Why so many anime fans hate non-virgin anime girls?

Why so many anime fans hate non-virgin anime girls?

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Purityfags. Please don't make threads like this, you know the shitstorm that's going to follow.

Because the majority of anime watchers are incels.


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Because they have an inferiority complex and hate the idea of a woman they want to fuck being more knowledgeable or experienced at sex than them. If she's a virgin, she won't know you're bad at sex, after all

Why is it a crime for a virgin to want to be with another virgin?

Because they didn't fuck their self-insert.


Who are Purityfags?

Purityfags are people who are obsessed with the idea of virginity. I've seen many on Yea Forums that are genuinely convinced that if a woman has had sex before dating you, they will drift back to that previous person, or another, as if sex is so powerful that it has some hypnotic affect. They don't acknowledge different circumstances other than "a woman who's had sex will hop from man to man in order to be satisfied," not understanding their own hypocrisy and that there are women who have had shitty exes that they regret ever being with, etc. That sort of bullshit mentality. Sex is something special in my opinion, but it's not the eternal blood pact people here make it out to be.

Misato's not bad, she's just trapped in a show that has a much better girl.

But sex literally does have a hypnotic effect.
You might want to read some studies.

I see. Thank you for your explanation!

Perhaps if you genuinely love someone, the pleasure could be called that. But love can die. You're not bound to that person forever.

In addition, their "virtuous" views on promiscuity and commitment only apply to women. They are of course, free to fuck as much women as they please.

sluts are gross, simple as

Yeah, I realised in hindsight I should've wrote "Obsessed with womens' virginity." They're usually haremfags themselves.

men and women are different

Yes, but both can unfathful whores.

Truth. And not Yea Forums's definition of whore/slut (anyone who has had sex even just once).

Because they have the immature imagination of a pure girl who has yet to give them their love.
It's just fear that women can only love one person and should sex up the one they approve of.

Because we're all incels

Promiscuous men are not "whores" they are chads who fuck whores. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, the ability to grant consent lies with them and the responsibility of that power is to not be sluts.

Opinion discarded.

because most anime fans are children or pedophiles

Would you eat a sandwich in which you know another man came?

A vagina is self-cleaning, a sandwich is not. Moron.

>Food analogy
Hit the fucking gym, fat fuck. No wonder you're obsessed with this shit.

So you would??

It's more like he just admitted "doesn't that make you gay" or some other absurd "logic"

The better analogy is a used sex toy, because they can be easily cleaned, yet most people probably would take issue with it due to the 'history' of the object

Guys pee out of their dicks and they still get sucked. Everyone poops out of their butts but there are people into anal. Not only does you food analogy not work, it's stupid beyond belief.

Still doesn't work, because people who use these analogies never consider how the woman feels in the present. They assume the past feelings never disappear.

When did this place become so full of losers eager to "teach" the "incels" how to think and live their lives?

Piss and shit is more pure. A woman who fucks herself with a block of frozen piss and shit is more pious than some double-dicker.

>it's you who are the losers!
user, did you read the thread? A question was asked, it was answered. Simple as that.

Cognitive dissonance in a nutshell.

just leaving this here

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More like when did "incel" mentality become such a unironic, dominant force? There was a time when Yea Forums made fun of nip purityfags going apshit when a girl wasn't a virgin, or didn't fuck the MC. Trashing and burning their merch. Now we pretty much became the joke.

There's that word again
Now you're getting ridiculous, not even going to acknowledge your literal shit and piss popsicle
Again, exactly as I said. You are incapable of acknowledging that women can have past relationship/s that they no longer hold feelings for. Men can have exes that they don't have feelings for anymore, but women can't, by your "logic." You've never had an embarrassing phase in the past? Decisions you made that make you grimace just remembering? Maybe this is your embarrassing phase right now.

God I wish I was Shinji. I'd sniff Misato's boots while she was gone.

Unironically true lmao.

So all of you haglovers WOULD eat a cum sandwich?

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This is more like, how the internet ruined a whole generation of people. Just compare the amount of dogs to the amount of children next time you're walking around town.

Women aren't food user. Unless...

Yes they are, I'm a cannibal.

See Theorizing and insulting someone's appearance doesn't make our side of the argument look any better, come on now.

You don't have to send a dog to college.

You don't have to send kids to college either.

Posting charts like that ignore that the cost of living is more expensive now, and people are no longer forced to stay in unhappy marriages. Divorce isn't necessarily a bad thing.

>Divorce isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Unless you're male.

ah, yes, all those marriages in the 90s where people were forced to stay together
straight up delusional cope

Freud had something to say about this probably.

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>>it's you who are the losers!
Huh, no I don't care about this topic, but if you're here wasting your time you're not above anyone else here.

I was actually speaking from the perspective of "would it be better for a child to be stuck with two parents constantly fighting and/or being miserable, or with divorced parents that have an amicable relationship thanks to their distance." Not to blog, but I wish my parents divorced sooner. Forcing a relationship that doesn't work for so many years only leads to bitterness.

Actually yes, because there are actual-boomer parents who put pressure on their children to stay in their unhappy marriage. I didn't finish explaining, see

Because women like that are used goods. Sure I will have to settle for one them because I'm a loser but the men with power (wether it be money or good looks) will always settle with women that had the least amount of partners, wether women like it or not. Just look at who ends up marrying the school whore, it's always a desperate loser.

If you marry a non-virgin you are a cuck. I don't have a problem with married non-virgins who are faithful.

I don't. kill yourself.

Kill yourself.

Based morally consistent chad

A cuck is someone who sexually enjoys seeing their partner have sex with other people. Someone who is in a healthy, committed relationship with someone who happened to have sex before getting together with that person is not a cuck. I don't understand your interest in "the men with power," either, or why they are even relevant. That's like saying "this is wrong because look at what the celebrities are doing."

Yeah and then a real medical professional would step up and call Freud a hack.

I don't care, I'm going to use the popular Yea Forums definition: a cuck is a man whose wife has sex with other men.
>omeone who is in a healthy, committed relationship with someone who happened to have sex before getting together with that person is not a cuck.
Yes they would be. Marriage is supposed to be for an eternal bond.


You really love whatever is popular, don't you. And you have trouble reading, so let me reiterate again: there is a past and a present. Someone who happened to have had sex in the past, in a relationship with someone they are devoted to in the present. They never cheat, and are only in love with the person they are currently with. That is not cucking.

Where do you tards even come from? No, cuck refers to someone whose partner is unfaithful. The way it's used metaphorically would make literally zero sense if it meant "cuckold fetishist".
>I don't understand your interest in "the men with power," either, or why they are even relevant.
Because it's pretty revealing about what people would do if they had a choice not to settle.

>the men with power (wether it be money or good looks) will always settle with women that had the least amount of partners
That's the theory, but if you look at real life, the rich and famous, alpha men you may know etc, you will find that alpha Chads tend to marry (hot) women who have had a lot of relationships before. IRL Chads don't even care about their wives' past, whether as a positive or a negative thing, because they consider themselves above that. Chad assumes that he's the best lover, partner, friend and advisor she's ever had and that this is why she decided to marry him and stop looking for other men altogether. Whereas insecure men such as you or me don't want to marry a woman who has had several relationships because we assume that other men are better than us (be it at making her laugh, at sex, at cohabitation, whatever) and she knows this for a fact - so she'll cheat on us and/or leave us at the first opportunity, whereas a virgin woman will stay ignorant. It is a matter of perspective. But it isn't true that Chad usually marries a virgin.

>I'm going to use the popular Yea Forums definition
Opinion discarded.