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Can we have a thread on to brainstorm theories on who tf joyboy is?? besides the retarded manga fans on youtube with their weird conspiracies im not seeing threads on Luffy's new form on how it was obtained

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Joboy was a giant who ate the nika fruit in the void century.

It's me

the king...

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Im trying to figure out if his hair is blond/red or white

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I kept seeing videos how Kaido was trying to be joyboy by dying or something

Is there a chapter this week? Where's the spoilers at

Hes all white, like this Yamato said something along the lines of 'Is that luffy?! Hes all white!'

White, it's being said on the manga. He's an old cartoon shit.


Film: Red.
August 6th.

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Some giant who started freeing the slaves with his powers and was inacting a rebellion against the soon to be WG.

She explicitly said his clothes and hair were white, NOTHING else

Theory, the fruits remain undigested in the body, and thats the part you have to eat to steal their powers

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kaido reset luffys heartbeat. luffy went asystole then got the the rumba beat. is like kaido used a defibrillator and luffy pulled an enel for the restart.

I love his design

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Too add, he also had a plan to destroy the red line and free the world.

A defibrilator stops the heart
Thats something TV made up

Will the water flush the Tobi Robbi that are on the island?


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jaja, kaido STOPPED his heartbeat. luffy restarted it i.e. like enel, has mastery enough of his fruit to control his heart.


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where is it mentioned that he was a giant? Everyone says that, but somehow I missed that part.

What country do you think most Characterfags are?


zorofags are confirmed africans based on the character popularly poll

Will luffy team up with the marines to defeat BB or to defeat Dragon in order to defend the celestialCHADS and their slaves?

Nothing personnel

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Me? Namifag
Country? United States

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There is no regit argumento for Yamato to join and that is a fact

Imo he'll team up with a faction of reformed Marines who rebeled against the WG to defeat BB
I just can't see anyone other than BB being the final boss

oh nyoooo

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yes but he didnt have the legendary chosen god nigga fruit so he could never

Chile, and i like BB

>captcha: WARSk

sure there is
it’s called the manga, you should check it out sometime

not a theory but i think the luffy's devil fruit is basically the monkey king fruit. We know that the Golden Buddha of sengoku is renowned to be strong and of course the monkey king's devil fruit must exist. Also the monkey king is very fond of freedom as well. Luffy will probably have a staff weapon that extends.. wait he can extend himself, maybe he will lose a limb and have a staff weapon in the far future.

>Nami and Robin had actual character arcs that enriched their characters
>Yamato has no character arc and will never drop the Oden larp

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You said it as it is, HaitiANO

> Tashigi's glorious return in Wano
> never

Why live ?

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Big mom?

Kara boga das rite

>Staff weapon that extends
>Has a personal cloud
Come on now

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Luffychads = Whites
Zorojeets = Indians
Sanjays = Blacks
Namifags = yuri troons
Robinfags = fetishfags
Frankyfags = "Boomers"
Brookfags = One user
Choppersisters = "Women"
Jinbegays = Homosexuals
Usoppgods = Patricians
Carrotfags and Yamatofags = Mentally ill

so glad seeing luffy & kaido being happy fighting each other like retard

robin didn’t get her character arc until long after that panel
read the FUCKING manga

I'm sorry for your loss.

isn’t “oh nyo” a vtroon meme?

Speedreader here:

Was that Grim Reaper that Zoro saw a visual gag i didnt understand or what was the deal?

What digits

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>take off my boot and kiss my feet, bitch!
what do?

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rape her

Yamatofags don't read.
>But only AFTER I'VE driven you out of wano, Kaido!!
She's not doing that. Kaido will also probably die instead of being driven out.

LuffyGod, Frankybro, and Carrot enjoyer

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OP's mom, after I was done with her last night

Assumedly because Imu has the giant preserved straw hat

>No relationship with Luffy or any other SH
>Annoying fans that consist of powerlevelspics and coomers
>Would be an incredibly rushed and out-of-nowhere addition to the crew
>Incredibly strong bonds with the 6 first crewmates. Basically an honorary Strawhat. Potential for interesting drama with Robin
>Beloved by fans new and old alike
>Is already an established character the audience has grown to care about
Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I want Vivi to officially join instead of Yamato

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>splitting hairs

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Pudding should join and make babies with sanji so we can have kids in the crew to make it more like a familly

even japs agree that yamato won’t join

Her character arc started the moment she joined the crew. It just didn't conclude until later. It was a slow burn development extending 250 chapters
Yamato's not getting a Robin-tier character arc. The story's gonna be focusing on the characters the audience ACTUALLY cares about, the Strawhats, and NOT new and out-of-nowhere characters like Yamato

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Who died this arc? Total?

