yet gave opposite responses...Which one is it? REEEEEEEEEEEEE

The sacrifice girls we saw in episode 3 doesn't seem to be the same kind that he uses to pleasure himself, and it is hard to point out if they are dead or simply passed out, but I believe it is the latter.

So the show doesn't make it clear? That's dumb. If the scene is supposed to be fucked up, there should be an indication as to how fucked up.

Why would they be called sacrifices if they don't die





Holy shit I am old now

Not really, it leaves the answer up in the air, at least until we get a confirmation, and this gets people talking and speculating about it. They didn't omit any info, they showed us what happened, its up to us to interpret the scene.
Honestly I'm not sure, he seems to be seeking a woman worthy to be his bride, but what he exactly means by that is quite unclear. There is a shot in the OP where we see two girls sporting the same outfit as the "sacrifices" we saw in ep 3 and they seem to be inside some kind of facility while standing on top of some kind of pentagram. I guess we'll get an answer eventually.


At the very least we know he has no qualms about killing the girls if he deems it necessary

Disney+ bought THIS?

I guess taking down Empress and her crew at the cost of the hostages was worth it in his eyes, in any case I believe the bombs were a last case scenario in case shit went wrong.
yes they're based now

What? Unko paradise is an actual thing now?

haha the hated poopoo feeder

How much is Black Rock Shooter herself actually in the show

She behaves similarly to how she is in the PSP game, although she has a golden heart from the get-go and does not hesitate to save a life or two if she can. Design-wish she doesn't have much in common apart from weaking something that resembles a bikini and a short, no coat in sight unfortunately.

Don't do drugs, kids.

Watching it because I like the ova way back then, kinda glad it doesnt follow the tv serie, but also weirded out by the new setting

Why is this one of the most hated shows this season? Is it because people can't handle the Ken doll

I feel characters and animation looks good enough most of the time, but backgrounds are abysmal

too many good shows getting skyrocketed into popularity while this one gets locked to japan and the few people who are watching it who arent brs fans arent sure if they hate it or not, hence the 5.83 score on mal.