Paripi Koumei

So she can speak fluent english right ??

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Imagine all the STDs.

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Cute tummy

I want to lick her collarbones

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Eiko Strong

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>Konming was drowning in all this pussy

Sex with 20 year old

Ponytail croptop chan is a qt . Why is 60's office lady here on the right?

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I will need to buy a bigger bed for us, Eiko.

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Probably should buy a bigger apartment room, too.

>Vagina bones
H-how many children?

> Budget Hero at #2

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i am going to FUCK koumei now

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recently aired
it's numbers within 24h


Finna ninja all over roppongi.

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She has good taste

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What the fuck's wrong with your resolution, user.


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Eiko will bite off your peepee

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Yup no way all those old men and black guys fit

>Miss Eiko, what is this rod shaped appendage betwixt your legs?

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Is something wrong with it?

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>reincarnation magic deleted Zhuge Liang's knowledge of penises in order to fit in modern Japanese

Does Kongming actually fuck these grills? Does he have modern sex education on STDs or is his knowledge still stuck in Han Dynasty Standards?

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Bros... I want to eat Eiko's unwashed ass after a live.

Koumei, you sonaovbtich!!

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spit roast time

people fucked courtesans all the time back in those days, so maybe they have a bit of experience with whores.

Roppongi has an oddly high number of Nigerians.

>Does Kongming actually fuck these grills

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>wireless earphones

I was talkingg about the black bars on the sides in your screenshot.

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Its cause I didn't fullscreen it. Ya goose.

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was Eiko jealous that Koumei was hanging out with some thots or was she annoyed that he was ignoring the 100K subscription thing?

Hey they're great for using while out running

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He's drowning in pussy without even trying

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Little bit of column A, little bit of column B

Eiko pleases oldmen for likes

have you never seen one of those training arcs where the master/teacher would seemingly fool around but actually does something behind the mc's back and all that?

Those chicks probably think they're his beard.

Why can't she just ask her fans for likes? Surely she has enough to have them spread the word by now?


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Just cuz she has blonde hair and blue eyes doesn't mean she can speak fluent english. Maybe fluent engrish.

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>Does he have modern sex education on STDs or is his knowledge still stuck in Han Dynasty Standards?
AIDS (Canadian in Africa) and syphillis (Native Americans) are both modern compared to his time.
I don't remember any emeperors dying from fucking around too much, and dynasty records do mention stuff like that.
Vietnamese emperor Le Than Tong (Rei Seisou) and his son whom he clearly brought up well both died from veneral disease gained in their harems. But that's 15th century.

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Well it started out as the latter, but

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>Plays with hair
Jelly Eiko is cute!!!! She just wants to defend her orbiter

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>een tee eru

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What stratagem should I use if I want to sleep with Eiko?

EIKO is approaching!!!! Club THOTS BEGONE!

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Is that the german or belgian flag?

Damn, was Eiko always this thick or is it just extra this episode?

Get a beard and mustasch like this

I want to give laxative drug to Eiko and make her shit herself on stage

It's time for another dose:

Ma Nigga Kongming

Don't forget about the fan!

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they didn't even came across as bitches

In your case, it would probably have to be "make something out of nothing"

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her usual outfit is sexier
the power of loose shirts and hoodies on a slim body

Disgusting degenerate

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In principle I'd agree, but vagina bones

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She only has around 1k followers. Getting 100k likes from that, even if they spread the word, isn't that easy.

Eiko has blond curly pubes

>girls wearing caps
I discovered last year that I have a weakness for this

What's his stage name?

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>top view on the collar bones

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Koumei you retard, why don't you just fucking tell her you're working on it. That way should could focus on her music instead of worrying that you aren't fucking doing anything.

Never. Using the name "Shu" would be tantamount to be admitting defeat.

Hey. Otome Isekai has climbed a lot.

>I happen to be an expert on this topic

>tfw you realize yo nigga kongming already has a much wider circle of partypeeps than you know even though he just showed up here a few weeks ago

pass the boof, eiko


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those are plenty, eiko's fashion style isn't

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How is body type called?

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