What should our yuri magazine's cover be

>what should our yuri magazine's cover be
>how about a hipster-lesbian aesthetic
Does this really attract their audience?

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they should put fat hairy men

You wouldn't be able to tell that masterpiece like Yuru Yuri and Wataten are published in this hipster looking magazine.

I like it, it's pretty striking.

>pretty girls in stylish clothes posing like models
>shoujo artstyle makes everything moody and dramatic
user, what do you think yuri even is?

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I wish they had more hipster-lesbian manga to match.


Cute girls doing cute girls.

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What exactly is "justice for girls?"

orgasm for girls.
administered by other girls.

It doesn't really mean anything other than a generic otaku catchphrase for girls being awesome. Their previous catchphrase didn't work anymore so they had to change to something largely neutral.

What was the previous catchphrase?

Something along the lines of "men not allowed", until they realized that half of their readership was male.

Rude. We want to support the purest form of love too.

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They're cute so it's A-OK.

It attracts me, that's for sure. But I don't really buy the magazines, the digital quality is torrid and import costs are prohibitive, not to mention that it would now take half a year to ship because of the war, their tankobons are much better digital quality-wise.
Though to be honest there aren't a lot of series in YH that I like, I tend to prefer the gayer Kirara and Dengeki things (fuck Kadokawa but there's some good stuff there).

>Dengeki things
Yes, please.

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>gayer Kirara
Like Anemone?


I can't support any manga that features cruelty against yayas.

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Cute girls are too mainstream.

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That was daft of them. Their male readership liked peeking where men aren't allowed. Now they can't do that they'll lose readers.

I wish that were me

Honestly better than a low ranking photoshooped to death gravure model cover.
Champion Retsu, despite having full blown hentai in, can't seem to get anything but fridges and balls.

They changed it years ago and clearly they're still fine.

Maybe not as fine as if men were still "not allowed". They should do a spinoff zine that's just called "men not allowed" and see which sells better.

Back then they had S that was targeted more at men and the main YH that was "no men allowed", but they ended up merging S back into the main magazine. I guess since YH was never really a shoujo manga magazine, all of its readers were mostly into the same titles, so they spread themselves too thin. At least we have YRYR and Konohana Kitan thanks to that.

It was mostly stupid because back then they had shoujoshit type yuri that involved men anyway. I'm pretty sure yuri series have fewer men in them now they're mostly for men.

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I like it. Also a big departure from the previous style they had going on

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They change the design style every year as of late, I really like that. It feels like different magazines, but since this is one of the very few manga magazines with an actual well-designed cover, if not the only one, it's fine.

It feels like not plastering tons of shit about the contents on the cover is enough to make it more stylish than most.

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They are overall stylish as fuck

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Did they ever have Kitanai Kimi in the cover?

>fuck Kadokawa
Is something wrong with Kadokawa?

Harta (the magazine that publishes Dungeon Meshi) has unique illustrations done by random artists/mangaka that have no connection with the manga running in the magazine. A bunch of the covers are good enough to be sold as prints.

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That Citrus one is way too good for the series it's attached to


Step aside please, Gallete chad passing through.

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Does pen have a pixiv or anything?

That's an ugly drawing.

>Yea Forums loves yuri hime
>japan never even talks or thinks about it

riddle me this.

yeah, not sure what it is exactly either but nips on futaba always go

Pretty sure they hate Kadokawa because of Kemono Friends 2 debacle.

It sure was impressive how Yea Forums bought all 300k copies of KitaKawa all by themselves.

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Jesus, she's bald.

Well Yea Forums is like 40 people and max 3 of them are really into it.

It was a single dude anyway.

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KF2 was just one instance, but it's in general a typical soulless corporation that tries to mechanically squeeze maximum profits out of everything. They just take trendy things and with their financial power absolutely flood the industry with them, and of course without regard for any human being involved. It's not that they are particularly worse than most other corporations, but they are just so damn big that they're among the more disliked ones.

I can only hope to be as based as that guy.

Interesting, is this in terms of anime? I always thought adaptations led by Kadokawa were not particularly high quality but as far as manga though they seem pretty good.

I like the covers.

He's a fucking legend.

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chuggin muff
what else could it be

In terms of anime this is probably the most evident, as they have this public plan to make 40 anime per year and even were publicly disappointed that they can't outsource to China anymore as they now want more money than Japanese animators. Kadokawa is a big reason why anime production is stretched so thin now. With manga they're alright but still, Cune was originally a soulless Kirara but lewder (it improved a lot since then), some of their stuff has torrid digital quality (they're not unique in that, but they shit the bed a lot with quality), but mostly they're hated for how they're handling anime, yes. Of course it's also because they produce some very high-profile series, so word gets around.

I can understand getting three copies, but at this rate it's easier to just go and give the author a stack of cash directly.

every one of those books probably has a different inside cover
the man who owns these books bought one copy of everything, it's pretty restrained.