Dragon Ball Super

>Pan will save JOBhan
>Goku and Bejita won't beat the main villain
>Gohan will get a new form
>Jiren is canceled
>Broly jobs again
There I saved you 12 bucks.

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P, B and M.
Nothing else matters.

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Pan? I want to eat.

Bread tastes pretty good.

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Based and cute thread.

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Just take over the thread instead of being a sperg about it.

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>NewBITCHES throwing a fit...
Can't be me.

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>moeshit for pedophiles
New thread. NOW.

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This thread is fine.

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>that anatomy
Toyofags love to talk about how each page of the SHITnga is carefully reviewed by Toriyama before publishing, but he sure doesn't seem to be doing anything.

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Toriyama is working on the MOEvie, He stopped working on the manga when Moro ended.

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This is to edgy for Dragon Ball standards. And Dragon Ball DOES HAVE it's dark moments.

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>to edgy

Those pages are core Dragon Ball

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You're a brown spic.
You're a brown, brown spic.
And you love to suck dick.
Because you're a fucking spic.

Bejita doing something

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That's it.

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Make this into an instant loss 2koma

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>Gohan taking 0 damage from those punches

I don't know what that is.

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The ones that DECIMATED the saiyan race.
The ones that strike fear into the hearts of many that oppose them.
The cold-blooded killers that can wipe out planets with a single blast.
The ones whose transformations send chills down their enemies spines.
The conquerors of planets.
The enslavers of lower races.
The ABSOLUTE titans of the galaxy.
The BANE of space monkeys, slug people, retarded pink demons, weakling humans and JOBdroids.

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What was Bejita doing under the ice?

He was... chilling, god, I'm WITTY.

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look it up.

>look it up
I'll pass since you write like one of those people from /*/.

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>Its called dragon ball because goku himself is the product of a wish
>goku was the real dragon balls this whole time
>goku had a great dad
Its over for bejita he METAPHYSICALLY can never be as BLESSED

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>Full-power Roshi barely taller than Krillin, and shorter than Bejita

Oh I bet.

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Truckbro was one of our better gimmick posters.

I fucking HATE browns.

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Why does Toyo love to reuse the same poses?

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We had a good run, Bejitabros.

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Who wins?

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>replying to posts that don't exist

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Why do you have to eat tacos for every meal?

Why are you here, BITCHSTINK?

Imagine rimming Pan's massive ass.
You'd be there all day.

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That depends. How big are Pan’s breasts compared to Bra’s?

See? Fucking brown piece of SHIT.

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>Mexican food out of nowhere
Chapter 83 ANNIHILATED you.

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Does Goku's plot armor carry to Pan?
That's all you got?

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Be quiet, browno clowno.

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>when he sees a pedo

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Why would Bojack be smiling at a pedo?


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He is one.

>pedo rat thread
Wow you tourist rats have fallen low.

He's smiling because he's going to enjoy killing it.

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>still hasn’t answered my question

It's crazy how characters like Bejita are millions of times stronger now then they were here, but the power ups feel so much less impactful

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Shitren lost.

>spamming and flooding
M and B.

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Luring "it" into a false sense of security, while devising a suitable method of death in his mind.

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Gotta wait until next month to hope it isn't another filler chapter.

>still hasn't stopped being brown

He smiled at Zangya (a pedo) right before he killed her; scaring her into realizing how bad she messed up. Bojack saved Gohan, his own enemy, from a lifetime of sexual trauma.

What if the real plot twist is that Bardock isn't Goku's real father?

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>solos all of Super.

I laready nutted to every Pan lewd in existence, I need new material...

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>that deer

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The real twist is raditz is vegetas brother, peep the hairline. King vegeta FUCKED gine

I fucking hate Goku so much. He's a manlet jobber and I can't fucking stand how he wins every fight against Bejita.

>parroting ToeiCHADS

Brownren lost.

I fucking hate Bejita so much. He's a manlet jobber and I can't fucking stand how he wins every fight against Goku.

Why wasn’t he in the Tournament of Power?

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Well, I guess the Cerelian Dragon... Has a sense of humor?

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>people ACTUALLY using this pedoSHIT thread
Tardkurats have RUINED these halls.

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He would’ve one shotted Jiren since he’s an adult.

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