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What it’s Jewelry Bonney deal?

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jewelry bonney BECAUSE jewelry bonney >>>>>

her deal is reddit is the other way

Obsessed schizo

She's probably a world noble whose LARPing as a pirate. Like Shanks.


Or like the pirate she is inspired

100% she was originally created to tie into Big Mom, right? But then Oda changed plans after the timeskip?

Shes obviously Luffy's mom.

The Kuma thing pretty sure has been builded since Marineford

Luffy's mommy(sexually)

That's Robin

Robin is for Law


Ask Crimson


kneel to the strongest creature alive

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I bet all my money that we are getting this but with Kaido and the punch next week

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>next week

Yamato: Make the flame clouds! you can do it Momonosuke!
Momo: Your words change nothing! I can't! It's impossible for me!
I just can't!
(Toki: Momonosuke!! Go! Go with Kin'emon and the other vassels to the future 20 years beyond! And there you will revive the Kozuki clan!
Momonosuke: I can't do it!)

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kaido will tank this

oda will avoid having him beaten by a punch

god momonosuke is such a punk ass bitch

>tie into Big Mom
Didn’t Oda say that the Supernovas were only supposed to be one off characters and he only brought them back because they were unexpectedly popular?
Sounds like bullshit though considering the roles they’ve played post timeskip. No way did he plan to not have them stick around.

(Momo: then...Why don't you come with me? Mother and Hiyori, we'll all...
Kin'emon: Lord Momonosuke!! The one suffering the most right now..Is your mother!!
This is the land of Samurais!! Where disgrace is pay for with lives!!
A woman has spoken her determination yet a man remains in doubts!! My Lord that's a shame no less than being humiliated in public!!
Momo: but I'm just a kid!
Kin'emon: Forgive my bluntness, but with Lord Oden's passing, you're no longer a mere child!
To be honest, I would like you to give us a second chance! At this battle!!
Compare to dying in this flames, I would rather perish while wielding swords for my Lord!
Will you honor us!! With a place to die as samurais?!!)

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If Crocodile and Kaido merged into one man, how many times would Luffy job to him?

(Toki: Momonosuke...
Momo: mother... mother!! I... I'll be on my way!)
Momo: mother..I have failed her!
No! Don't get close to the capital! Wait! No!!

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I really hope he doesn't join
we have enough cowards in the crew

Kaido: so you grabbed thunder, what nonsense worororo
Luffy: Gum gum Thunder!!

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Holy based. We're getting our apprentices and you will like it.
Tama = Dive!

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ussop is not a coward

why in the fuck would he join?

ancient kingdom princess

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>assumes I was talking about usopp

Kaido: huff that's good, mess around to your heart's content...huff

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Robin feet.

Bros, why are pirates so fucking based? I enjoy seeing them laugh, be jolly, and have fun.

I'm so tired of samurai's tears

why is Luffy getting hit by everything???

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>"Onigashima will fall in 5 minutes"

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>Gum gum Thunder
boring name

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Kaido: "Ability" isn't what it takes to conquer the world!!
Luffy: Gum gum......booft?!!

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Kaido: Just like how Roger, a non devil fruit user, was able to do great things in the world...
Only Haki!! Exceeds all!!!

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Kaido: Yamantaka* Thunder Bagua!!(大威徳雷鳴八卦)

*The "destroyer/conqueror of death” god in Buddhism. Translated in Japanese as "The one with great power"(大威徳) and also sometimes known as "the one who defeats Enma".

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>Only Haki!! Exceeds all!!!
DF bros...

Luffy himself even said that he's running out of names for his moves. The giant form is just called "Gum Gum Gigant" just Gigant.

So this is what all the fuss is about? Do fags not realize that Luffy is going to prove Kaido wrong?

>Momo that's as bad as public humiliation, you need to rise up to meet your fathers legacy (of public humiliation)
What did Kinemon mean by this?

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>next week
Should we tell him?
Kaido's Awakened form by the way.

Kaido: Let go!! You're just exposing your location!!
Dragon Twister Demolition Breath!!
Is your weakness of being vulnerable to cuts still there?!

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How she escaped? What kind of relationship did Bonney and Akainu have?


>The prophecy doesn't make Luffy the strongest ever

>A woman has spoken her determination yet a man remains in doubts!! My Lord that's a shame no less than being humiliated in public!!
I'm starting to get why Usopp hates this culture

Citizens: let us set sail!! Towards the ones that have passed!!
Release the sky ships!
Steady course!!
So the festival has reached its end stage... Tomorrow... We'll be back to working as slaves...
Steady course!
Steady course!
I want to live...For another year...

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How? Luffy is using a shitload of haki as well

Toko: ahahaha!!
Steady course!!
reach my daddy!!

Kaido: let go of me! Get down here already Strawhat!!

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But he's using his devil fruit powers. Hell, if it weren't for his DF, he would have already lost this fight

That giant fist at the end of the chapter wouldn't be possible without his DF

>reach my daddy

【Inside the Skull Dome】
Samurais: Boss Hyogoro are you alright?! It seems that Onigashima is going to fall!!
Hyogoro: Hahaha, looks like we have Kaido at a corner then
You guys!! Which one do you prefer?
The Strawhat person successfully defeating Kaido will result in us falling to death!! But if we live! It also means that victory is Kaido's!!
Samurais: I thought you'll have something more challenging to propose!
My kid is in Hakumai
I have a wife waiting in Ringo!
If we win they'll have a happy life ahead of them!! I'm grateful! For the great nation this land will become!

