Shaman King Flowers will get an adaption

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>Always wished for Shaman King renaissance era
>It's Studio Bridge

Heh, I'm around episode 45 of the SK anime, might as well do the sequel while I'm at it.

but why, Flowers was cancelled, the main plot still unresolved and spin off chapters are super slow

Either anime original or they are going to finish Flower plot on the anime

who keeps asking for this trash series

Time for the real redpill
OG Anime >>> Manga >>> Nu Anime

But why it's so much worse than the original

>garish orange and blue stock footage filler slideshow
>better than anything
Enjoy your fart jokes and 20 episodes of wandering around the desert while female Team Rocket takes up half the episode.

The jokes were based and SOUL
So was the girl squad. I only recently found they're filler and that took away so much of SK's charm.

My thoughts exactly. Then again, I guess this means their crappy adaptation of the OG somehow managed to sell well.

>Imagine not liking them

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>somehow managed to sell well.

Hopefully it won't be as shitty as the reboot

Why is it so hard to follow this manga? It feels like it gets cancelled and restarted with chunks of it retconned every couple of years. This shit is unironically harder to follow than fucking Kinnikuman despite the later having had a sequel that later gets regularly contradicted by the reboot continuation of the original series.

Don't care. Shaman King wasn't as good as people remember
And Takei is forever a retard for turning down Mappa's proposal to adapt his shitshow manga because they wouldn't be able to get the music rights or the old VAs. We could've had JJK animation

I am pretty sure Mappa would've elevated Takei's boring fights with some tight choreography. Instead we got a fucking slideshow that only highlighted how bad the OG manga is in that regard.

>Flopman King

Why don't they realize that no one, I mean literally no one in 2022 cares about this boomer's shounen. The animation and ost isn't even treated with passion, worse than Togashi's artwork and that says a lot.

>I am pretty sure Mappa would've elevated Takei's boring fights with some tight choreography.
Oh wait you're serious....

Mappa is mediocre though


>Flowers was cancelled
it's still going under a different name

read again what i wrote

what is going on is officially a spin off/sequel of that series. The serialization for ''flowers'' ended


Didn’t the SK remake anime flop? Or was it that popular in Russia alone to warrant a new anime?

Flowers is shit. Only good thing to come out of all these spinoffs is the Faust origin story.

Wasn't Flowers a flop tho?

Heard that it's the only notable series from JumpX before the entire magazine got axed.

Who even asked for this after the reboot was a huge flop? Is this a money laundering scheme or what?

All this sk hate. Jeeeeez

My wife Jeanne is going to be in the sequel, r-right?

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Go back.

Only in flashbacks, sadly.

I remember dropping SK Flowers pretty early on and then getting canceled after a few months, didn't know axed manga could get adaptations

what a shame...

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Yes, you can see her getting killed if they actually go far enough.

Wow, I never would have imagined this would happen. The Manga story moves at a snails pace and it has a bitchllion of spin-off. How will this work? Will they stop where Flowers ended or continue with the Superstar content? Also, it has been a decade since Flowers began and we are still not in the Flower Of Maze tournament

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Tbh the new Shaman king anime is just horrible. I don't think they're allowed more than four frames of animation per character in a scene.

Claws girl was my go-to fap when I was 15 back then.

Seoncdary here. Is it true that Yoh and Anna die in a plane accident or is it a meme? If yes, how does that make sense at all?

after how awful the remake was i don't have any hopes that this thing will be good

They die but it's because they aren't playing serious. They get revived a minute later by Hao. Manta also died in the shower by slipping but got revived right away

Where? Even reddit didn't care for the SK reboot and this announcement

>remake filtering people so hard
It was pretty good after first 17 episodes.
Original anime also was fine as babies' first shounen but also pretty mediocre once it moved away from manga to endless tournament arc and never-ending fillers (and ended up being way way worse than either manga or nuanime).

When do you think Ren felt for her?
I think it was when she massacred those Egyptian guys

Does death mean anything in SK?

I have no idea what you're talking about. It never got good.

only the flashback arc was good

Maybe SK wasn't that good to begin with and the only reason a handful of people keep praising it is because Hao actually won, regardless of the actual quality of the story. If the story is only popular in Russia then you know it messed up somewhere along the way

>Mfw binged the entire manga from the fist series up until the end of flowers
Based. Some of the spin offs were a fun read too. Sad there's no one translating the superstar chapters and and the Red Crimson spinoff

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Unless you are friends with Hao and the Tao's not really

"Flowers" only ended because magazine ended, what's currently going on is just continuation of it.

Animeredditors are getting really uppity shitting on manga just to wank their fillerfest.

Yeah, the Super Star is licensed so no english groups (like Mankin) are touching it. Gotta wait like months for them to drop a bunch of chapters in a row.

Talk about things nobody asked for.

The only good arc was osorezan revoir and there were a few episodes that were nice, mostly when hao interacts with yoh/anna, otherwise it's really mediocre.

What the fuck

all 4 volumes of red crimson are on, if that helps at all

nooooo Yea Forums said the anime was flop!!!

Shit, really? I've read all the spinoffs and dont remember this happening

>They die but it's because they aren't playing serious
Didn't they die like 2 retards (along with their own child) by being shot with a missile while flying over the middle east?

It was an helicopter shooting at them, but kinda the same.

It definitely was, but even if they botched the remake I'm not surprised Kodansha would double down after paying out of pocket for the rights.