Daily Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro chapter

Chapter 73

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Done. Poor Hifumi's falling apart at the seams. God, dailies about motherhood can be so depressing.
Who manipulates you?
See you tomorrow!

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So this finally confirms it I guess. The chapter about the people within Hifumi, which showed Kuro and her mother. It's subtle enough to connect the dots and not too much on the nose for a reveal

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Fuck Hifumi.
Fuck the plague.
Kuro never agreed to any trade or shit like that.
She doesn't deserve to suffer like this.

Professor what the fuck did you do to Kuro's mom? You piece of shit.

FUCK the professor
ALL my homies HATE the professor

Yeah, I can see why Sen fell in love with her.

Sure he has a god complex but it’s not like he had sinister thoughts in mind. Did he kill her ( while experimenting on her ) or was she already dead when he got her? Or was her new job to literally become a test subject for the professor/Hifumi? To me it looks like she became terminal ill first somewhere else and only then did she go to the professor as a last-ditch effort and he tried everything he could to resurrect her.

>Who manipulates you?
Me, and I fall for it every time.
Also lots of marketing and advertisements, probably

Thanks as always, OP.

Considering we're on the final (main) volume, I figured it was time to post the second version of the chart.
This will probably be the final version. I might make some tweaks based on any feedback from re-readers.

Once again for first timers, avoid like the plague. There's still a few important spoilers hiding within.


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It's plague that did that, Professor was studying people that caught the disease to try saving his love

Quirky taste you've got there Sensei


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>Does it hurt because I took your hand
Someone get Sanju in here

Thanks Op

Probably the job market

Technically she did when she asked for the power to help her mom. Plauge just threw in extra dye in retaliation for making her mom memember, or maybe so it would make it hareer for Kuro's mom to recognise her.

That was Plauge, Professor just put them in tubes.

It's confirmed a while back that she was already dead before she got to the Professor.

none of this is queen hifumis fault

So the curse did give her pointy ears.

Again with the cool patchwork paneling.

Thanks OP. Just the people in the walls.

Oh nice, those are some interesting additions. Looking good.

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Nice. I like the moons. Can't thi k of anything I'd change.

To be fair, I think it's more like Siren magic where the Red Rose part of Hifumi enchants men into falling under her spell.

I want to get off satoko's wild ride

Cho and Kuro know each other from relatively early on.

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Praising her here won't make her sit on your face.

come back with a better pick-up line

>So the curse did give her pointy ears.
One of the good things Hifumi did.

We're too close to the edge down by a river now. It's dangerous to get off.

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The only thing that stands out to me is the line between Professor and Hifumi. I wouldn't say he really created her, since that was Plague's doing. I'm not sure what else would be appropriate to put there though. Maybe a line going the other way saying "escaped from laboratory" or something.

That does look better.


Poor Kuro.

Yeah I think you're right. The professor simply kept the "dead" body of "1" around, who was in a twilight zone between life and death thanks to the Plague. And kept "2" and "3" separately, who where stated to be "half death".
Later on Plague did the initiative and combined them into Hifumi and escaped.

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thanks, OP. i'm manipulated into watching shows based on the amount of reaction crops i see Yea Forums posters use

first time reader: my theory is that the kots will take 'Plague' into themselves, but they'll retain their sense of self and just spit it out, leaving it to die, due to the flashback with the professor saying they'd reject anything they dont like
i'm also scared of kuro discovering her mother is inside of hifumi

Bought the three women together?

Kept their bodies around?


>kuro discovering her mother is inside of hifumi

This is the Kuro Suffering Express, you know it's gonna happen.

Thanks for the dump like always OP.

Kuro mentioned how Hifumi killed many men she encountered, except Sen, because he got an instant boner from her. So she could take his heart in exchange for the curse. Unless Hifumi used her Siren Magic once, specifically on Sen, which I doubt.

Maybe Sen was one of the first she spared.

Thanks OP

They wish it had been that.

Just imagine how black she'll get.

Fucking professor apologists. Kuro's mom was not sick before she started working for him. It's his fault she is dead.

>What do you wish for? Magic?

No, I want...I want J!

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Nah, you can't pin everything on the plague, Hifumi you bitch. The plague has literally nothing to gain from you turning random people into bats.

whew had to catch up with a few dumps. Lot to read at once.
have bump