What's with all you self inserting fags hating on NTR?

What's with all you self inserting fags hating on NTR?

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They know they'd never be the bull

very low quality

I self-insert as a girl.

>niche infidelity fetish exists
>most people express disgust and fuck off somewhere else
>"why would the self-inserters do this to me reeeEEEE"
Please tell us more about how you're totally not the cuck here.

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Cheating > NTR. Immorality is hot but watching some loser be pathetic about it is really cringy

I'm indifferent to it, but I'd say you need to be a self-inserter to enjoy it as was intended. Since the whole focus of the fetish is having your girl stolen. And you can't have your girl stolen if there is no girl for at least an avatar of you.
So in reality, self-inserting is necessary for intended reading.

What if I self insert as the cucker? They're doing the fucking so I should self insert as them not the cucked

NTR is trash for rude people.


they get personally hurt and insulted by it
I have no idea how low do you need to go to actually feel any kind of connection to modern shitty anime protagonists

NTR is based!

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I self insert and I love NTR because I self inset as the bull

this. I don't need four panels of the ex boyfriend crying while jerking off to his girlfriend getting fucked.

they are called vanillaKEKS

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Where's the black guy and fat janitor?

This but with more disdain

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/pol/ or Americans.
Probably both.

Dunno it's kinda pathetic to think that people put a lot of work into this shit and others actually jerk off to it. There are worse offenders tho, ugly bastards for example - can't believe someone puts so much energy into wanting a story of an ugly mofo fucking a cute girl... Pathetic and I subconsciously see them as something lower than me

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Because is based sometimes

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I self insert as the bull when he's decent looking and not a mega buff back guy or an ugly bastard
Or when the cuck is extremely pathetic

Doesn't matter tho cause reverse NTR is miles better
Regular NTR is gay now

>ugly guys are actually the good guys
that was weird


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Halo effect always
Pretty boys are complete psychos most of the time. See every serial killer ever
Ugly guys are usually very kind and complete bros.

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Akane was a complete bitch to this guy for no reason
Ntr not even once

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I too read that one mysterious girlfriend x doujin

I have never nor will I ever self insert. Its really funny and confusing seeing people always bitching about NTR in doujins and going on revenge fantasies in regards to a fictional character in a fictional story.

Doesn't the neutrality towards yuri NTR prove that it really is mostly about self-inserting, both for people who love NTR and people who hate NTR? To wit: here you have a genre that most people find difficult to self-insert nto and lo and behold, most people have no strong feelings one way or the other. Even most yurifags don't seem to be for/against it.

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They probably don't see yuri a real sex anyways, also what I like about ntr cheating is seeing the women break down and enjoy the cheating/rape. Couldn't care less about the cuck, he could have not appear for all I care (hell that's why cheating tag is great)

Years of my self-esteem being crushed, self-hatred, mental illness.

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Dumb meme, some serial killers are circumstantially pretty and use it to manipulate their victims, but the vast majority look like subhuman dogshit.

Classic NTR scenario is annoying. It's basically cheating scenario but focused on guilt and cucks/cheaters feelings.
Neither emotionally bullying pathetic men nor women being dishonest does anything for me and it's just annoying interruptions of a scenario full of pathetic assholes. I don't like when hentai i read/watch is interrupted by a pathetic beta talking about his fee-fees and crying/fapping in the corner.

I don't like NTR because I self-insert as the bull but don't care about feelings of cheater or cuck and they take too much space.

>make 100000 simultaneous threads on every anime porn board
>”Golly gee why do people hate us? Rent free amirite troonsisters? #proud groomer”

Your fetish being insufferable was already enough, you didn’t need to go this far.

its like asking why everyone hates HxH fags, although thankfully they seem to be less prominent for the past 3 years, i wonder why

its just a shit fetish
you are there to fap, not to look at some faggot rolling on the ground crying, that he was too beta
also most of the time the scenario is done in a lazy cookie cutter way
there is not actual buildup to the entire NTR thing, it just happens because the author says so and thats completely against the entire point of the genre

It's not even just the anime boards. This is just the weeb specific flavor of BLACKED BBC spam. Shit is a site wide plague.

It's not a nuclear science you know

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I self insert as the woman in NTR.


I like NTR as long as it isn't anti-male and no male gets hurt in it. As in, the male shouldn't give a shit and shouldn't be insulted or the female must be the one being cucked.

NTR is olev

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Too much empathy, i really feel pity if a good boy gets ntr'd, and angry if a nice girl gets ntr'd too

Case in point This is the kind of anti-male trash that I actually hate. Kind of ridiculous how a "gigolo" is the one doing the raping instead of being raped by the females like they usually are so that it gives another male an excuse to be a White Knight and get him killed.

