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Great, our resident Gary/Marty Stu is back in the picture

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Oh that's Tokita Ohma okay I forgot what his name was for a second.

Has a knife user ever won a fight? I can only think of when Ohma was a kid but he was against no name thugs.

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And when he switched to a knife.

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I hope Ji beats Ohma to a pulp nezt week

knife, blonde and thick, purgatory, worm, proximity to ohma, it's all grounds for an instant loss
I'm just hoping that xia ji lives

>Ohma is a Mary Sue because.... well he just is okay!

Literally no personality


Ohma is literally saying he's not the one who is gonna fight him. How do you speedreed a fucking thread OP.

Niko style (literally the most OP technique in the series)
Kure bullshit
MC + sandro's little writer's pet

You can't even imagine how much I hate Ohma.

The greatest martial prodigy

Sandro speedreads what he writes, this is 100% can happen

So, Ohma says he's not gonna do anything, which leads me toassume that Raian is the one who's stepping up. God, I hate them both so much. I can already tell Sandro is hyping Xia up for the sole purpose of being yet another hype tool for his fucking princess. How Sandro doesn't realise that these two are by far the most lame and boring parts of the whole story at this point is beyond me.

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I wonder what his nickname is

So if Ji is basically a cowardly version of Yan and he perceived Shen as beyond comprehension, does that make Shen the strongest we know?

Shen probably is the strongest we know, but do we know that Ji has the same level of talent as Yan? The anger between them implied Ji had more potential.

>The guy who's gotten fucked like a cheap prostitute fifty times before was actually really strong the whole time he just hadn't gone insane enough to unleash his full power or something
Ok sandwich.

Maybe sandro will subvert us and it'll be an actual decent character. This is my dying cope

I assumed they were in the same ballpark outside of behavior because they're twins.

all hype points in the direction of Shen being the strongest guy in the verse, but who the fuck knows

I legitimately cannot tell if Xia is going to be able to make a break or whether Raian is going to come and beat him to a pulp.

If they were the same because they were twins then that implies their behaviour should be the same too.

>shen is the strongest
Will he make a return?

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Even if you speedread through Yan's completely opposite personality, this shit isn't true even in real life.

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He'll hold Shen off with Joji while their students escape. Koga will seek vengeance.

Ohma will schedule a WORM TOURNAMENT

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Gilberto WILL appear after Raian beats Xia Ji's ass and help the rat dragon escape the 'gans

I know their behaviour is different, that's why I brought it up.
It's very true in real life by the way (even when raised by separate families).

Yeah because based Raian will

Guys it’s gonna be Koga who will finish him.
Isint that what you wanted?

Take me back, bros.

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No, it isn't. Unless you think real life is fucking Harry Potter where those ginger twins acted identical.

>Xia and Yen must have the same behaviour because they're twins and twins are never known to have different behaviours


Hi, Sandro.

No, I think real life is described by twin experiments that show this exact thing happening.

Does it bother anyone else that Shen named bugs & daffy after nearby housing projects like how Tokita Ohma was named after parts of the mega ghetto, the inside?

I want to pamper Xia and shower him with hugs and headpats and homecooked meals and tell him that he's a good martial ratist

Link to chapter bros

Twins can share similar traits while still having different overall behaviours.

Did we have a dump thread earlier? Anyone got Imgur link?

Such as?

>Xia showing his hidden talent
>"huh alright let's see how that go-"
>Ohma (and probably Raian as well) is on the scene

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He's the best martial ratist, the apex of squeaks

Then why must their talent be the same?

Minnesota Twin Studies.

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>Then why must their talent be the same?
Because their physical traits are the same.

Since when was talent a physical trait?

Oh, you guys like Xia Ji huh? Would be a shame if he were to suddenly die a horrific shameful death after being hyped up so much...

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yes, he seems to be the strongest character shown so far

>Since when was talent a physical trait
Because their potential is inherently tied to their physical capability.

My wife Xia Ji kills only in self defense, and only when running away isn't an option. What a gentle soul, I'm glad I chose her to be the mother of my children

Talent in martial arts has nothing to do with physical capability, did you miss the part where they said superman syndrome was just the icing on the cake and that his real strength was his talent?

You had your chance now let other kids deal with Xia

the only way i'd ever consider this series not uber shit again at this point is if xia or one of the schizo squad members kills raian