Wtf is the timeline for this mess?

wtf is the timeline for this mess?

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In-series? DM, then 10 years later GX, then far faaaaaaaar in the future 5D's and everything else is its own universe.

I thought there were references to DM in Zexal?

I don't remember any but it's probably easter eggs like how the school bully from the original Yugioh is a security guard in 5D's even though hundreds of years have passed.

dm - gx - 5d's - crimson dragon changes history - zexal - arc-v original world - arc-v split - arc-v merge - vrains - sevens - go rush!!
Keep in mind that magic shit is happening in every series so things that should be completely impossible happen anyway.

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You sure hundreds of years might've passed? For all you know it might've been just 40-50 years, Kaiba Corp is still around in 5Ds.

The main antagonists do be using a children's card game to change the fate of the universe

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yeah and no one gets that leo akaba's soul splitting/rejoining research could be passed down.

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Its not because after 5ds, the series does not take place in the same universe, you are just retarded.

After the first three Kaiba discovered the multiverse or something, I dunno.

S0 -> DM -> GX -> 5Ds -> 5Ds ending and BBT movie causes paradox -> ZeXaL completely ignores it -> Arc-V suffers the fallout from the paradox -> Vrains takes place in the far future after Arc-V -> SEVENS completely ignores everything previous similar to ZeXaL -> Go Rush is probably a direct sequel to SEVENS a-la GX

Zexal shows signs of time distortion like atlantis being replaced by another civilization.

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>SEVENS completely ignores everything previous
yggdrago bros...

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There are clear ones.

You won't ask retarded questions like this if you actually watched it

I wonder if Takahashi hates what yugioh has become.
I would if I was him.

Yeah, I bet he hates all those royalty checks.

I'm sure he hates being entitled to 30% of all profits the entire franchise makes regardless of method or market.
And realistically he probably hated what yugioh had become by the time he even got it serialized. He had been trying and changing it for a decade already.

Well, he got to tell the story he wanted at least. He just had to shoehorn Duel Monsters into the second half. He's probably relieved to not have to mess with the card game anymore.

It is confirmed that the character from 5D's is the same trudge from DM.

Anzu should have had a headdress with a cobra on it.

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He wanted it to sell.

That's real life OoPArt lore, retard.

yugioh has always been ridiculous, I feel like the spinoffs do a good job of maintaining the ridiculousness

And it can't be applied in this fictional context because?

Spinoffs moved away from mysticism and ancient civilisations in favour of sci fi advanced tech.

either they're dudes that want to take over the universe or actual cosmic forces

This isn't mystic?

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needs a reboot

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is the newest one good?

So what's the best timeline?
>inb4 nostalgiafags say 1st just because
Personally I loved GX.

why would vrains take place after arc-v when it completely ignores pendulums?

Royalty checks that would have be more if the show wasn't in its current state, retarded fuck

>I'm sure he hates being entitled to 30% of all profits the entire franchise makes regardless of method or market.
If he likes the money so much then shouldn't he mad the franchise is dying so he's getting way less than he used to? Retard

Don't be stupid. Yugioh cards and anime merchandise still sell well. And yes that includes Sevens merchandise. Yugioh likely hits it ceiling for profits and revenue short of shuiesha actually putting a new manga in WSJ or konami being an actual game company again. Things that are largely out of kaz's control.

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I unironically only remember the original and some of GX. Just answer me this bros.

Is Atem still the goat?

You mean which is the best series? I like vrains a lot.

I have fun with it.

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what's the lore behind shark's guitar?

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Atem wouldn't last a day in Master Duel ranked with his current deck.

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It's making more money than ever.

This is 1998-2000s technology btw
Just pretend that Kaibacorp exist push technology a mile ahead of us
and 5ds is recessing due to Zero Reverse incident happened

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Aliens did it.

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Manga Timeline:
Manga --> DSoD

Anime Timeline:
DM --> GX --> 5Ds

Alternate Universes:
Zexal, Arc V, Vrains, Sevens

>Is Atem still the goat?
If he were teleported to the current series he'll eventually adapt and own but if he uses his old deck he'd lose even to the weakest duelist. The meta evolved a lot since his time.

The only one that matters is the first one, and maaaaaybe, if you're still interested GX

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Why is she so perfect bros?

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Busty and red.

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The OG series and GX is only several years apart after that they just seem to just spontaneously jump into the future every iteration

>why would vrains take place after arc-v when it completely ignores pendulums?
Did you not watch the end of arc-v? I wouldn't blame you but it's not for no reason

5Ds is not very long after GX, there are characters from DM and GX in it.

It was a point of contention in arc-v that only a few people had pendulums up until the end of the series. In vrains everyone already has links to start with. Links were likely just pendulums but evolved over time.

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Need more movie for new card promotion with all mc together again

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Post your favourite
>Character moment

>yusaku vs akira
>summoning the three legendary knights

It's usually people using children's card games to warp reality or liter cosmic abominations. No inbetween.

With his currrent deck? Fuck no.