What was her problem?

What was her problem?

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Petty jealousy

Because no lewds.

Loid is too perfect and she's jealous that a quiet low profioe woman was able to snatch him

Women like her view men like they do purses and shoes.
They love them when they are in style and great for being an accessory.

Because Spy Family is manga for woman.
She is very typical mean class mate girl in Shoujo manga who are jealous to MC's handsome boy friend.

She's just tsundere.

She is female

Femcel that landed a nice bf and is so insecure that she sees prettier women as a threat.

Started watching yesterday, when does each episode come out?


Do single women really get made fun of by their fellow female co-workers?

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She's a woman.

My sister talks shit about her coworkers, but never straight to their face because she is a pussy. I am 99% sure she also talks shit behind my back too.

She's a woman. "Keeping up with the Joneses" is a purely female phenomenon, and men only participate in it when/because they're pussywhipped.

It seems to be part of the setting, which seems to be vaguely based on early-mid 20th century Europe so it's not entirely implausible.
Not too long ago France still had a traditional holiday where unmarried, 25 year old women basically begged men to marry them. In such a context, being an unmarried woman at age 27 would indeed be very strange.

Now throw on top of that a string of "single" women being "single" because they're foreign spies with a husband back home and that only elevates suspicions. Now in addition to being a lesbian, a horrible person or mentally insane, being a fucking spy is also a possibility that's on the table.

I'm willing to bet my left nut this bitch has been hit on at least half a dozen times but considered herself too good for men in her league.

Nah she either rode the cock carousel and now wants an idiot to carry her baggage or spent her 20s studying and working instead of looking for a mate - or both. Actually, it's probably both,

This lady isn't even ugly by black woman standards, if she can't find a man then she's either a cunt or her standards are too high.


Skill issue

>moderately attractive
>with big bosoms
>can't find a man
100% personality issues. "Cum and dump" type of women.

OMG she's literally me! My pain is still far greater than hers

Maybe she has ugly nipples?

Yep, I'm guessing she is someone who won't date a guy under 6' because they are not a real man. Well she might date someone under the 6' mark but they would have to be rich as hell and those guys are not interested in her.

The wall.

She is a woman and women are assholes to each other.

A guy can buy a suit and wear it over and over again for a formal event. Might get a new shirt and tie because he wants to but that is because he wants to.

A woman will need a new dress for every new event; buy, rent or borrow but they can't wear the same dress twice because other women will talk about how they are wearing the same dress. I'm not even joking on this, I thought it was just some BS that you see in a movie but I work with a bunch of women and when they some event that is coming up they have to get a new dress. I've seen pictures of outfits they have worn before and told them they look great in it, the dress still fits them but they can't wear it because the other women who see her in that same dress will talk about how she is wearing something she wore before.

I would breed her If I could

Seeing as how she's making a fucking tiktok complaining and fake crying while always keeping her tits in the picture I'd say she has a horrible personality and no man worth their salt would stand being around her any longer than what it takes to get into her pants.

It's like that one Simpsons episode were Marge gets the Chanel dress.

Unless you're Mr. Perfect, she would turn you down immediately. Then she'd go make another TikTok about how she's single and sad and everyone needs to know.

I can fix her

Yea Forums was the petty female co-worker all along.

her ovaries produce sawdust and mildew by now dude


Get fucked bitch.

This is what happens when you spend your fertility window riding the cock carousel. She's ready to "settle down" now that 90% of her eggs are gone, and the 10% left are very likely to produce downy babies or other such birth defects. You love to see it.

Most black males pass 30 still have an alpha fucks mindset so they just see her as a pair of tiddies thats gonna raise their kids while they dont do shit but leech money from her since shes an educated ass black woman. Idk why years of dating black men convinces black women that they magically turn into castrated like white men in their 30s.

she is a woman

Half of the threads in this board are complaining about how the loser MCs get all the babes. It's just a normal human emotion.

She is the "Why are there no good guys out there for me to date. You know the guys that are 6'4, muscular, have a giant dick, make a seven figure salary and will treat me like a goddess? All that is out there are these beta males you are 6'3", barely have a 6 pack, only has a 10" dick, makes a mid six figure salary and will only treat me like an angel."

If anything she is the one you run from because at a certain point she is just going to get knocked up and use her baby daddy as her free meal ticket.

If she makes over $300K I'd let her be my sugamomma. I don't even want to put a baby in that thing.

black women are all futas

its ok anonbro
I will punish your sister with my dick.

Based Stacy, single hags should get made fun of.

with my fists

Not normally. Most places aren’t retarded like Japan where some folk go on about being worthless if you haven’t married and bred by 30.

Usually women are happier if you’re single or casually dating without intention of marriage, cause it means you might be free to go out dancing and drinking with them.

Japs hates blondes. Antagonizing modest black haired woman


>that op
>these replies

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Being a woman

Read Brave New World, people are happy when they know they’re superior to a lower class

Men are the result of their women. Women dictate the behavior of men, and men pursue the behavior that rewards them with sex. If commitment was rewarded, more men would commit. Male behavior is always dictated by reproduction, because male reproduction isn't set in stone like females.

Yor is beautiful, I kneel. I wouldn't have opportunity against her ;_;

I volunteer

>rulers who have to baby sit drug using orgy cattle
>drug using orgy cattle

Quite the class system.

she’s really drunk

Jealous that another woman has a bright shiny commodity to show off (a smart handsome man in this case) that she doesn't have.

This right here is as real as it gets.

God I wish I could have seen what that deleted post was

>Usually women are happier if you’re single or casually dating without intention of marriage, cause it means you might be free to go out dancing and drinking with them.

This is a fuck lie, 30s single women are super unhappy because unlike men, it's very rare for a women not have children or husband in her 30s.

Around 2/3 of all men in the history never had children or they die too young but in women is around 5%.

Basically, for women doesn't have children is a way of say "I'm a total loser" or "something is terrible wrong with me".

i still don't understand, ragna from the future killed all the dragons and then traveled to the past because no one was left alive? or did he just kill one dragon king and travel back in time so he could kill every dragon ?

fuck, wrong thread