If you watched less than 500 titles you do not belong on Yea Forums

If you watched less than 500 titles you do not belong on Yea Forums

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But you can't do anything about it
I'm a newfag!

>only 500
user, please

i will cyberbully you until you cancel your internet

What if I did and have forgotten the plots and even characters of most of them?

Don't forget you also need to complete at least 500 manga (not including one-shots).

I'm anonymous dude! You can't target me

sorry im new

I have watched 0 but have read 649 manga.

I'd rather read One Piece 5 times. It's about even

I've seen Berserk, Jojo, Cowboy Bebop and Spice & Wolf :)

I don't remember

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I fit in. Period.

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I go through 10 anime episodes, 10 manga chapters, 10k lines of text, every single day

>implying i would waste my valuable time on utter trash

yes huntersperg you would that


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I prefer reading to watching. I've definitely read at least 500 series by now.

I seriously don't get the idea of tracking every anime you've seen. Did you start doing it on the first anime? How did you know you would like anime that much?

>We only let nonconformists in here, and you're not like us.

I only watch battle shounen and isekai

Never mind what op says he's just counting his monthly dick intake and using anime watching as a metaphor

Why would anyone with self respect watch anime?

Are you a fightfag?

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Same, I can't even name my favorite anime because my memory loss and recency bias is so strong.

simple i already had a habit of writing down shit in a textpad so i just had transfer that over to mal once i discovered it

I'm sure 500 is baby numbers, and proper oldfags should have 1k+ by now.

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I've attempted a lot but so much is garbage so I've definitely dropped at least 500 including the garbage that is OP pic.

And how fast are you supposed to reach this number ? I watched ~100 anime this past year and I feel like I was watching a lot. That means someone starting from 0 would take 5 years at my pace. This seems too restrictive

>500 titles
I'd say two months worth of anime watched should be the bare minimum

I don't think I started doing it after watching my first anime (probably after my 3rd or 4th), but when I tried looking for more series I'd enjoy I came across both MAL and aniDB, and I thought both sites would make it easier to find new stuff to watch. At that point I was already used to tracking my music listening through Last.fm, so doing the same for anime made sense to me.

how many masterpieces have ye beheld?

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Number of shows watched is irrelevant past the point where you discover your tastes, so probably at least 20-50 shows.

>I watched ~100 anime this past year
Are you in high school or a neet

If you counted, then you don't belong on Yea Forums

I watch anyme to enjoy, not to fill a checklist

ive watched 500 shows and they were only 2016-2022 shows. i have never seen a pre 2016 anime, will never watch one and will continue to watch all 5+ isekai adaptations every season. what does that make me?

perfect for this board



>what does that make me?
A patrician.
I've tried almost every single critically acclaimed cel anime (AnJ, RoV, multiple Gundam entries, DYRL, UY, Patlabor, Trust and Betrayal, LOGH, Gunsmith Cats, many more OVA, WMT, etc.) and they all look like ASS. Only Ghibli stuff was watchable. Thank fucking god for digital.

>at least
are there even 500 animes to watch in the 1st place?

Not for you, Pedro. There aren't 500 battleshonen worth watching.

I still haven't watched Full Metal Alchemist, Cardcaptor Sakura or Princess Tutu.
I think Cowboy Bebop is boring, and the only people who have nostalgia for it are burgers who watched it as kids/teens on TV.
Other than that I have probably well over 1000+ watched in 15+ years.

There aren't even 100 anime worth watching

according to sturgeon's law there is. even if you think 99% of anime is shit, that'd still be 150+ titles out of the 15,000+ that exist.

Dumb logic. The whole point is to watch these shows and shitpost about them with Yea Forums in the threads. Watching them now doesn't have the same impact at all. Pretty sure you had casuals power through hundreds of shows during the pandemic.

this place gets more newfag friendly by the year but it still kicks most boards in the ass in terms of quality. this is probably the first time I've ever been coming here more than Yea Forums.
I'm only around the 150 number but my mal account is 8 years old forgive me

I have literally never watched anime.

What are you going to do about it, faggot?

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Quality over quantity. I'd rather rewatch series I liked multiple times than waste my time with shit I don't care about just for the numbers.

I spend more time researching anime than watching it.

I'm about to hit 550

been watching anime for 3 years now dose that count as new

I went on a massive binge when I first discovered anime, then eventually got tired of it and started reading manga

There's really not much out there worth watching, especially if a manga version of it already exists

More like 1000 lmao

My own is prob into ~1500-2000+

>says the person who watched 500 shorts and 1 episode OVAs

I’m watching two series right now. I was watching another one, but I dropped it. I’m currently reading two manga series.

I just tried recalling the shows ?I already watched when I signed up. You start filling in the gaps as you go. A list as complete as you can is better than no list because you’re afraid it won’t be 100% complete.

But do you enjoy it?

We only let anime autists in here and you don’t fit in.

t. Only watched 50 shows

you mean 700
t. mganon

Same. I like thinking about anime more than actually watching.

How are you gonna do that if you don’t give a wide variety of shows a fair chance

This isn’t even my final form

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>Dropped 20
Surprisingly low.

>800 in backlog

Why even have a backlog