Atasha Kawajiri Kodama Da yo

I'll have whatever she's having.

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what the ever loving fuck is going on at this point?

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What kind of scallop is that she's eating?

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12 more episodes


My cute wife Kodama

They turned Yea Forums into a heater. Also it looks like it will go on without any breaks?

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How does the pet feel about its master eating its brethren?

Best 60 seconds of the week.

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>Also it looks like it will go on without any breaks?
Who knows. They already had the episodes available until episode 12 on that streaming site before the break on TV airing started.

Was this a productive week for you, Yea Forums?

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One day I'll watch this show, but not now

I drew ~2 hours the entire week, surely the weekend will be more productive.

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3/5ths of every episode is just the song.

That is still 2 hours you spent on something you like and enjoy. I'm sure you're doing great user

This show will create alcoholics.

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By me?

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fuck off, Ohno imposter. you're soiling his good name. defamation is a crime and i've reported you to LE.


I wanted to do more but two days felt like off days and today I feel scatterbrained and so I was forgiving to myself

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Got sick (not the 'rona), so no.
Still did work at home though.

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I'm still trying to find a job

I'm hoping this ends with suicide.

Considering the fact that the music is back to normal, looks like all she needed was sushi and some expanding balls in her mouth.

It really wasn't. Quite unproductive actually. I'm even wasting today.

hikkineet week as always

I want to expand inside her mouth

Machikado reference? Lapin Track confirmed for bros.

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Good thing she's way too lazy to commit suicide.

She's already slowly committing suicide with her unhealthy habits.

Even if you're a NEET, surely there's something you can be productive in, right? Maybe working on your dekinai?

Anyone got any transparent kodamas?

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is this a 3/5ths compromise joke?

Moar, I need MOAR!!!

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Trading my kakeakamis for transparent kodamas

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No, little kappa! Don't fade out of existence! Come back!


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What is this creature and why is it so demented?

Fuck no.
>someone used my own screenshot to reply to the same post
Maybe that was productive.

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she's an artfag, and because she's an artfag.

Isn't she a manga author?

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I wonder if she's fat in 3D space

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Japanese ones, unironically.

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Nani the fuck is this?
Picked up.

See you in 10-15 minutes! Have a good time marathonning it!

How does one end up like this?

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1. browse Yea Forums

nice trips

>That sushi trick
I'm gonna try that out next time

How is "drown it in so-y sauce" a trick?

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I never thought to take the fish off and coat both sides of it, like I would sashimi

The joke is that she's addicted to sugar/sauce/salt and washes it with beer