S2 where?

S2 where?

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Insufficient source material

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Someone get Gatoh out of his funk. It's a neat world he's made; and I want more of it.

in the thash

I need more Tilly cunny.

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They need to fight a few more deadly undead beauties.

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Novel translations on US when?

What did they mean with this design?

Don't take small things lightly, they have to be twice as vicious to survive.

It flopped

The original cover art was great but drew few readers.
They got Range Murata to turn an adult, mature woman into a loli and got more sales because pedophiles.
The anime was doomed to fail because it was given a shit budget and a shit timeslot, despite having a solid world setup and the potential for mass hijinks gleaned from forty fucking years of buddy cop movies and TV shows.
Cop Craft had a recipe for long-running success, but instead they trashed it for short-term gains because MOE MOE LOLI DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST IT'S NOT PEDOPHILIA IF IT'S A CARTOON AND BESIDES SHE'S A LEGAL LOLI I'M GONNA COOOOOOM

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>Partner's name is Rick Fury
>Has Jack Bower (Bauer) on speed dial
so much potential

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Cop Craft was literally GOAT.

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O'Neill is so crooked he can hide behind a corkscrew, but the man knows how to party.

In 9

The part that everyone goes for is the cat-swap, but really the important thing to understand is the first story arc- Kei's commander says it (sort of vaguely) straight up: the Semanians breed like rabbits.
If you read the books, a lot of what Tilarna is doing is subtly checking to see if Kei is an acceptable mate.

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smug kot

Kuroi has every reason to be smug, user.

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Man it's really a bummer, even if we got a subpar product it's what introduced me into the series and I loved it.
Great op/Ed too

Shit taste. Loli makes everything better.

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>one half of studio who did CLANG
Unless they change studio for S2, hopefully never

I need a chance to read whatever chapter this references.

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The animation isn't top tier, or even near it, but I found it charming.

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>proud of toast and curry

Is Nyath her boyfriend?

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No, I am.

I think that he's motivated to try.

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Sorry but Kei is a giant faggot for sisterzoning Tilly (and not in the Yosuga Sora kind of way). He should have given him his rakebye cock and made a family of half breed with her.

She is not his type of woman.

"buddy cop" hollywood cocksuckers can go cock-suck, this was absolute garbage story-wise and loli made it even worse when they expected me to take her seriously. It got budget it deserved.

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yes it is

stop being gay

>homo pic
>homo post
At least you're consistent.

Didn't say I dislike loli, I just can't take her serious in this setting
>homo pic

A small, yet ripe and juicy, peach is tantalizingly serious business, user.

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Cecil has some nice curves, so he probably likes his women more rounded than Tilly.

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We can't even get the books in the West because publisher said no

Did they get burned by lousy work in the past, are they elitist assholes, or is it something else?

The publisher is xenophobic which is weird since Gato is a huge westaboo.

I'd say that comes under "they're elitist assholes," but thanks for the info.

Wouldn;t have flopped if it was a shota instead of a loli

tilly butt

You can't just say that without posting some, user.

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is cunny cute plus funny?

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He prefers a calm and reserved woman like a Yamato Nadeshiko. Tilarna is a loose cannon.


You're one of the xenos, user.

>a calm and reserved woman like a Yamato Nadeshiko
We have one data point, Cecil. I honestly think that its more a case of Tilly reminding him of his sister than of Tilly not hitting most of his turn-ons.

>Tilarna is a loose cannon.
No, user, she's a very up-tight canon.

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I'll be that guy; what the fuck is an XG-Hole?

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Ugly human and a big titty notElf. I don't know why people pretend that the original covers weren't pandering garbage.

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This is now a Range Murata draws pussy thread.

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My drawing skills are why I do photography. Still, I'd kill to be able to do textures as well as he does.

>Range Murata draws pussy thread.

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