Elf san wa yaserarenai


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>Fat lovers and self-proclaimed "architects" will defend this with euphemisms like "thicc" or "only slightly meaty"


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It’s pretty fucking hot if it’s not crazy

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>No new chapter
>No content

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Kill yourselves



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it sick it piss it puke

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deliciously jiggly and wobbling

>>No new chapter
>>No content
this has never stopped a SINGLE THREAD ON Yea Forums EVER

Op is a joke chapter dont be deceived, picrel is how she actually looks and it is the ideal female form

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If you wouldnt shove your face in her stomach you’re gay without question

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Efruda is 200kg short of that

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Dont spread lies that she is malnourished.

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But Efruda is just wasting away

lol, what guitar is it

Based. Speaking of music, there is some meth tweet where he said if elf san got an anime he would want the opening to be citypop/disco. I wonder how he got that based

Ooh, so close, but no cigar.

There's nothing to defend, I like fat women simple 'nuff said.

Heavy metal

Yes, and?

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Imagine dark elf, but the weight of potato elf.

They weigh the same kuroedas fat is just all stores in her ass so it doesnt look like it, I could be wrong but im pretty sure they are the exact same height too

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Then her ass needs to get bigger. Like, double potato weight! Dark magic needs to be stopped, it should be mandatory to feed your dark elf out of magical clothes.

Holy fuck this art style is so good

This is still the best erufuda he has drawn

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I don't like euphemisms or weasel words. I like my girls nice and fat. I am a fatfag. A chubby chaser. No two ways about it.

This is one of the reasons Oku is one of my favorite girls. I mean, she's also a total sweetheart, so there's that.

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I want Kuro to look at me like that

I dont think shes looked at anyone like that in her entire life other than maybe her golems. How will you do it?

I'll tell her a funny joke and catch her off guard

>user three days later

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I don't know what is up with this series, but the artist draws literally the perfect amount of fat I'd want on a women. I just can't begin to describe how perfect his girls are for my taste.

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I want to gently and repeatedly slap fish’s stomach

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Don't show me such happiness

I miss this man so much

finally, someone with reason in these threads. you are my comrade in arms and I would lay my life down for you

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what about something lewder then

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If only this were a red board and I could post me holding her hand

渋谷エルフ(shibuya elf)
the op is eru walking round the city making various stops at fast food places to get fries with various interludes of the rest of the characters doing their own thing in the back, like you see kuro in the store or oga at a bar, flower closing down shop and at the end tehy all meet with fish at a karaoke or smthn

Welcome aboard user, get your harpoon, we´re going on a hunt

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Amazing play fat bottomed girls

i´d fuck her ass while those feathers brush against my face

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Potato too fat

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ass dinner for weeks

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Kuro has a perfect build and I'm glad syn loves drawing her

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Drawfag please never stop drawing Kuro being molested throughout her day-to-day, I've invented this whole narrative that she thinks its normal because she's unaccustomed to Earth's norms, so she tolerates it to blend in.

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Is there any romance in this manga or is it pure fanservice?

Chocolate Elf booty

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>euphemisms like "thicc" or "only slightly meaty"
Get that gay shit outta here. I like FATASSES. HAMPLANETS. BLOBS.

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> she thinks its normal because she's unaccustomed to Earth's norms, so she tolerates it to blend in.
this is fucking good, would match with the goofy mood of the manga. provided she's only groped

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Around the time the series went on hiatus (because of the magazine dying) there were a few chapters where the main girl went back home and both her and the MC felt really lonely. They had a nice moment after they reunited which hinted a little bit of romance, but it's yet to be shown if this will be pursued any further.
Other than that, it's played pretty straight.

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what year is it?


Covid? Twitch drama? Elon Musk on twitter? Ukraine? What are you talking about bro? It's 2012, a new Shadow of Israphel episode just dropped, can't wait for the next one

Wasn't Mika homosexual?