I bet half of my life savings that this is an user from Yea Forums

I bet half of my life savings that this is an user from Yea Forums.
Would've bet full if it was linux with a tiling wm

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They are in Japan,they are all from Yea Forums

>tiling wm
That's a special breed of autism.

I might get some weird looks for my wallpaper (steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1364019990) but my screensaver would be what really fucks me (steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1364019990)

Japanese people don't even use Yea Forums. Cough up those savings.

Both links are the same.

Nice try

hes from /vg/

oops, this is the screensaver

You're the user in OP's pic.
What wallpaper did the audience see? Post 'em.

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Why's he ashamed? I'd own it.

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Japanese sensibilities
>Oh nooo dey see degenerate pictaru!
>Much dishonor! Social suicidaruu!

The basic windows 7, I either have media player up or the web browser.

Here you go, now you can fit in

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I wouldn't give a single fuck

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This would be bad. Very bad. Especially if anyone in the room can read Japanese.

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OStans died in the XP era.

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No problemo

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Not like I ever actually see it.

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Nice try, Chang

Wallpaper thread?

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I don't actually use this one but I keep it saved anyway.

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Missed opportunity of the wallpaper being a Cat girl/Kemonomimi

Based bmzbro

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stealthy enough that non-anime fans wont get it. popular enough that any anime-fan can recognize the silhouettes

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probably a technolo/g/y fag, which also makes him an Yea Forums fag i guess

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It's China.

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I barely look at my desktop so I keep it simple.

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I think I'm okay.

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Why the fuck is your wallpaper vertical

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He's a shmup nerd obviously.

I just have an image of a sledge hammer.
That's it.

Are you a commie?

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What? No the sledge hammer is green with a black handle. It's just a neutral image I liked.

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judge my desktop Yea Forums

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>An image of a boat
What's wrong with that?

Yea Forumsermin/10

>Aura Kingdom
Don't hurt me like this.

the IJN raped the chinks
his social credit is about to bomb

why would you use a visually noisy wallpaper, it makes finding your icons more difficult

I would get banned for posting any of them here

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That's a crane.

My heart bleeds for it to this day

my old dogs

Well she *is* a crane ...

ah this is so weird

>recycle bin not empty

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>league of legends
certified subhuman, also not your screencap

Great choice. Which other boards do you lurk?

I have like 9000 wallpapers but this is the one that appeared now

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We have the same backgrounds user, I feel connected to you now.

Fuck you I have no reason to lie to strangers online.

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>having icons on your desktop
>using it ever

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>Not putting all your relevant stuff in folders
Organize damn you.