Would you get close to your siblings in isekai?

Would you get close to your siblings in isekai?.

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I fuck my IRL imouto regularly so yes

wtf user

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>that use of screentone in the bottom panel
Why intentionally make your drawing look blurry?

>childhood fiend stealing you from your sister
Oh no.

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He L2 parry the kabedon, it's just some special effect.

Same, but cousin.

Mood. Blur could indicate suddenness/confusion, or amorousness/softness. Are there brocon otome like there are siscon LN/VNs?

Sister-fuckers are the only normalfags I will accept on Yea Forums.

Eh, cousin is legal or grey area in most of the world.

My sister walked around the house butt naked in middle to highschool a few times, I felt nothing but embarrassment. I imagine these mangas are written by one child kids.

She is my half-sister, half-cousin. But officially she is just my cousin.

Have you considered the problem is that you're an anglo?

It's not sex if it's with your sister.

I'm korean

Even worse. You're probably even more oversocialized than the average anglo.

you've been isekai'd please choose your new mommy

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Funny, how I know a korean woman, who is both a vtuber, and also fucks her younger brother.

what does that have to do with anything? I have no friends and I've been a neet for nearly a decade before.

Imagine choosing anything other than the elf.

Fatima because is my real mom's name

>Crack answer
Yes I would get close to her womb.
>Honest answer
I'm a closed of person IRL, I don't think I could get bond easily with a new family and sadly create a distance. Although I'd have some sympathy for younger siblings and try to leave a good impression on them:
>Reincarnate as a baby
Keep up appearance as a quite kid. I'd get annoyed that my parents would treat me as a kid and we'd get in conflicts from refusing authority. Although I'd try to play the part of awesome older brother for my younger siblings. They don't deserve an asshole for an older brother.
For my adult life I'd move out though and try to keep as
>Reincarnate as established character (teenager~adult)
Keep distance as far away as possible through jobs. I'm assuming that my family isn't stupid and would believe that I body snatched their son through magical means.
Depending on the character of the isekai family I might have to run away otherwise they would try killing me in revenge for body snatching their son.
>Obligatory noble reincarnation
See how corrupt my new family are. If they're extremely dangerous then they need to be assassinated as they would put my life at risk through their schemes either by killing me to steal inheritance or forcing me to marry someone I don't love. If they're a kind family then I'd try to start my own private company.

What happened with that isekai manga where the brother is killed by his Yandere sister, and she's his maid in the new life? That manga where she sucks his coock when he's a baby

Being indifferent to your sister's nudity is one thing, being embarrassed by it is an overcorrection. You're overcorrecting for a reason, the most common types of reasons would be
>you are oversocialized and ashamed of socially inappropriate conduct even in a non-social context
>your family is oversocialized and so your sister is a genuinely unpleasant person regardless of being your sister
>you are actually subconsciously attracted to your sister but overcorrect into embarassment or guilt, also most likely due to oversocialization
Hence why I immediately gained the impression that you are angloid, or of anglo-influenced culture, from your post.

I wouldn't say I was embarrassed, but why wouldn't you look away as quick as possible when you see a sibling walking around nude? Would you give your mom a fucking staredown if she was walking around with her tits out?

>That manga where she sucks his coock when he's a baby
kek i knew exactly the one you were talking about when you said that, really came out of nowhere

Why ever avert eyes from family at home? If they're comfortable enough to walk around you nude then being uncomfortable enough to avert your eyes, even though you're not even the one in a theoretically-compromising situation, would be strange and petty in comparison.

source? nothing shows up on saucenao

>not immediately recognizing the characters

Nice lie.
Or are you stupid enough to only search thumbnails?

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They could never replace my real family, no matter how thick our "blood". It would greatly upset me if they called me "brother", and spoke in familiar terms to me, pretending like we're anything than conveniently situated strangers. What a farce. The thought of it makes me feel sick to my stomach, I wouldn't bear it.

The females I would sell to the whorehouse, break them in myself perhaps, and rid them of anything unnecessary, like their lying whorish tongues, that refer to me in terms only my real sisters are allowed to call me, in dulcet tones the little nymphs have no need for.

The males I would kill, or cripple and sell into slavery. I'd break their bones with wild abandon, until the kindness and the pity leaves their eyes, and is replaced by hatred. Like the unadulterated hatred I feel for them, and then they would understand, and I would revel in their howls of agony, and not stop until they broke or stopped moving.

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It got a tl beyond chapter 1? what was the name again?

No, I searched it with iqdb and then clicked the link they have to saucenao because that's how 4chanX is setup.

Fix your setup.

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there was that one manga with Hero trying to find girls after his party defeated the demon lord while hiding his identity
goes on dates but girls mostly hate him (he dresses weird and has no social skills) until they find out he is the Hero then regret it
ends up with Sister not related by blood
enjoyed it but seems people hated the ending
>harem makes it so the sister is a part of them in the long run
they are all great but feel MC made the right choice please tell me they all want to become his mom later

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For some reason there is super little time leap stuff on Nocturne. I don't get it, it's a great excuse for lolishota, /ss/ and incest.

>time leap
>a great excuse for lolishota, /ss/ and incest
I'm not sure I follow.

My guess is that all but the one he chooses will be made into mothers by him. No real hints but that's what I figure will happen. He's met 2 of them and the 3 has been shown.

Time leap in the Steins;Gate sense, mentally only.

>They could never replace my real family
I completely agree with this.
>The females I would sell to the whorehouse
>The males I would kill, or cripple and sell them into slavery
There's the Yea Forums I know

Isn't that usually called regression?

Dunno, I mainly searched for タイムリープ and it gave some results I wanted.

I stopped reading this manga a long time ago because I couldn't stand the dense harem protagonist self pity. Does it get any better?

I remember that hero manga but the translation stopped a long time ago and when i checked the raw, only got like 2x chapters out. How did it end? I only remember the mage is wet af for him but he never notices

Based 3/4-sister-fucker

No, it's a sadboy through and through.

guessing no WN to mtl

>It got a tl beyond chapter 1?
yes, name is "Did You Think You Could Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?"

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i havent been able to find any

Densetsu no Yuusha no Konkatsu
Hero ends up dating his sister at the end shes the mage of the party

>sister uses illusion magic to trick and marry her onii-chan
I like this.

>Are there brocon otome like there are siscon LN/VNs
I'm finding articles from wimpy westerners complaining about them so they must be fairly common.

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On the contrary, knowing the western ironic weeb fanbase it's probably all from a single example that triggered a lot of people into thinking it's common.

Sweet home Alabama

kek youtube.com/watch?v=BxAz36rTOsc

when a two human sibblings fuck its called a crime. but when you make live stock or plants do it its called modern aggriculture.

bog trash shoujo do that shit all the time

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>dropping that bomb and not sharing details with the class
Did you brush her teeth for her, user?