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doesn’t blackbeard’s yami yami df negate gear 5?

Cartoony birds... Strong...

based honorable samurai

Samurais: Mr.Strawhat! Give Kaido all you have!!
Beasts pirates member: Have you samurais gone mad?! You know all of us here will die right?!
Hyogoro: Oh that isn't so bad

Usopp: I don't want to die I don't want to die!!
Damn it all I'll live no matter what! Woah water?!

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Kaido is also using his devil fruit. Still cant see how Luffy would prove him wrong and why Oda would do that, when willpower is a big deal in the series

Toko is the cutest

Unless the sun god Nika negates his negation

Yes, but Blackbeard fights like a faggot. A coward who relies on hax. Luffy would mog him in base form.

This is Luffy final attack.
The town is going to see Luffy giant punch going all the way down with Kaido under it while they lamps bright in the sky

Its going to be as kino as crocodile/doffy defeat

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Orochi: it came off! The sea stone nail falls off from some weird rumbling..!!
You bastard!! I'll definitely bring you down with me!
I hope you're watching Oden!! I'll be...Taking your daughter with me!!

Luffy: Hey! Momo!
Momo: Luffy...Huh?!!

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So Luffy will win in the next few chapters.

Except Kaido will get back up with his awakening

Not before Orochi finally goes down.

Luffy: I'm going to end it all!!
And Onigashima needs to get out of the way!!
Yamato: he's going to punch through Onigashima!!
Momo: Stop it Luffy!!
Luffy: Momo! I trust you!
Momo: what?!!

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>The sea stone nail falls off
Did this dumb fucking cunt not stab him deep? WHY?!?!?


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>Stand around dying while pirates do all the work
>This is a victory for them
At least they tried

She fired it from her shamisen

>This is Luffy final attack.

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I want to raise Toko as my own...

>Orochi: it came off! The sea stone nail falls off from some weird rumbling..!!
did HACKDA really?????????????

Hiyori is literally the worst

This would be kino but not possible because everyone its inside

>Momo/Yamato: Luffy, no!

the madlad

Why does Oda go out of his way to make Usopp look so pathetic compared to everyone else?

Luffy is going to defeat Kaidou and Orochi in one punch here. Then Momo will save the island by stopping it from falling.

Hiyori is literally the best

Don't worry bro see Usopp is on the way with the BBC. He'll obliterate Orochi once and for all while Luffy finished off Kaido.

literally what reason would he have to trust him at this point


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remember when luffy said he’d end it with snakeman?


>Luffy: Momo! I trust you!

Luffy's punch is going to defeat Orochi too obviously. It is why Orochi transforming is cut in-between Luffy's final attack on Kaidou.


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Shut up, samurai are cool

This is just a set up to make hiyori get saved again

Remember when Luffy said he'll handle it after getting advanced CoC?

What if Luffy went BOUNDMAN while in GEAR 5 NIKA MODE

Yeah but Oda had other fights to get through. Here all the fights are finished so now Luffy can defeat Kaidou.

I hope they die honorably.


Samurai are weebshit. Pirates and cartoons are better.

So we are not getting a Kaido flashback until he is on the floor defeated???

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Yeah this is going to be the final pucnh

>Kaidou spends all chapter insulting Luffy for having weaker haki than Roger
>Luffy decides to make a big ass haki coated fist

Nice climax you've got there
Shame if Orochi returned yet again to steal attention from the main characters

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yeah i’m thinking this won’t have any affect on kaido

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Seems that way.

So why is luffy using black hardened haki again? I thought gear 5 was coating in CoCk haki so there was no need for black armanent? I thought we were finally getting clean KINO fights again but it sees that oda is backpaddling because of the backlash he got from sovl TOON piece. How unfortunate.

Nothing happens the chapter

He's already used an inflated form similar to Boundman while in Gear 5. He can even do a full body Gear 3. Gear 5 can use every ability as Luffy can fight without any restraint.

Oda's definitely setting up Usopp for Elbaf.

He doesnt need boundman, gear 5 can do everything other gears can do but better and more.

So Luffy wasn't using CoA coating on his Gear 5 attacks before this?

goda providing the feats for fightchads

What makes you say that?

Denjiro coming in 3...2...1...

Was this the first time Roger was confirmed to have no DF?

>Luffy fights Kaido 5 times
>On the 5th time, he uses Gear 5

So the fight is going to finally end after Golden Week?

>Luffy mostly interacts with Momo
Does he even acknowledge Yamato with Momo? I don't think he said a word to her as of these last few chapters unless I'm a speedreader.

Is Luffy really bad at using his new powers or why is Kaido dodging everything??? Luffy smees to be way slower than him now too

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jesus christ kinemon!

what an asshole! Forcing other people in his suicide mission! Also letting Toki die just because his dogshit values!

>What did Kinemon mean by this?
read slower user, ODEN is the worst example for this.

He was too pridefull to ask
>Roger Remnants
>WB pirates
>The daimyos
>strong wano ronins
for help cause it was beneath him. Oden looks down on everyone else

Remember, next week there is no chapter but we will still get the spoilers since it's Golden Week

Yeah. Although I weirdly remember some kind of context where he was swimming. It might have been in a movie flashback or something.

But this was the first actual time he was confirmed for not having one.

By this display of Usopp.

*inhales* …

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I think next chapter will end with luffy landing the punch, then the chapter after that kaido will still get back up almost defeated, luffy will lose gear 5, and they'll both fight it out barehanded just to extend the fight a bit more

Nope. Oda's being consistent after all. They have no bond like Luffy does with the other princesses.