And the award for the best anime/manga/LN/VN mom goes to

And the award for the best anime/manga/LN/VN mom goes to...

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Your mother. Go thank her.


your mother. go thank her.


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>Why yes, I did abandon my 5 year old daughter for almost a decade without so much as contacting her once in a while, because I was too busy playing with my robot dolls.

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>1 child
>1 child
>2 children
Zenith wins.

There is no debate. Hiling is the best mom.

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Leon is so lucky...

Mushoku Tensei has so many MILF characters yet none of them ever have more than 2 children

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Typically Asian mom.

True. My mom refused to call me by name, until I got into the university of her choice.

> cuckquean
> 2 kids
> 1 is a genius with 6 kids and 3 wives

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Miyuki - 4 children at start, six a the end and 9 extra incomming.

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This. I love my mom.

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Yuigamam is ridiculously hot.


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Mate the slut elf has like a hundred

Quantity over quality.

only 2 that we know of, the rest doesn't count.

If single mothers were even remotely like this I wouldn't even mind a My Wife's Son situation.

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Not everyone has a perfect mother.

Speak for yourself.

it's not a competition.

Absolutely true.

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No, fuck off. I hate my crazy bitch of a mother. I'd kill her if I could get away with it.

need more loli MILFs

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What if I get my mom to cosplay as Mamako?

the one from god only knows was cool if a bit of a cuck but it's ok when it's women

user I was like you once. I resented my mom for years after she told me she was planning on divorcing my dad and taking 4 of my siblings away with her. And after a while I stopped with my deep hatred, but I never mended our relationship properly, I had planned on doing that this summer but I can't do that now since she's dead. Even if she's a cunt in your eyes she did love you at some point in your life, whether that was when you were born or as a child she did or does love you, I can't change the way you view her, you're free to do what you see fit. But remember one day she will die, you think you won't mourn her you will believe me.

To my mom.

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You shouldn't have cosplay sex with your mom. It's immoral.

Why do christfags think that their rapist abuser dads are fucking owed anything?

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No one is beyond redemption.
But that doesn't mean you should put yourself at risk to save your attacker.

I am writing a LN right now about a mommy and son who get isekaid into a fantasy world, and become lovers there.

Get it published in japan and I'll buy it.

Are you Zoroastrian

No, I am a Christian.


>she did love you at some point in your life
I don't fucking care. I have zero attachment to the bitch.
>But remember one day she will die
Good. I only wish it could be by my hands.
>you will
No I won't.

Love thy mother.

No I won't. I have Schizoid personaloty disorder. Nice projection tho

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He is right. There was a time I thought that I would never forgive my mom for molesting me, but here we are.

She doesn't really get a lot of time to shine but I like Majime's mom from Shimeji Simulation, she's really cute.

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Almost too young to be a mom

She died 8 years ago.

Best mom coming through.

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Every day is Mother's day when you love your mom.


What if you have two moms?

I don't have a picture, but Uzaki's mom