Dragon Ball Super


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enter SHITren the Turtle.

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Shall this be the thread?

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>tardkuMONG thread

>404ren thread
Forget it.

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Future Trunks? A chad.
Future Gohan? Also a chad.

Forget you, fool.


After reading the latest chapter, it makes me wish Toriyama, or at least someone at Toei who was competent at writing gave a fuck about this series.

Our role model.
The owner of the strongest ki attack in canon.
The humbled fighter
The last of his clan.
The super prodigy.
The first human to surpass an Android.
The first guy who was 2-0 against Goku.
The heart of the Z fighters.
The strongest human.
The ONLY character to remain undefeated through five WHOLE arcs since his introdction.
The FIRST human to surpass GOD himself.
The clutch master himself.
The legendary fighter.
The first human to reach Super Saiyan tier.
The champion of the 22nd Budokai.
The enlightened one.
The loyal friend.
The future of the Crane school.
The hidden hope of the universe.

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Thats it, we "Jiren-Scholars" are done. Insulted, Defeated and Raped in our own sacred halls. I implore you all to stop, its over.

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Is it sissified if he feels more manly doing it ?

Most animals eat their own shit, humans are rare in refusing to do so.
Do the other races in DB eat their own shit? Does a Saiyan drop a massive load and then recycle it? lt would make sense given their ravenous appetites and how little they care what they eat.
How about Frieza's race? He ate a live crab with 0 hesitation, which clearly shows a much different diet to us. Coprophagia would hardly be unbelievable.

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511 more to go


That's a little girl.

Scholars ? How do "we" even retaliate ?

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krillin would FUCK that girl (male)

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Look at the meltdown.

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Who the hell hates turtles? I think they're cool.

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This is the true Dragon Ball.
Dragon Ball has ended when Goku beat Piccolo and married Chi-Chi.
Things like Frieza, Vegeta, Super Saiyan, that kind of things are unnecessary retcon bullshits.

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hot. gokubro btw

I am an unironic, actual racist.

Raditz redemption when


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l genuinely hate gays and trannies.

You're the man now, dog.

Jiren lost.
Get over it.

Jiren won and wished the Universes back into existence.


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Actually fucking funny

Then you have a place in these halls NOT, small-minded cacafuego. VACATE EXPEDITIOUSLY.

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Hello, fellow Trunksbros

Enjoy your stay.

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a rare albino turtle that representing longevity.
A disease stricten parasite that eats garbage of city dweller

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fuck you bejitaBITCH

Children can consent as early as they understand the word.

Jiren won btw.


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Based Gokubro telling it like it is.

>tfw 5'9
Later, virgins.

Women will never dominate in competitions ever!

Holy based.

SHITly ran btw.

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>literally 7'2 370lb b/c of glandular issue
>impossible to get little girls because I am so huge and they think of me more as entertainment oddity
>still worth it when you do score

finally cancel culture takes out someone that deserved it

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>7'2 370lb
Use non-retarded measurement units.

>He is here

He left.

3rd worlder go dirtfarm

I'm back.

He's not here, cursed narratorku.

>CHADly [headcanon]
Broly vs Vegeta - Won
Broly vs Goku - Won
Broly Vs Goku and Vegeta - Won
Broly vs Freeza - Won
Broly vs Whis - Draw
Broly vs Gogeta - Draw

Strongest and undefeated.


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Jesus is always here.


t. well at least our school isn't a shooting range

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Yeah, it's a child rapefest

>literally 218.44 cm tall 167 kg b/c of glandular issue
>impossible to get little girls because I am so huge and they think of me more as entertainment oddity
>still worth it when you do score

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damn those teeth look way better than the average american's

>replying to himself
You're so easy to spot, tourist.


Why the Hell did they get so attached to the Jiren Turtle? I can understand why they would get fucked up about my presence given the damage I've done to their credibility is matched only by their own foolishness, but what did that turtle do to gain their attention?

18sisters do we stand for this?

>Thinks getting the last post in is winning
Your ego is massive, but your IQ is miniscule.

The United States warps you

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>tfw 170 cm exactly

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>tourist doesn't understand the rules

hold this L + ratio

>CHADrist ignores the rules
I kneel.

>Keeps referring to me as a tourist
>Still no proof
DUMBren the Ill Prepared.


>JOBtric units

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>tourist replying to posts that have nothing to do with him to fish for (You)s again
Yawn. You're , and probably

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I didn't need it translated into subhuman units.

Remember, your Englishing right now. ;)

SHITren the Absolute LOSER.

>he's now going to sperg out about Jiren
Get the cage, gents. We got a live one.