Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!

>5th Generation alien
>Nu Sushiko and Nu Yagi characters changed
What the fuck is going on? Is Go Rush!! really an AU or have 700 years passed since Sevens? Cause this would mean the elderly aren't even the children of the old cast. And let's not even mention the twins and Manabu

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Considering everything we know there are only two possibilities. Either this is an alternative universe or a fuck ton of years have passed since the end of SEVENS. Everyone in the cast are grand children with the expection of the twins who might actually be great grandchildren instead of grandchildren like previously believed (maybe even more). Of course the possibility of an AU can't be discarded yet but I want to believe this is a more connected sequel. Guess we'll have to wait and see what they reveal next but yeah, doesn't look like a mere 50/60 years have passed

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>have 700 years passed since Sevens?
Well yeah that's been the theme since 5D'S. Hundreds of years passing between each series. It's why assuming the characters of each series are completely unrelated to the previous ones is dumb.

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We literally don't know yet.

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I'm jealous of yuhi.

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Alternate universe theory is for people who don't believe in magic or alien technology changing the world.

a sheep is fine too

You will never touch the magic sheep girl.

Why did you guys let the episode 3 thread for?


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There aren't always going to be posters up in the middle of the morning to bump threads. You should know that.

Show is lame

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>There aren't always going to be posters up in the middle of the morning to bump threads.
Subs dropped two days earlier then expected.
>Show is lame
Episode 3 was fun.

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Since the ohdos don't own the mutsuba crest I think they're unrelated to them.

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Maybe, we need more info, But things aren't looking good for the Yugasana ship so far. Even though nips are still convinced they hooked up.

I want to see if they can make the next nail or cyberse character into something cool.

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She will always be a hologram.

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>nu-Beast Gear
>nu-Heavy Cavalry
>Zwijo's ace

The dog is probably an alien that probably plays something like beast gears, I think the kappa will play the lizard looking monster. That girl who's probably an atachi likely plays the dian keto girl, and that would leave the dragon/wyvern thing for another character.

no Romin no watch

This but with Luke

But yuamu's like a slightly nerd version of her already.

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we still have wet alien and nigger alien

The wet alien is the kappa. I'm not sure what you mean by the other one.

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the black one who looks like an old monster card, she is in the opening

That's the one I called dian keto girl I think. I assume the atachi looking girl plays here. And they could still have nyandestar the cat play one of those but I think they're saving her for later.

What's up with yugioh and mysterious background characters?

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It's Bridge way of doing things i guess. They really have evolved the series in ways Gallop and their staff could have never done

I love the spaceship full of 8 million cheering fans follows Yudias around.

I want to say yuamu actually has eye powers even though we haven't seen them yet.

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I feel like they might be holograms.

The Ohdo family moved away from goha city when luke started taking his losses from duels too personally.

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I really thought she was wearing a plain shirt, Is she wearing a jumpsuit under her jumpsuit?

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Kamijou for the second arc. Trust the plan

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What do they have to do with aliens or mutsuba town? Did they set up space colonies?

>What do they have to do with aliens or mutsuba town?
Alien hunters maybe?

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I suppose manabu could have competitors. Wouldn't be the worst option for the kamijou.

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I do want to see more psychic monsters kind of.

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imagine the sex machines they build together

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They modify old diggers into machines with different purposes.

I miss him.

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This is going to be yuhi and yudias in 20 episodes.

Why wait?

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I can't even get that page to open the images properly just go to /mdg/ on /vg/ if you want to see someone dump the images