Boku no Hero Academia

I am an abuser apologist, how did you know?

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He didn't even care about Touya's history. Pathetic.

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Remember when Shoto had ice powers?

>hito wo yaku" or "to burn people", can also potentially have the double meaning of "to be jealous of people
>Hey, Dabi, no one cares about your sob story, you are a murderer, cope and seethe.

Ironically Endeavor is doing the world plenty of good by spreading his genes as much as possible.
Let me ask you: Would you rather be born with a Fire Quirk, or would you rather have the powers of fucking Grape Boy? Think about that shit for a moment.
Even if I'm a complete emo manchild like Dabi, being able to shoot blue flames that burn the innocent, guilty and my penis alike is better than being the guy whose super power is a skin condition.

You do realize this show is in the capeshit genre and that, "the ends justify the means" thinking is supervillain talk right?

Sadly, this manga's villains don't have any justification for their actions or the end they're seeking.

>Shoto was the one who told his father to fight AFO.
But why?

Because he's smart and knows Endeavor is their best bet of defeating AFO?

Ok, that is a good reason.

is anyone unironically invested in that garbage subplot

the todrama might be one of the most uninteresting subplots I've ever seen in any shonen, completely ruined by dabi being such a shallow, unlikable loser, shoto being so fucking boring and the author forcing a pity party on endeavor

zero nuance

Good morning sir! Miss Deku too?

>dabi being such a shallow, unlikable loser
He was like this from the beginning. What have you been reading all this time?



Redeemed sir luv Deku very much

Why are these threads so slow?

kill yourself

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Rate my Ranking

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Would Endeavor set Burnin up with Touya if he found Touya?

You spelled extreme wrong

Im pretty sure it was all Might’s plan for Enji to fight AFO, Shouto is just saying he knows why Enji isn’t fighting Dabi and he wants to know what they’re doing for AFO

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NOBODY cares about Touya's history.

All the Dabifags have necked themselves.

based, Kantians always win.

You first self inserting dekucuck

It's the Bakuck seething as usual

Post Shiggys (best character)

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Touya is only interested in one person

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And why should he? Touya's made it clear that there's only the mass-murdering psychopath Dabi left. So that's what Shouto's treating him as.

You forgot Ending, Onima, Kido, Untenmaru, Nezu, Recovery Girl, Gran Torino, Tsukauchi, Eraser, Mic, Hosu heros, AFO and Starservant.
And All Might tolerating Endeavor? Hes been so supportive of him and excusing him from back when he was batshit crazy.
Twice had that whole speech about him but other than Endeavor giving Overhaul a free lift have they even interacted?
Also they haven't interacted but Ochaco had three instances that say hates Endeavor.


Already mindbroken, kek

No Deku is my medicine.

Why do you keep contradicting yourself?

Meds now cucku

Meds now Bakuck

Post DABIS (Best character AND best villain)

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It needs a separate box on the side saying Wife of Endeavor with Rei in it and Hawks trying to get in and throw her out

He can stay out too.


Endeavor stinks!

Endeavor smells NICE

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is this the worst final arc in shonen?

Cope. This chapter is amazing

Endeavor stinks like old sweaty men and Dabi smells like barbeque

>my special technique? punching really hard with FIRE
>heh, that was a nice punch but I can punch even harder!

That would be SNK.

Dabi is a copycat

Out of all the shitty quirks in the series, you choose Pop Off? That one isn't even that bad.

Jojo parts 5 and 6 were shonen.

>heh I’ll just use my punch!
>oh yeah I’ll punch you but don’t get punched or else you’ll turn to dust! By my punch!
>*sobs* my friends

nice bait

weren't there supposed to be spoilers today

They were last night.

Come on man. You aren't this retarded right

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