One Piece

>Tashigi, it's time to teach these Chocolate freaks a lesson
Anyone hyped with Smoker's return?

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Why are you making shit up?

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We finally at the top 10 bros

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Why does his haki feel so weak and non impactful? He should improve it way more, especially now that he denied the raid suit

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Luffy will lose the battle,mark my words

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I dont even know what odas plan for these characters are post-ts.

They just kinda exist as strawhat alliance folder for the final war I guess. Would be cool if we got a SWORD connection maybe for Smoker.

Oda has given up on those two, because he has other toys to play now.


Lunachads, we WON

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>Luffy is an ass man

Dunno about yiu guys, but I feel like Kaido wont go dowm with that punch

We need 50 more cliffhangers so Toei can keep making their slow adaptation

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Sanasisters, we LOST

>SaNa being attacked and annoyed by Luffy/Usopp friend duo

Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute

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Because he's never gotten any sizeable feats like Zoro slashing Pica or Luffy breaking Dressroba in half

Cute and canon

No I think that the punch is Luffy's final attack, I just think Kaido will still get up from it

Dude why crop the picture? Nami is looking right at Sandi just like in every coloured front page

With this color spread Momo finally enters in the finest club of non-SH having a color spread alone with the full crew. This club has the following members: Shanks (his back, not his face, is show in a color spread), Vivi (if you don't consider her a actual crew member), Tama (request approved by Oda) and Momo.

When is next chapter out?

next week, there's a break due to golden week but the chapter will leak early

in 2 weeks. But we will have early spoilers because of the golden week.

That's sad, last week already had no episode.

It did tho

how is he so handsome

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She is looking at Luffy

Why would I be hyped for the worst jobber in the series?


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That Nami stuff was boring.

because he can kill literally anyone with his smoke power

have fun breathing in smoke retard

Because he doesn't even need haki the exoskeleton is basically haki 2.0

how long has Luffy been fighting for?
where is the adventure and romance
when is the last time Luffy said bouken

Awakened smoker would be mad OP

She is looking at sanji and sanji is looking at her, it’s like 10th cover they do this

His best fights were in Ennies Lobby and Davy Back Fight, all else has been underwhelming at best.

He never did amythinf of the sort, and people would just cough him out
No it wouldnt, its just smoke

I miss Davy Back Fight.
Groggy Ring was great.
Noro Noro beam was awesome.

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You are crazy

Cant wait for this week's episode

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How much wishiful thinking do you have to be on to not realize Sanji is looking at Usopp who is eating his hotdog?

>Nation of the swords
>Sword lover not there

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>Oda cut down on the Toon
Seems like Japanese were vocal and unhappy about the toon

Ask LUNAtards, they nami is clearly looking at momo not luffy

I hope this theme plays when they face Kaido and Big Mom.

She is reacting to Luffy though

Nami is a cute Pirate Queen

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You are a schizo

Depends, she looks like she's looking at the top right but spatially Momo appears to be pretty far behind her so I'm not sure if that's what she's supposed to be doing.


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What is Luffy doing in panel 3 and 5? I could make see panel 3 as an extended knee but in panel 3 it looks like he's inflated which doesn't make sense.

I think he just looks like a ball because he's still spinning after letting go

he seems to have increased the size of his knee to hit kaido.
The last panel is kaido dodging and hitting luffy.

All Blue when?
That's the only thing I want to see since I started watching the anime decades ago, the only mentions of it were on a filler during Water 7 cousine related episode, there wasn't barely any mention of it at all during fishman island, it was all nose bleeding nonsense.

troon force

End of series when Luffy destroys the redline and fishmen island and merge all oceans into one.

ending racism... ONCE AND FOR ALL

>All Blue when?
the very last chapter, when Luffy punts Imu into Reverse Mountain so hard that the whole thing launches to the moon

He inflated his leg in panel 3 extending it backwards as he prepares for a kick.
In panel 5 he's pulling his leg forward.

It all comes together.... Goda...

look at his lil popeye arms

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okay I'm lookin' at 'em

Just a reminder that roger fought to protect the WG and the celestial dragons twice and shanks is doing the same

Its only a matter of time before we learn the Gomu Gomu's third name; the Element of Surprise Logia

Is Luffy turning shit into rubber unconsciously? It seems like everything he touches immediatly turns into rubber

Is this form supposed to be Kaido's Awakening?
He gets even more swole and his facial features become more animalistic.

Yeah, I don't think he knows how to turn it off right now without disabling gear 5th entirely

>Kaido using luffy like a ball on a string during batting practice.
Bugs bunny tier.

Why doesn't Luffy just turn Kaido's club into rubber on impact?

I want to see him being useful again :(

I'm getting Alvida vibes here with this club nonsense.

Where are the rest of the pages?

Luffy has literally cartoon birds around his head.
Use popeye arms
Not toonforce btw

>momonosuke still repeating he can't do shit for the 5th time in a row
>kinemon re-flashback of the sqme shit we saw 10 times, and samurai saying they want to die AGAIN
What the fuck is this garbage ? Oda has never made his character reapeat the same 3 words for 100 chapters before


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I just realized that because I read the whole manga from Mangasee that uses scans of the official english release, I missed all the colored spreads. That sucks

Kill yourself frognigger.

the most repeated flashback scene, at least in the anime, is actually saul telling robin to find nakamas, got sick of that shit

Some people think it is but its not been ofically stated anywhere
but like you look at the page right before this one, Kaido's clearly slipping in and out of some kind of "turbo buff broad nose swirly dragon eyebrow" form while drunk

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I guess it makes sense since his rubber properties are supposed to represent freedom, so he is making everything free

Editors are miking wano for the max.
Remember that One Piece is ending ''soon''. They'll have to milk nakamafags, waifufags and other retards for what is worth.

This fight is so garbage. Just end it.

The manga usually don't repeat shit.

He used this form in this chapter too even without being drunk. Until he actually pulls a confirmed awakened form I will belive that this is it

How strong are they?

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One Piece is so fucking bad now, i am starting to think the meme about Oda being dead is actually real

>even without being drunk
as far as I can tell he still hasn't sobered up yet.

He hasnt had any hiccups so far

Yeah, Kaido has like 3 different moves and Luffy just repeat "i will beat you !" over and over again

One Piece Episode 1016, originally scheduled to air on May 1, has been postponed to May 8.

Why are we supposed to care about these retards?

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where the translations at? normally we get them before the raws

Nothing happens: the chapter

Because they repeat the same things every chapters

Definitly. This is one of the biggest Nothing Happens in a while. It literally starts with a 2 page flashback of things we already know and have already heard

Gigant Rokh Organ + Orochi loses his final head next chapter

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