Jujutsu Kaisen

This tranny-fucking gambling addict is about to beat some hot twink Gaijin ass, and basically you're fucking stupid.

What's his technique? Is he a little BITCH for leading right with a Domain Expansion?

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Is it a Casino themed domain?

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It's discord themed, he's a serial groomer. Every second inside pumps his victims full of estrogen and shrinks their dick.

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>Gambling theme
Wouldn't it be fucking hilarious if he dies in his first fight because he got dealt a bad hand?

>wouldn't it be funny-
T-takaba-san, please...

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>mangaka will become a cute girl with a dick
Sasuga gege

why is he using his domaing expansion against a literal nobody?

Come on, it's Gege's self insert. He won't be jobbing too horribly.

enter BOOBgumi

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haha wouldn't it be funny if she stored my penis in her shadow haha?

>Genderbends character
>Make her tits gigantic
Just give her a modest one.

I miss Nobara

Hope she's getting raped by curses in the afterlife.

What do you anons want the name of Gojo's unsealment chapter to be?

Personally - Premature death part 4

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Logically this means Hakari is a nobody too. A jobber doing his job

Megumi would realistically probably be a sticc if genderbent. Or perhaps a tall woman with a big ass.


kill yourself getonigger

"Reunion" simply because you can make it mean so many ways. Though imagine if he never gets unsealed haha...

Tentbara-sister, are you okay? I haven't seen you shitting up the last few threads.

How does hakari hold himself back when he sees megumi?

Is kirara his one and only

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tentbaranigger was never the same after rape correction

>shamelessly talks about wanting to hookup with women infront of Kirara and literal strangers
Yeah, he definitely fucks hoes on the side.

Kirara is probably yandere, it’s a bad idea.

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kill yourself

kill yourself getofaggot

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Enter, TENTbara.
I’m in literally every thread? I don’t know how you’ve missed me.

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exit idontrememberwhatIwasgoingtowriteBARA

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Whilst curses and cursed techniques are largely limited to Japan, with some rare cases outside of it.

What is the likelihood that they would've been spread by Japan in territories it conquered during its imperial era. It's probably too touchy a topic for Gege but cursed based warfare does seem fascinating. Imagine a 2nd sino Japanese warfare with former cursed spirit manipulation users

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Aw, you two.

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I would say leading with domain expansion fits his all-or-nothing character.

Glad to see that the file names are back.

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Can't believe we went from Todo to Hakari, this nigga is lame as shit

I thought the only reason Japan had a monopoly was because of Tengen's barrier.

Todo is like a Buddhist monk in his pure spirit and zealousness whereas Hakari is just a gambling degenrate. I think they make for a fun contrast

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Well yeah, in Hindsight that has me thinking. Would the barrier have taken on different shapes depending on Japan's situation. Would it have included Korea when they have held it? So on and so forth

Gege really needs to do more history chapters

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Would Todo accept Hakari's preferences? Would he respect Kirara's pronouns?

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>hold money on the cover
>will end up dying against CASHimo (or Kashimo)
Gege's name autism strikes again.

Todo would be respectful, he said liking men or women didn’t matter to him, he only wants to know if people like big asses or not.

Which JJK character would be the most likely to use Yea Forums and why? Hard mode: you can’t say Mahito or Naoya.


>I like a trans woman with a big dick

Everyone has a domain these days.

Makes nanami look kind of lame for not being able to do it

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all old cast members look lame as fuck when every single rando has a domain

>I like men
>"No problem brudda"
>... With Hank hill asses

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Junpei, you can't convince me otherwise. Maybe mechamaru too.

To be fair, Kenjaku fucked with the power balance so even your random lawyer could pop an OP DE.


I can understand Nanami not having a DE. He's left jujutsu for a while so he did spend time perfecting his technique. He was still really strong without one he just needed a Domain counter technique.

Junpei for being a gorehound.
Mechamaru for being essentially a NEET.
Geto for baiting people in /x/ for their curses and other places seething about humans.
Todo for following Takada


He would've loved Naoya, he was after those Toji tits from day 1.

>There's this guy I've been thinking about Todo
>"Go on"
>and he has these huge fucking tiddies

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>Juzo Kumiya

PR-chan here, I’m still struggling to make Hakari’s tech souns cool in translation...
坐殺博徒 ~ "Zasatsu Bakuto"
坐殺 together seems to refer to when you have a regular (work)schedule and you finally take a break but during that break you get sick/die. Like you finally sat down to relax but that’s when you die.

Easy, Mai. A toxic repressed lesbian, who’s toxic BECAUSE she’s a repressed lesbian. She’d also come here to anonymously fangirl over Takada cause she doesn’t want anyone (Todo) to know shes that big a fan.
>Geto for baiting people in /x/ for their curses and other places seething about humans.
Holy shit that’s actually smart. He literally would’ve been unstoppable if he did this.

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>two little symbols mean this whole abstract state of events
What the literal fuck is wrong with Japanese

You could really gather alot of curses by using /pol/.

Nanami seems like a lit and travel kinda guy. He'd ask for book reccomendations and good places to visit in Malaysia

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I wonder if shokos the one that did kiraras surgery

Does she still have the dick

How's the Kakegurui guy been doing since his isekai got BTFO'd? I heard he was writing a new one?

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Not anymore, but she did repurpose it so Kirara can use it as a curses tool.

It’s a blessing and a curse. You’re able to communicate lots of abstract idea that will get you to the right direction quickly but leaves a lot of room for fine intrepretations. That meaning of 坐殺 is from chinks tho, since I don’t actually know any nip. But often times they share similar meanings of the moon runes.