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Is there even a point on continuing with all the mtl groups releasing shit chapters?

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Could someone rip chapters 13 to 20? Thanks.

Yeah, pick up things that fags drop when they get licenced so people don't have to wait fucking years for the official stuff to catch up

Muh manga got licensed.

surely you didn't drop it because of that, right?

I'm kinda tempted to, because with all the photoshop monkeys leaving recently, I've got a whole bunch of things I'd be doing han-style. This is the one I liked the most, though.

Good comic fonts, no cc bb, come on.

comic sans

You know what?Here. Be a fucking rebel, user. Make the muhdesign fags seethe.

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Y'all know what it is. Gambare.

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Fuck you, you won't get deez nuts this time

Yes, I will.

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Take it or leave it

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Neko to Chiyo update: I managed to get high quality magazine raws up to the latest chapter:
Still looking for a translator!
What's Neko to Chiyo? A warm and fuzzy oneeloli daughterbait (think Yotsuba or Ryushika but more lethargic, she's a cat after all). Looking through the raws, Neko's already acquired 3 adult girls for her headpat harem!

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ganbare, user.

Mine too. The worst part is, they're somehow ahead of me even though I had the upper hand. My release is only good for the extra chapters which the official doesn't have for some reason.

I’m lazy but I think my readers will forgive me

>tfw no one will ever touch my stuff because loli

Can't use it because of sanctions.

No one will ever touch my stuff because it's bad.

I got you, comrade.

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You're also definitely not allowed to be a rebel.

Why is this font a meme again?

For this manga maybe using the tank makes more sense, as it has big frames, simple shading, and thick lineart, so the blur filter isn't harming it all that much (unlike most other Houbunsha titles where it fucking destroys all detail), but does remove the moire that is quite visible in the sharper and otherwise better magazine raws. But I can't say for sure.
If you won't find a translator for a long time I can maybe try doing a chapter, but not very soon and probably not much more than that. But you'll probably find someone, I remember other anons also mentioning that they'd help if they had time. It's a really comfy title, and not terribly hard to translate.


No one will ever touch my stuff because it's not very popular and a bit of a pain to translate. All my replacements failed after one volume. I still want to go back and do the remaining 3/10 but I'm absolutely dreading it. And need to finish other stuff first. Just nine more weeks of a seasonal, five more episodes of some obscure thing, possibly recheck 28 episodes of an old mecha show that I've finished years ago but it got stalled by the group (I've even secured a slightly better source since then, but fucking MTL from Italian now exists so probably nobody cares anymore), surely I won't burn out and sink into another year of depression this time! It definitely, absolutely cannot happen again! Fucking end me.

>not terribly hard to translate
I only read the first chapter but this has got to be the most "I've been studying japanese for 6 months now (got 500 jouyou kanji down already), what are some good manga for a beginner?" manga I've ever come across. Excluding troll recs like joshikausei.

Yeah, this is kind of a comfier Yotsuba.
Although when I was only beginning to study moon and tried to read Yotsuba I stumbled quite a lot to my surprise, there were a lot of "casualisms" that aren't the commonly taught dictionary Japanese. Obviously they're all very common, which I realize by now, but for all the reputation it had as babby's first raw manga it wasn't super easy.
With this manga, the one thing I'd see a novice stumble would be the fact that Neko talks in kana and thus you wouldn't have the kanji crutch to help separate words from each other, but it's all fairly basic stuff anyway. Though translation-wise I'm not sure how best to represent that in English since you only have the alphabet. Writing childish English might be a bit challenging, especially if an ESL (like me) would be translating.

Yeah, Yotsuba for beginners feels like a meme. It doesn't help that it's boring.

I thought my stuff would never be touched because fatfag, but the manga I worked on got picked up for "body positivity"

How do you convey あ゙? Gah? Uah?

Depends on the context.


I don't know what sounds girls make when sexing, sorry.


"Ah" but with a very extreme font.

I go with [ah']
The apostrophe implying that the sound chokes, as in the character losing their breath after a thrust.

Dakuten sounds are sounds where you don't push air out of your mouth nearly as much. Try going ahhh while letting as little air out as you can and put that sound into letters.

>Is there even a point on continuing with all the mtl groups releasing shit chapters?
That's a complicated question
1. I no longer release my translations.
2. i don't care about the fans. Fuck 'em. They want their translated battle shonen, lolipedo hentai, or their isekai-of-the-week, they can get some other translator to do it.
3. Because I don't translate as often anymore, I'm slowly losing my ability to read japanese. So right now the priority is for me to translate the things I like, as opposed to what other people want. 10 years from now I want to be able to read the shit that i like even though I'm no longer able to read raws.
4. MTL is gradually getting better. Rice field.

Sweet bean!

>I'm slowly losing my ability to read japanese.
Read jp only simulation games. Those help me.

>MTL is gradually getting better
Sugoi, amazon, and google translate have gotten better, but deepl and mantra got worse.

>I no longer release my translations.
the fuck does that mean?
hoarding until mangadex brings back comments, or just translating random shit for fun and practice?

>simulation games
you mean the ero kind?

I'm not ready to say goodbye. Script is almost done, but fuck me I have to stop myself from dragging my feet just because I don't want to hit the last chapter.
MTLers can't translate everything, and I translate for myself more than anything so it doesn't really matter to me either way.

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"translating for myself" only makes sense with MTL

>I'm slowly losing my ability to read japanese
I don't understand how this happens. There's a lot of kewl shit to read in nipponese even outside anime shit. Did you only learn to read like 5 things?

I hate how almost every manga nowadays has text covering up detailed art because apparently opaque boxes are uncool now. It's such a pain to redraw. It's especially aggravating when there's a lot of space in one part of a panel that could be used for text but the mangaka decides to throw their text onto a character's face instead.

not them, but I consider spreading the joy of my obscure autistic interests as "translating for myself" in a way when I'm picking solely what I want at my own pace.

I personally find translating and typesetting fun user. Color me autistic but it's genuinely an enjoyable hobby for me and I've been doing it for over a year and I have felt no burnout whatsoever since I take regular breaks. Besides, sharing doujins that got ignored years ago with others who would otherwise never see them is a good feeling as well.

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Does anyone know an online shop in Europe that sells manga in Japanese? UK need not apply since it counts as overseas now.

You also managed to get the series cancelled.

It was overused way before Undertale. Undertale used Comic Sans and Papyrus BECAUSE they were already meme fonts.

There are some non CC/BB dialogue fonts in here, Common Comic, Clementine and the SF ones for example.

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Thank you! I feel dumb for not checking that before asking.

What's the best leveling guide? Any general settings that work on most decently scanned raws?

A little update in mermaid's chapter 4. TL is busy and I don't have a pc, so I don't see the chapter done in the foreseeable future.

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