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Chapter 54

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Sorry for the late thread, I was out

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Cute Triela

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Balkans obviously referring to the undeveloped parts like Kosovo, North Macedonia and of course Serbia, not successful Croatia which is a part of Central Europe or Slovenia

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>Shut up woman, time and place

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IS THAT?!?!?!

Oh boy there's a face

Ah damn I didn't even notice the loli nipple
It's fucking over

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And that's it for today
A recapitulation of what we know, nothing really new revealed this chapter. Still sad

Are you a snitch? Have you ever snitched on someone or revealed someone's secret to people?
I have not, I'm good at keeping secrets and I take my word seriously

Thank you for reading
Previous thread:

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>I was out

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RIP OP say hi to the FBI for me

What a fun recap.
I'm no rat. I won't even report the loli nip.
Thanks OP.

Thanks, OP
Look at that Triela. That is one morose Triela

Hey, on the bright side, he saw you naked. That's pretty good progress, right?

>I was out
I'm starting to think our OP is just some random normalfag

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>not successful Croatia which is a part of Central Europe
Fuck you fuck you fuck you, leave me alone

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hilshire is such a creep
he should be more like sandro and just fuck her

I was going to say that I hope Triela can be happy, but based on the volume cover I know how this will end.
>Are you a snitch?
I'm no snitch, but I am something of a gossip. Both with family and during HS with friends I really had a hard time keeping secrets. Though I wouldn't tell anyone, only a group of about three people. But these people would often tell others
The downside is that it's made me paranoid about telling secrets to others, but I guess that's karma

What do you think they're doing on the cover?

thanks again for the dump, I'll be sure to visit you in prison
>Are you a snitch?
Nah, after all snitches get stiches

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You're a good man, thank you
Thank you for reading too

Emotions are starting to get the better of her
Thanks for reading

FUCK you

It wasn't meant to be an attack on you, I'm sure you know what countries are on the Balkan by now right? It would be shameful and pathetic if you didn't...

Honestly some secrets are better kept unspoken. Some juicy gossip is pretty hard to keep secret though, so I understand you
Thanks for reading as always

Good man, thank you
I appreciate you reading

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gun list
SIG-Sauer P230. probably the one Triela inherits.

Manurhin MR-88

Glock 19 (3rd generation)

thanks OP. Hilshire is going to be upset with Mario over this
>Are you a snitch? Have you ever snitched on someone or revealed someone's secret to people?
if it's a serious crime that affected another person, i'll snitch. i'm not willing to go down for other people's mistakes. but if it's small like shoplifting, i won't bother with it.
personal secrets are never shared though.

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Thanks OP

I've snitched a couple times.
Today, in fact. I reported this guy posting loli nipples on a weeb imageboard

>It wasn't meant to be an attack on you, I'm sure you know what countries are on the Balkan by now right? It would be shameful and pathetic if you didn't...
Very funny bug boy, but your sentence is grammatically incorrect. "a part of Central Europe or Slovenia" would imply that Croatia is a part of Slovenia, not that Slovenia is a part of Central Europe.
Though maybe you have been a Slovene agent this whole time.

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Triela would a cool/good/cute daughter to have.

*would be

Thanks as always Gun Wizard, you're a good man

Thank you!

No, please...

Calling me a Slovene is not an insult that I was excepting to hear from you after all this time. What the hell man.
You win this time though, grammar boy. Next time I won't be so inattentive.
Be ready.

Yes, she's awesome

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Thanks OP, I prefer not to because it leads to less confrontations.

Yes, she is.

based san pellegrino drinkers

Triela has NICE frens

the face of shame

Shit Mario Bossi's expression really say everything

Thanks gunwiz

I'm also a fellow Catholic slav


what, you don't think love can bloom on an active crime scene/Snuff film set?

>This scene where Hilshire and his GF save Triela will NEVER be animated

Damn, thanks again OP
I don't snitch, not when I've given my word
But I have reported crimes committed by stranger; I gave a vehicle's description after a hit and run once
does that count?

Certainly a form love occurs on snuff film sets

Just raise your own daughter to be that cool
You could probably adopt a Tunisian orphan somewhere

>But I have reported crimes committed by stranger
I'm pretty sure that's the definition of snitching

Ukrainian Catholic
So far west that it was indeed once part of Poland

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>not when I've given my word
I didn't make any promises to the hit and run driver I ratted out

So it can't be animated poorly

Oh damn, I hope you're safe user. Please take care of yourself if you're still there

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>Triela said when they met that she'd probably been in a snuff set
>she forgot she knew that
Big oof


Thank you.

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Get of Yea Forums vatnik, you need to recruit more redditors