I love Elaina

I love Elaina

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Elaina also loves Elaina

On what evidence?

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bump. I love her too

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Bump back at ya.

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My Waifu Elaina is C U T E

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we know, Saya

I love this stupid bimbo.

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I want more of my libertarian wife.

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Bump I thought Yea Forums loves Elaina.

Elaina is my self insert.


who doesn't

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>Sexy pits
>Sexy attitude
>Sexy thighs
>Sexy pits
>Sexy clothes
>Sexy pits

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Not letting Elaina's thead die.

stop samefagging elaina
your anime was shit

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What's Renako doing with Elaina?

It was a fan art resulting from a chink thread of which yuri ln mcs would you like to see together

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You forgot
>sexy feet

But Elaina doesn't love you

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I like her brown sister

Elaina did nothing wrong.

>mindbroke Yea Forums so hard that now almost everybody is perpetually horny for her

Do people really care about Elaina's former flings enough to read two whole volumes without the titular character?

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Wait that's not Elaina

We're getting that S2 whether you like it or not.

Yes, Elaina!

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Okay, sweetie.

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Second Season when

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No Elaina, no life! Elaina is my wife!

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No season 2 until you've purchased enough goods.

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Imagine tossing the sauce at Elaina's direction and getting her all dirtym

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What would her parents think of her engaging in such salacious work?

Elaina posters were banned from 109 threads and say it was never their fault

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They are right.

how do you think they met?

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Disgusting chestlets.


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anal with elaina!!

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Why does Elaina have money problems? Why doesn't she just ask Saya for money?

I now own all 7 translated Elainas. Why hasn't season 2 been confirmed yet?

Because people keep doing . Why make the second season if people keep buying?

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I love your moral callousness.

Why is she so smug?

What the hell is THAT "food" on the table?

Elaina is straight and wife.

Elaina is the perfect woman

so true!

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Some Slav slop.

Cute witch.

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How come GA Bunko gives you two seasons?

It will never get a second season.

Slime trickery.

The bigger the hat, the cuter the witch.
Superior cuteness.

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Hat too big.

>t. hatlet