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Doomposters BTFO

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>it's going to be censored
Disney doesn't produce it

>it's not simulcasted
It has good fansubs

>i don't like the anime
read the manga again

What a pointless thread.


Uh, why is this not on subsplease or erai

It's fansubbed instead of Disney+ rips.

How did the manga end again?

Super shounen happy go lucky battle, then it's all memories from another world

So everyone dies?

They removed the nipples, OP

Pretty sure that's more the fault of the TV stations than Disney+.

Thank you, pantsu.

So when will the first non-shimapan pantyshot happen?

>literally only one shitty pantsu shot
pretty common first episode only panty shot to bait viewers in
i sleep

People were saying even that one pantyshot would be cut and it didn't happen.

Well, it's apparently plot relevant so there's that. No way they won't censor the nipples.

best girl die

Mio ___?

As I said earlier, if they do censor the nipples, blame Tokyo MX and not Disney+.

I want to sniff and eat cute brown japanese girls pantsu

Even when she's not wearing shimapan?


They always have the option to put steam or whatever on it, like many shows have done in the past, and only use the uncensored version for specific channels like D+, AT-X, BD. Instead they change the entire scene to not have nipples, end of story.

Good guys win.

You're just moving the goalposts because your claim that they'd cut the pantyshots was debunked.

We love Ushio here

So does this come out on thursdays or fridays?

Friday Japan time

Is Mio the only one who got pantyshots in the manga or did the other girls like Ushio did too?

Fridaye late at night or Friday just after midnight?

After midnight

so in a few hours?

So that cop at the end of chapter 2 (spin-off manga) is Shinpei, or it's a different person?

Ushio will get naked but I'm not sure they do that scene in the anime.

I really hope that good non-cartel group will pick it up. Or tennouji will continue subbing it.

Is there a good stream? It's on Tokyo MX soon.

I'm asking more about pantyshots

Can't they just copy the manga translation and get it out really fast that way? Unlike Black Rock Shooter, this one actually has source material that's already been translated

What if the dialogue is different?

so all of these will be murder weapons eventually right
we got the gun last episode, knife is probably next since brown girl has the most focus, then later come the drill, sledgehammer and finally rifle
I wonder what the woman in the back is hiding behind the back, and why the policeman is standing so far away from everyone

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Also Ushio's fists

Didn't they already do exactly that with episode 1?

haven't seen shimapan in forever

Obviously you get someone who can recognize which lines in the manga correspond with the lines in the anime and if there are a few different lines that don't appear in the manga, just translate them

Shit I was following it up to the end but kinda lost track of what was what with all the trippy shit that happened. Did sensei get revived after the reset?

what about her shower scene? (there were like 2 of them early on iirc)

Hasn't happened yet but should appear in this episode.

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Will there be a pantyshot this episode or is there not going to be another one until later? I know the manga had multiple.

she's lucky she didn't fucking die there

We may see a repeat of the first and some swimsuits but probably not a new one.

So not this episode but maybe in future ones?

Less than an hour to go

Um, isn't she 15? The fuck

15 year old humans wear underwear too

I really wish these kinds of troll replies were bannable.

Sensei and even her brother

Brown > Blondie
there I said it

But Ushio stays dead?

Nah mate. Remember, they literally went waaaaaay back into the past and deleted the whale from existence. So Shadows never existed so everyone was happy and alive at the end

I assumed that's how torn got ep.1 out faster than MTL. Honestly, even without any source I could put out BRS quite fast too, but there's already a fastsub for that so I spend more time to write text in a less ESL way, plus timing takes a lot of time too.

Fortunately, doesn't this get ripped with Japanese subs? So you don't have to worry about the timing.

should i read the manga or just wait for the anime to finish?

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kono band gummy wa

endless nine

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wtf is this ad

not the braaake

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Ushio erases Hiruko, goes back in time to deliver the message to Hizuru and give the eye to Shinpei starting the loop. With Hiruko gone, Shide never becomes immortal and things go as normal. Shinpei keeps getting weird deja vu and meets with Ushio at the festival, he brings up the time earlier in the series when he tried to get her to go through a crack by promising her takoyaki at the festival and the both of them remember everything that happened.

No, I think shadows may still exist in other sea life forms, just in case author want another sequel