Why do you keep misspelling "no"
Are you trying to sound like Hatchan or some shit

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>[headcanon babble]

holy shit nami will eat luffy as big mom did to the nun. and become the monkey king and fight sengoku

Maybe it's just me but I feel like Nami's relationship with Luffy has changed more than any other relationship in the crew

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currently unresolved within the story. we saw zoro confronted by the reaper and then the next thing we saw was him ko'd. was the reaper real? did he kill zoro? was the reaper just a visual representation that zoro was on his last legs, about to collapse? unknowable.

Saved. We know who was the star student.

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Trannyku lost an arm... and thats it

Literally only a theory vid about the 3 types of zoan TFs that we could be seeing later

LOOK, i dont think she'll join either, but there is no need to lie

But whitebeard's corpse is unphased and blackbeard has no blood on his hands or mouth.

He's probably right though I like yamato.

So again proving that Yamatofags don't read or are ESL.
I'll have gone is the future perfect of the verb to go. Future perfect are actions that a tense of verbs expressing expected completion in the future.
So both I'll have gone to the sea.. and I'll be much, much, much stronger are things that she would have completed by the time she fight on the side of the wano.
Guess what happenned?

I see, thx

Oh nyo...

Zeus is a blockhead traitor

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That's too tall to be Yamato

KEK Yamatofags really have go grasp at straws to defend their waifu's rushed inclusion on this arc

Maybe he put a fruit near the body and the akuma got put inside it?
thats how it happened

Yamato was in the same class as Ulti because she got held back a grade six years in a row
And it wasn't just because she refused to read more than one book

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How can that be Yamato if she's like this during that time ??

I was hoping for at least some Scabbards to die but I guess Oda can't even do that.
So far only Yasu died.
Count might go up by 2 or 3 with Kanjuro, Orochi and maybe Kaido.

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what the fuck…

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What about that smile nibba on the cross?


Yeah it's very clearly some other random abnormally tall Wano citizen with a white kimono and red dress

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I feel like teach...

In what way, user?


Didn't Ashura Doji die? Furthermore where's Denjiro?

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Come on now
Yamato's that tall NOW. Not when she was 8 years old

This is the whole of post TS isn't it?

Either Yamatofags don't read the manga or they have the memory of goldfishes.
We know that Yamato was not that size at that age. We saw her just after with the samurais. She was tall but not this size.

Funnily enough if you reread that chapter we can see that even at 8 years old she was like twice the height of Kaido's goons, so those samurai were really tall like Kinemon

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>f-fuck the anime, listen to my HEADCANON!


>But only AFTER I'VE driven you out of wano, Kaido!!
>Yamatofags don't read.
Maybe try reading the next page after that one

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So if the Yamato in that pic supposed to be the little kid we see in this panel? Because this panel happened after the execution

>WCI full of carrot shittery
>Wano full of yamato shittery

Jesus christ elbaf release me and these threads

She is in.

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Ignoring the manga now, user?
Her words are not statements of what will happen in the manga.

I agree that she's too big there, it makes it look like she's barely grown at all compared to when she was only 8
What if Yamato is an oni midget?

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Maybe Dejiko-Chan is getting popular again?

>phone poster

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Nami went from hating Luffy, to seeing him as another way to make money, to seeing him as a friend, to being unbreakably loyal to him. Luffy was the first person she learned to rely on and he was there for her when she badly needed someone to lean on. Just compare the Nami in Orange Town to the Nami in Wano. Really feels like she's come a long way

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The fact that Yamatofags consider a tiny panel of her in the flashback that no one paid any attention to as "proper foreshadowing" really tells me everything about them

How could she shrink so much?

Yup. It’s confirmed. Denialfags are speedreaders.

Technically Absalom

It's called character regression, when a character starts out interesting and devolves into something boring over time because the author stops caring about them

Denjiro will have to save Hiyori's damsel ass next chapter and kill Orochi for good.
Ashura is "dead" as in "no further use for him in the raid so let's pretend he's dead and make him come back later with tons of bandages slapped on".

s-stop yamatochads… you’re killing them…