Shingeki no Kyojin

cAAnon EH JM and LH will be confirmed in the anime adaptation

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>Anii stop having sex with Armong

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Hanjo will survive in anime

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One of them is not like the others.

Cope. Isayama surrendered to the EMfans.

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Why didn't he surrender to LH fans that outnumber EMfags in Japan?

I think, LH for sad drama with Hanji's death.

Because the manlet is gay and a cripple, EM had a realistic chance of happening due to the mutual romantic interest.

Jean make love with Wifekasa

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Not even Historia and Reiner were gay.

>manlet is gay
Cringe. Levi fucked THIS

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Were you reading with your eyes closed

Maybe, Historia bisexual.

But you don't know Hanji's gender

If the woman you love says, "Let me go, won't you," so she could die, would you let her go? She didn't let Levi go.
What is Levi's problem?

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To be honest, I'm really very sad that Hanji died in manga.

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Hange isn't a woman according to Isayama, so Levi's gayness shouldn't be a problem.

Now that EHwhales killed themselves en masse, who takes the place as the next worst shipfags? I can't decide between BAfats and LHwhales.

t. ErwL fujo

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BAschizo oh no nonono... what is this?

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>If you say something negative about my taste in the non-existant romance between two fictional characters, then you're insert x imaginary strawman!
At least I know the answer to which shipperfags are the most mentally unstable.

>shipperfags are the most mentally unstable.
BAcucks? Kek. See

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Rent free

>the same fan arts
We are doomed to repeat the same threads forever

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AAchad, be nice, there are only two BAfats left on here, don't bully them off the threads too.

Reminder for BAfat: FUCK OFF.

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Mods should just ban SNK already.

Mentally ill BAincel to dumb for to admit defeat.

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If this thread gets nuked, but the other stays, then that means BA is canon as always.

BA is never will be canon because Bert died and Annie love Armin

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Literally snk. We need 100% genocide BAschizos.

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Can we have one thread without delusional AAgarbage?

>Can we have one thread without delusional BAgarbage?
Fixed. So ok. next time neutral thread.

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Why BAcancer thread not deleted?

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AAryan baby :3

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Cute and canon EM

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Cute friends

They are useful as jesters, kek.

Also, beruanism whale wished Annie dead. Why?

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EM and AA

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Annie prefers Mankasa

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Happy summer soon

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Kinky sex with Levai

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I hate shitterists

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No. Mikasa love Jean and Eren in the past

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>cuts off Eren's head
>doesn't even let the man she's using for sperm face the camera so the readers can get a look at him

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100 year old Levi leads the world in their attack on Paradis after Mikasa's death. I would unironically watch the shit out that.

I don't think she killed any women in the entire story? Except if picrel i a girl

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Because Isayama jackass.

cute sliced meat

I mean, even if that is a female, it's an MP and cops are pigs, not humans.

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marriAAge in anime


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based, I like them as Noi and Shin.

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Annie best girl and deserves a happy ending

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