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slime and honey

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read the guide

I'll mongle your cock

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pushed back to October ;_;

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when was the last time a cosplayer became a figure

Ushijima Iiniku, probably

this should have been a bare leg ver. as an extra fuck you to everyone who bought the original 3 months ago.

looks better with the fishnets, I'll enjoy the extra fuck yous

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Hoes Mad (x24)

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smooth bare legs are better than fishnets

>non bunny B-Styles
please freeing

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Thats nothing new

and no you wont get her

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i own the original and this image just killed my brain

It happens so frequently that they've even moved on to doing figures for pudgy obasans.

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I have the original and i will buy this.
I'm a lost cause consoomer

Why are pits so sexy?

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gravure fat 3DPD is not cosplay


The are cosplaying as attractive women.

Cute embarrassed bear.


I like that one more than haneame

why haven't you kissed your waifu's daki today?

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You're an idiot.

They'll just release bare leg versions of both down the line.

I don't have a waifu, but one of my bitches is on the way

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Because commissioning an artist to make one is too expensive for me right now :(


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Damn i wish i could be a buyfag but was sadly born in canada.
I hope everyone is happy ITT. Looking at the stuff you guys buy makes me a bit envious, but im still glad you get to enjoy spending money on these awesome figures.

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there are plenty of leafs in here

4 months until Comiket!

>when was the last time a cosplayer became a figure
Nonsummerjack was one of the latest ones

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really? i read the wiki and it said being a buyfag and a leaf is pretty dangerous

>one side has the MCs and most importantly Zetsubou Sensei
>other side has best girl Abiru
>don't know which side to display

I'm in despair!!! This society that gives us double sided posters so that we can't display both sides has left me in despair!!
which one should i put up bros...

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get the same poster again

this is the correct answer but it comes as part of his art book
i don't need two whole art books user..

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Sell one copy to a latefag in six months and recoup some of your cost. Profit from their despair.

i'm displaying the top

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Yeah, but anons like to live dangerously.

uh oh bros it doesn't fit.. i think im just gonna cut the side..

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buy another artbook

don't be a faggot and buy a bigger frame

Just get a double sided frame.
>cutting it

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yeah, i just checked and i didn't realize they sold 16x22, i thought it was a random size
fuck me
i'll just buy the bigger frame and return this one then..

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Taiga is up

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I just saw TOM was doing this, had some points I needed to burn anyway, so does anyone know where today's is?

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Just got an email from lilith , Yukikaze was delayed from April to may, could have been worse

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>only 16x22 frames i are significantly more expensive
>have to wait a long ass time to get them
>several reviews saying this specific size is wrong
i don't care anymore i'm just cutting it down to size

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If I had bought the white bunny I'd be regretting that decision super hard right now.

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>not reselling it ever
>can wait weeks to display it or potentially get a fucked up damaged frame that doesn't fit
>or i can just cut off a bit and display this now
fuck u nigga who cares

it'll look like shit because it's lopsided and the art will be cut you shit sucking cock smoker

Honestly between them I'd actually prefer the white bunny.

nah i'll cut it straight
if i fuck it up then i can buy another artbook/poster
what now??

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I love fucking cats

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Calm down, animal abuser.

reading stuff like this makes me double take before buying the Hiro (Akebi chan mangaka) illustration book because God knows what king of green hair loser checks my shipment at the border
and i dont even collect overly lewd sexual shit drawing or figure, its just that Canada is just incompatible with manga culture in general

Dunno if GSC will make all the girls in this line, with the price increase and all that
Still no update for Justice nendo

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service unavailable