RPG Fudousan

It's only episode 3 and this girl is already comitting domestic violence on her wife.

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I already love her

I really like this show.

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>doesn't believe in ghosts despite undead and necromancers existing and literally being cleric class
Did she dumpstat int?

She has int 24 compared to Kotone's 13, Rakira's 7 and Fa's 6.

Real estate is super interesting.

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This girl is the girlfriend of that tomboy girl, right?

No, pink is blue's girlfriend. Purple and yellow regularly share beds.

That's not Kotone

nice butt

That is Sera's girlfriend.

Sorry I was only looking at the thumbnail.
Yes you are correct. Those two have intense lesbian sex all night every night.

Did they purposefully put their hair in front of their tits?

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So why exactly is Kotone the only Japanese in that world?

You didn't think you could just avoid isekai, did you, user?

>Those two have intense lesbian sex all night every night
Obviously. Only a low iq incels disagree.

There's a land called Zipang and Chinkchonk, She's from one of those.

It's just bad RNG that the hair just happened to fall there.

Based if true but there's no way you're saying the truth.

I miss Show By Rock Gigamuresh...

The real answer didn't even exist user. What else we can say.

Any manga readers here? Does the lolimancer ever show up again? I like her

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I was mislead into thinking she was a dragon at first until she stated otherwise. So are the horns hers, or just part of her outfit?

Desu, I wouldn't be surprised if all the stuff about Fa and the other dragon never gets mentioned again

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>not yatta
turn in your weeb card immediately

So do I.

Who was your favorite?

Fack Fa. Do it now, or else I'll do it myself.

Why do they jump? Why?

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its a generic anime OP thing since 1997

Should I update?

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The peppermintdemondevildragonlolibassistshubi

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Doea Healer Girl have one?

She's my favorite after Himeko. I want a 5th season.

>character says hotcakes
>subtitle says pancakes

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Yes, replace Railgun with this one.

This is theft

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Okay. Get the fuck outside the walls, then.

I usually prefer flat-chested girls but for some reason my favorites this season are two titty girls.

Just started the episode, I was expecting the dragon from the OP to be Fa, maybe she really is a real underage loli if it wasn't her

I expect it to be a family member of hers.

How come Symphogear is there twice

Different pair of girls

They should make an RPG for this

After the Endro game.

What do you see in that image?

An action RPG where Kotone will have to bounce around like the little slut she is.

Only just got back to the episode after some stuff came up, one of those kids out the front was human right, I guess maybe those horned orc things can speak human language

clothing change is a must
stripping the Fa...

>please keep this a secret there's so much paperwork
I know that feeling

To make them more relatable to their target audience.

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How did they cut this scene for the china release?
I was wondering when we would get to see her do some magic
you aren't an adult in this setting until 16
of course she would have to be older than that to have remembered and taken advantage of the war
thanks for capping it, I knew the moment I saw this I would get use out of it
also with regards to magic I was hoping Kotone would cast some sort of speak with dead spell here, what we got instead was fine though
She's still young, give her time
I initially assumed she was the dragon
or maybe she is, a necromancer dragon

I could see the masses having people that don't believe but it's kind of odd that a cleric doesn't

I was hoping for more autistic expositions about fantasy races and their housing needs.

As it stands its just another cute girls doing X show.

Still gonna watch it while eating breakfast, but I'm going to forget it exists once it wraps up.

Where did this meme come from? Saw it in the last thread too.

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An empty plate

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Still might be. Most of them seem to be unaware that anime dragons are always capable of assuming humanoid forms.

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What meme? Kotone is the only one with a Japanese name.

What are they doing there?

>tfw you try to do a ki blast IRL and you were sure you'd do it this time

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Nah I doubt it's her, I was expecting it from the OP as being a flashback, current FA wouldn't do that