So, Bardock was a good guy the entire time? I didn't know that

So, Bardock was a good guy the entire time? I didn't know that.

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Did you just assume he was evil because of his race? That's like super racist dude.



>Bardock was a good guy the entire time
Depends? Yeah he's an okay guy but he's still took part in conquering planets for the Saiyan race and later Frieza. He might have a soft moment here and there but overall there's a lot of blood on his hands regardless.

Out of the many retcons Toriyama did, this one was the lamest
Or because of the way he sadistically killed innocents he invaded and then ate them

when are they going to animate the rest of DBS?
Is toei waiting so that they can make the new anime shockingly high quality?

>high quality


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He was just following orders from Frieza, in fact most saiyans are peace-loving noble warriors who only massacre people under duress

Some parts of the Broly movie were super high quality, only some parts though

I hope this is sarcasm
Those guys were evil before frieza, they were evil during frieza's reign and they are pretty much born evil seeing how even goku was evil before he hit his head and did a 180
They literally send babies on other planets because they know they'll eventually just kill everyone even if they aren't even aware they're saiyans or of frieza's existence

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Should I watch dragon ball

Yes, just don't watch any of GT, Super or Heroes.

Yes, but don't watch GT or Heroes, only Super.

Yeah but skip DB cuz it's unfunny, poorly animated trash and skip GT because it's shit
Watch only Z and Super

>So, Bardock was a good guy the entire time? I didn't know that.
He is the same as bejita

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yes, especially GT

DB has better animation than DBZ

The OG dragonball is pretty good but it has a lot of childish moments and filler stuff it could do without. It dragons on a bit.

Skip Z and go straight to Kai. The saiyan saga feels like an OG DB arc. The frieza saga is legendary. The cell arc is ok. The buu saga sucks.

Super is mostly trash besides the beerus vs goku fights and the ToP.

GT is not canon and you don't need to watch it.

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The og manga never showed much of Bardock besides that one singular panel during Frieza's fight

do NOT watch it

the anime is TERRIBLE
the manga is very good though

At this point they're probably waiting for the entire rest of the VA cast to die of age too so they can replace them all at once instead of risking mid season problems.

>Is toei waiting so that they can make the new anime shockingly high quality?
I'm pretty sure if the movie goes over well they'll just switch over to full CG permanently

The worst Dragonball retcon by far and away

Is it really a retcon when barely anything was canonically established about him?

The movie was written before the manga acknowledged it, making it semi-canon and the objectively best version of Bardock

It either is or isn't.

You're technically right. Father of Goku isn't canon and there isn't really a lot to go off of, so I guess it wasn't actually a retcon.

But honestly it's fucked up to scrap all the characterization we had of a popular character of over twenty years. There's really nothing left of the Bardock that became popular and was used as the template for all depictions of the character in all the technically non-canon content involving him.

It's a gray zone where it's hard to tell whether the panel is a "yes, this happened" nod or just a reference that doesn't entail canonicity. It doesn't matter though, the Bardock OVA is infinitely superior.

What's this canon fetish as an excuse for not sucking? The new Bardock is shit, the old one was clearly better and fit more with the themes.

I just said it wasn't a retcon, I never said that made it better than the old version.

like they did with lupin?

GT is peak DB.

far better

>Beerus vs Goku is "good"
lmao what a shit taste

Bahahahahaha oh wait, you're serious?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

it's changing the character, so it is a retcon.

Vegeta character is rediculas for 60 years hes out there killing people and destroying entire planets but then decides to be a family man it's just so stupid. Also in one episode they kill a whole plant yet he gets beat up by a teen goku

Stand aren't really evil they are chaotic neutral they just love to fight and dont like weakling probably for there survival. They shouldn't have had them be evil at the start

Goku isnt really good he just enjoys fighting also he was evil cos of the brain washing he had as a child he lost that when his head got hit on a rock

I think this was a shitty retcon. His original backstory of him being a violent veteran soldier fits Saiyans much better especially under Frieza's rule.

Yes, but only everything pre-2000s.
Watch the Tarble OVA and Super movies when you're feeling nostalgic.

>he doubts the power of Bulma's pussy game

No, he's a motherfucker who spared a woman and her child once in one of his countless genocides because he got kinda soft thanks to his waifu

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Shit, forgot to remove the name. Oh well, time to FLEE. AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE

I don't know if anyone else feels that way but I always thought that saiyans aren't really interested in sex and she it only as a means for reproduction but nothing else.

If you have to just watch the OG DB if you like adventure stuff with some martial arts.
Afterwards it just becomes powerlevel faggotry and screaming homos
I warned you.

Seething 3rd worlders need not reply

Not canon

>when they all have families

What is bullshit is that Goku's life has now always been impacted by this wish, this is the same bullshit as the gomu-gomu fruit in one piece, an unneeded retcon that only dimishes the already shitty work.

>Gohan as a kid
>Vegeta at the beginning and during Namek
Double retard

Whats with DB and all the fillers being cnetered around villains to be repented?

severe ESL

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>Is toei waiting so that they can make the new anime shockingly high quality?
You crack me up, user.

the broly movie and minus imply that bardock was softened due to his wife.
behold what pussy does to a mf

Really it's just people hating that Toriyama didn't just copy and paste Toei Bardock into canon and decided to write him completely different.

The issue isn't that it's different, it's that it's fucking lame. Right now Bardock is just an even lamer Vegeta instead of his own character like he was before. He gets wanked for no reason whatsoever, and he has no business giving any advice to Goku about martial arts or death battles or anything. Goku is 10 times the man Bardock was.


Specifically Super.

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