Weekly Shonen Jump

Now that Akane and Earthchild are the leading new series, what does this mean for everyone's favourite manga weekly?

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Taken from last time
1 ・ Jujutsu Kaisen ・ CHAPTER 177: SENDAI COLONY, PART 4
2 ・ My Hero Academia ・ NO. 346 - SUPER HYPER UNFAIR BROKEN STAGE
3 ・ Akane-banashi ・ STORY 4: WHO IS THAT?
5 ・ Black Clover ・ Page 325: Dark, Starry Night
6 ・ Me & Roboco ・ Chapter 79: Tally & Meico
7 ・ The Elusive Samurai ・ CHAPTER 53: WICKED 1335
8 ・ Earthchild ・ Chapter 3 We Shall Meet at the Lagrange Point
9 ・ Mission: Yozakura Family ・ MISSION 120: REFUSAL
11 ・ WITCH WATCH ・ 52 Her Familiars
12 ・ Blue Box ・ #43 What's the Connection?
13 ・ Mashle: Magic and Muscles ・ CHAPTER 99: MASH BURNEDEAD AND THE POWERFUL DUO
14 ・ High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ・ Chapter 76: Flame in the Hallway
15 ・ Doron Dororon ・ CHAPTER 13: TOUMA TODA
16 ・ Ayashimon ・ Chapter 14: What About You
17 ・ Protect Me, Shugomaru! ・ Chapter 14: Fight Your Big Brother, Shugomaru!

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According to redon on mh, the new manga is called Awesome Smartphone (すごいスマホ). The mangaka's name is unknown, and apparently, the art style looks similar to that of Shokugeki no Souma, but it's not from Shun Saeki.


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You could axe the entire back row and lose nothing.

>but muh Peepeepee

mangahelperniggers go back

Sounds like shit. But it is probably some ecchi to replace AT, so probably all that matters for its survival is the girls.

What is Akane holding?

This magazine is seriously lacking artists with distinctive style

>Awesome Smartphone

c r i n g e

You could axe everything except Sakamoto, Akane and P6, and the world would be a better place.

I actually thought about Cross Account based on the name.

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based Furusu enjoyer

I wonder why Mashle is on the same row as UU and Yozakura, even though it performs better in sales than ES and Sakamoto at the moment (not sure about BB).

At least they have Hori. Dude mogs everyone so hard it’s not even cool

has this retard hori drawn deku as a rugby player but he's holding a football? why is he so low IQ

Mashle's sales and ranks have been dropping for ages.

Jump is seething that the author wants to end it already.

Like an actual new series coming up or is that this weeks one shot?

You can play football dressed in a uniform like that

Doron Chads we continue to live
But seriously Jump is fucking trash

100% sounds like another gag manga

New series coming up

>no Ayatri
Based Bono's Mom bros.

The anime tho…

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Her breasts look scrumptious here.

>Andy is not smirking
This a rare sight indeed.

EarthChild is the best gag manga, we don't need any other gag titles if we have EC.

Fuuko and Andy having hot and steamy yudo sex while Sakamoto is filming everything and Lucky plays "I have no bitches yet" with his trumpet.

Personally hate the way how he draws the faces and hands

The only reason Roboco won't try to kill other Gag Manga and remove the competition is because she thinks she's a romcom heroine... oh my god Blue Box look out!

>no AyaTri
Now I'm free of wsj-toc/wsj-spoilers threads...

Will you come to Sunday? We're getting back our Ass N Titties mangaka next week.

Should have made fuuko a ghost in this cover

Good, we didn't want your kind here anyways

Hori’s hands are top tier. I understand the complaint about the nose but hands are literally his fetish

Decuck pushed to 3rd place. The psyop to sell manga to USA failed.

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Of course I'll come but not in these disgusting wsj threads.

wow, gege finally managed to draw a halfway decent looking Yuji for a Jump cover.

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Wow, Sheep really just won't put Mutsumi on the cover



FURUSU is fucking scary. Like a monster from The Ring movie but with a pigtails.

Is it me, or does Mash look weird here? Looks like his head was copypasted onto someone else's.

No, he's fine

Who the fuck is the black haired hair

Someone update this

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>First row: Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, My Hero Academia
>Second row: Blue Box, The Elusive Samurai, Black Clover, SAKAMOTO DAYS
>Third row: Witch Watch, Me & Roboco, Undead Unluck, Mashle, Mission: Yozakura Family
>Fourth row: Doron Dororon, Highschool Family, Earthchild, Akane-banashi, Protect Me, Shugomaru, Ayashimon, PPPPPP
What did they mean by this?

Hojo Tokimune
and Tsumugi

Yeah I could see a lot of the food chapters getting skipped
Curious if they would keep those few ecchi chapters from early on, it doesn't really represent the actual manga since the aspect got completely dropped later

Top right? The mc of Candy Flurry.

See why couldn't the actual manga have had stuff like this

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I mean to say black haired girl, I'm retarded.

Didn't know the Candy Flurry MC was THAT stacked

The banana that could have saved Red Hood

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If someone has to make the spread right now, who would it be?

user, the jump artists dont draw on one big sheet of paper