Why is this anti-male? It looks like revenge story where the childhood friend gets dragged into "family business" avanging his lover. Once Mr. Kashii finds him covered in blood of one of the senior alumni and hears his story he will introduce him to his buddy Alejandro and they will go for the recreationary alumni hunting tour.

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>Why is this anti-male?
Do you ever read a story about a prositute ex girlfriend who gangraped her boyfriend with her friends get tortured and cut to pieces by the boyfriend's present wife for "revenge" while leaving the boyfriend alone, especially after the boyfriend repeatedly came and enjoyed it? You never do. Yet the stories about White Knight "revenge" on men for "hurting" miladies are dime a dozen.
Fuck the Japanese simps. Fuck simps in general (probably 90% of males).

Look dude, sex is surprisingly mechanical act and getting somebody to orgasm is just about stimulating them enough. Just because rapist can stimulate victim's genitals enough for orgasm doesn't change the act into consensual sex.

Victims of rape being seen as innocent is as old as the Old Testament, so you can't really claim anything about this stance being new invention.

You didn't answer my question about the gender reversed version of those stories. Such stories don't exist despite females being about 50% of those who rape in real life. The only reason such "revenge" stories against males exist is the pervading anti-male sentiment and misandry of society.

Give me some NTR revenge story Yea Forums.

Frankly, the stories about female revenge don't really focus on rape and I concede that point. Still there are plenty stories where female is willing to commit herself to vengence for lover, it's just that the justification is usually not related to rape. Pic related as the example.

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The only ideal kind of revenge in NTR is the male MC cucking the femoid back by fucking multiple better-looking girls (and maybe guys too), preferably at the same time in front of her, not with garbage like raping her because that would mean he would be validating her, showing how attracted he is to her.

I want either that or the guy ruining the woman's life like forever. Imagine all the people you know and some you don't shit on you because you're a cheater. Imagine seeing that.

how do I write an NTR story that both (male) and (female) would equally enjoy?

>where female is willing to commit herself to vengence for lover
The manga you mentioned still has males as targets.
>female revenge don't really focus on rape and I concede that point
Yes. They would need to do something much more serious to get the same kind of revenge treatment males get for "rape" in those stories.

Write a story where a female cucks a male with another guy and then have the guy cuck her back by fucking multiple better looking females and males right in front of her. This would also involve yaoi, so everyone is satisfied.

Miboujin To Joukyuu Kokumin

Depends how dead you are inside

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Male - have NTR man save the girl from genuinely abusive relationship and gets a girl

Female - have NTR man be knight that saves her from domestic hell of being stuck with abusive looser

As long as you don't think in categories of hentai doujins but romances, the breath of NTR stories changes encapsulating more conventions.

Well, males being targets is still a good point. What is your opinion on girls NTR other girls?

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>I self insert as the bull!
Is there a more pathetic and closeted cope than this? Consider the following:

Bulls have sex. That's the definition of the word.
It is quite literally axiomatic that Chad or alphas or whatever do not masturbate to cuck doujins, they live them, they have sex, as you do not.

QED, if you are reading an NTR doujin or watching some crappy NTR hentai you can only fall within the cuck category.
It is axiomatic, everyone else can see this and see you for what you are, hence the scorn and contempt when you spam your shitty fetish for humiliation gratification or whatever other cuck shit further and further separates you from both Chad and reality.

The only one you are deluding is yourself.

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>What is your opinion on girls NTR other girls?
Based. As I said, I like most doujins with good art in which males don't get hurt and females don't get pedestalized/worshipped/white knighted.

kek looked promising
but a quick look at the panels doesnt imply anything in the descriptions being shown in the doujin
maybe there is something in the dialogue about this backstory, but i cant be bothered to sit through an NTR shlog just to find out

So instead of imagining yourself as a looser you imagine yourself as male slut? Bulls are by definition dregs of society, males whose worth is limited to their cock size and ability to please women.

>mfw cucks are a problem that solves itself, just like trannies

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For me one of the best female NTRs is actually serialised manga, Naraku no Futari, pic related. While dude gets hurt, so do girls.

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I'll never understand NTR, caring about the female's pleasure seems really gay to begin with, but then they always focus on another guy's penis. I guess they are just closeted homos?

Either way yes I am a self insert fag, that's why I can only fap to rape doujins.

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>Either way yes I am a self insert fag, that's why I can only fap to rape doujins.

Male on female rape is the gayest genre. The guy risks his career and life just to get a whiff of her disgusting cunt. How simpy and desperate is that?
Now female on male rape in a world where the penalty for female on male rape is death through cunt mutilation is what is based. I have unfortunately found no such doujin.