Black Clover

Kneel, and apologize for ever doubting.

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I generally liked the last arc even before the reveal but I'll kneel nontheless.

Quick, post the montage for the clocks and resets from the last thread


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This guy gives AFO a run for his money.

Please fuck my wife Tabata

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I kneel

did tabata ruined him witht the plot twist?

I never doubted
I told all the twitter disney fucks to kill themselves since day 1

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I've never doubted Tabata even once. But my heart is still broken because Julius is no longer a cute shota.

Taken from the previous thread:
>You could argue it's been like that from the very beginning. Lucius/Julius had fucking godlike time powers YET FOR SOME REASON he could never fix the issues of the Kingdom. Him having relations with the Zogratis and devils now gives us a good reason why he never bothered. He's legit the perfect final enemy for Asta and Yuno to defeat. They want to fix the Kingdom, but they can't do that as long as Julius remains the wizard king.
Legit, how did no one see this coming? Seems like Julius being evil was right there in hindsight, but no one theorized it.

He ruined my innocence. And my knees are bruised from kneeling as well.

more like fucking changed the entire outlook on the entire series.

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Note to self never trust time users ever again

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>TFW no prince and no cute shota
This manga is actually still shit.

I always thought he was gonna end up being a villain but when he ''died'' I thought I was wrong but looks like I ended up being right anyway

Bros, please revive Morris to give Patolli an artificial light grimoire

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Everything points to Julius being a good guy, he must be a different personality from Lucius. Before Lucius appears he was going to ask Damnatio to kill him before It was too late. They realized too late

>more like fucking changed the entire outlook on the entire series.
100% It means Tabata would have been willing to kill off his characters if Julius hadn't interfered

And he doesn't have a book anymore that's rough.

This fucking twist will be something for the ages to come.
Holy shit.
Damnatio: "You raised them and made them win, like pigs for Slaughter"
-"Yes"-. Said Julius calmly.
Thread theme BTW:

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So Im guessing Lucius' deal is mind/soul magic? The combined magic of the Zogratis can create a human, and the others provide flesh, bone and blood. Given that he's apparently been living in Julius' body without him knowing, maybe he slid his own soul into the guy's body. Would the timeline fit if Julius was an artificial human created by the Zogratis siblings?

Dumping spoilers

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Yeah, I noticed his expression before Lucius took over. He looked really shocked and alarmed for me.

>Damnatio: "You raised them and made them win, like pigs for Slaughter"
>-"Yes"-. Said Julius calmly

>Julius/Lucius was Tabata's editor all along

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>the King of Clubs was actually the Ace of Spades

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Posted this in the previous thread, but I think Julius could have been possessed by Lucius before he was supposed to receive his grimoire (Hence why he rewound to a shota). If this is the case, that means Julius' true attribute could be an unknown just like Yuno's was.

can't wait for the lewd art

That's what I'm guessing. His mind Magic explains this twist

No, because even if Julius and Lucius are different people, their motivations are similar, very similar (No discrimination, everyone being strong)

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>. Would the timeline fit if Julius was an artificial human created by the Zogratis siblings
Oh fucking God. Julius will be the biggest sad puppy of all sad puppies.

Not only do I want to go to Japan and lick Tabata's feet, but also suck his dick

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Big think user. I like it.

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>his grimoire has all four suits woven into it if you look carefully

I fucking can't get off my knees.

What if Julius had no magic all along. Just like Asta, which means someone with no magic could be wizard king

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Honestly, you can kinda see all the card symbols in that design:
>Clovers/Aces overlapping
>Diamond/heart in the middle

The question then is what about Astaroth? Is he there too?

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>Tabata trending on Twatter, and Boomerbook, reddot shitting its pants, 4channel overrun with Black Clover KINO, Jeremy Missing in action.

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The whole book is designed like the back of a playing card. Looks nice. Will love to have this grimoire on my shelf.

I'm thinking of adding a larger section in the foreshadow chart for this one cause I really want to include so if anybody can add to this in case I missed anything, I would appreciate it

To add
>322: Yuno fails to teleport Mereoleona and block Lucifero's attack, they both are killed.

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>4-leaf Clover

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While possible, I don't think that ties in to the rest of the things we've seen in this saga and sabotage of a four-leaf clover grimoire holder has happened before. Oh well, time will tell (Lol).

what is Asta saying here?

and of all places for him to land, it's a cracked clock tower?

>Julius doesn't have magic unique to him
So, the only people that will have no magic is someone created by magic?

>Reason why this guy was so bored was because he probably had to witness the Lucifero fight over and over again until Asta got it right and won

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Asta is talking his idealistic ideals about how he'll ensure ppl in Clover know Liebe is a good guy.

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Pic related

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BTW, I wonder if the Witch Queen pushing Vanessa to have Red Thread of Fate might have something to do with all of this.

He says he wants to introduce Liebe to the kingdom so that they see he's a good guy, especially Damnatio. Liebe says he hates his guts


>Reason why this guy was so bored was because he probably had to witness the Lucifero fight over and over again until Asta got it right and won
>The reason he refused to help was so everything could go according to plan
Oh fuck

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Now you will wake up from your dream user, there weren't any spoilers today they were delayed

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Damn you Julius! We trusted you!

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God I love this manga

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Unless I'm reading something wrong this shows Julius clearly isn't (willingly) in on whatever Lucius and Astaroth are doing.


I will miss all these soft and cute Julius fanarts...

I would like to thank Asta's voice actor for filtering me episode 1 with his screaming and made me pick up the manga.
How did you discover and pick up this wonderful manga.

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Julius is really shook here. He realized It too late

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3 Months at LEAST to know what the fuck he meant AAAAAAAAAA
Saw the Bull base vs Gel axlotl page on a OPT and thought I need to read this

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Last page.

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>To think that Damnatio got done by the only one person he trusted and respected.
I don't feel so good.