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Next chapter coming in minutes!

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no one cares about this shit anymore

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>when you got so mindbroken that you post bullshit to cope

Subaru will marry Emilia and have children with her, it's been confirmed
QA Session summary from Japanese guy who is a friend of Ice. Directly stolen from shitcord & twitter. You're welcum.

>>>>Will Subaru and Emilia get married? In response to the question, "Rizero has a happy ending.
>>>There is a branching point where Subaru and Emilia have a child (I assure you).

Yes seems so. Now we just wait the long years.

Leave shit from the previous thread where it belongs so everyone can enjoy the chapter. No need for a second round of shitflinging thanks!

Woops wrong capture.

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branch and not confirmed
non answer

was that ever in question?

第七章58 『寄る辺なきモノたち』

>>>>>Will Subaru and Emilia get married? In response to the question, "Rizero has a happy ending.
>>>>There is a branching point where Subaru and Emilia have a child (I assure you).
Damn thats alotta meme arrows lets add more


another boring reaction chapter

>>>>>>>>>Will Subaru and Emilia get married? In response to the question, "Rizero has a happy ending.
>>>>>>>>There is a branching point where Subaru and Emilia have a child (I assure you).
I'll quote this till Remfags gone!

I want to be Isekaid so bad, let me leave this shit show and be the epic sex God I want to be.
I'm 18, the perfect age so please let me be whisped to wonderland.

>Arc 7 is half over

>I'll quote this till Remfags gone!
You are a very strange person.


>branch and not confirmed
Too late the entire western fanbase already accepts its confirmed and canon. You lost. Cope Seethe dial8

and? and seethe more



Al is back to normal size, which was expected obviously. Vincent seems to think they'll be able to sneak up on Satella since the shadows are focused on trying to attack Jorna and Rui

Lay off the coke
Tappei doesn’t give a fuck about westerners. A lot of them are retarded faggots who ask him questions in poorly MTL’d japanese, so he knows they’re dumb as shit.

Please make pledge of allegiance to her if you want to dwell on the threads, it's HER SERIES as Tappei has confirmed on this day

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Rough chapter summary:
>Talk talk talk blah blah blah
>muh great calamity
>muh empire
>muh homosexual star reading faggot prostitute
>muh empire, again
>blah blah blah talking

So we can keep talking about what is huge, Tappei's session!

Some of the best questions today were from westerns, Tappei answered 2 of them back to back

>My husband is only that erotic cute princess.
Prisclla has some explaining to do

He laughed at one of their MTL's


Spec BTFO again

Doesn't he hate Rem?

Of course, MTL fucking sucks. The ones he answered seriously were written in proper japanese, one of them was by Ringo if I'm not mistaken

This has to be a lie. There’s no way in FUCK she wants to get with Liliana.
Never underestimate the power of sheer faggotry.

He does but Tappei ignored his questions

Vincents drugstore Halloween mask fell off and now he's exposed to Yorna and everyone else.

so why did he rewrote the chapter? same shit like the others

>This has to be a lie. There’s no way in FUCK she wants to get with Liliana.
No no, that's Al saying that Priscilla is his husband.

nope, you will live to see the collapse of our civilization tho

Maybe starshit with Taritta is complicated and hard to make work and he had a block to not be self-contradictory

Chapter is just some more setting up and execution of what people are doing. Al is naturally helping to keep everyone alive while they try and get Tarita into the shadow to do whatever it is she's supposed to do. Mostly just action things with some talking about what's going on and Chisa is letting Vincent resolve it while watching from the side lines. Ulbik doesn't know what the fuck is going on.

There were a few from westerners answered, yeah. Ringo got one about Hector, there was another from Googlyflamengo (some artist). Wish he'd answered mine about the Anastasia plot hole.

All according to Keikaku?!? Vincent predicted this would happen and its PART OF HIS PLAN?!?!

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>Chapter is just some more setting up and execution of what people are doing.
98% of all arc 7 chapters

Jorna knew who he was anyway.

He always suspected there was something off about Subaru.

>Emilia: written out
>Rem: written out
>Subaru: written out
Who's next? My guess is Al since he's the only non vollachian/fillershit character left.

>Anastasia plot hole.
Which plot hole?

>I'll quote this till Remfags gone!
in other words, you'll quote this until you get banned or until you finally realise its not working.

>Enter: final villian

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Nips don't seem to give a shit about waifu wars.

Isn't that bad by Emiliafag logic? If Rem can't win because she won in a side story and Emilia is going to have an IF where she wins and also has kid(s) then that can't happen in the main story either.

The JP community has understood Emilia had won long ago, they know to take the hints as they're very used to those developments. They are native speakers and they take the answers unambiguously.

No shit sherlock, because they can understand what Tappei is actually saying and know what he said.

>Mobliamongs are just shitposting about a throwaway quote instead of caring about the chapter

Nice cope

Yeah, they also understand what "branching" means.

No, they understand the answers given by Tappei and don't huff massive copium by clinging to one badly translated line for years as "proof" of anything, because they know it isn't.

>"I'll just react to everything that happens like I knew it would happen and it was always in my control and because of me, the Emperor, Vincent Vollachia"

That's rich coming from a remfag lmao.

>Remcucks are just shitposting complaining about Mobiliamongs shitposting about a throwaway quote instead of caring about the capter

Mobliafags don't care about the story and don't read after all, it's not surprising. They can't even bother to read the QA, they're just spamming discord screengrabs.

>Shitposters don't care about a series they were shitposting about
In other words, Petra is being kissed

Take it to shitcord boys. Stop flooding the thread again.

He's a Hero.
And a Hero is all he can be.

ok EOP keep coping

Open thread
>Remkeks crying
What happened again?

>Everyone who replies to me is a Remfag
Hello, schizo-kun!

Why is Shitmilia so shit?

I think the shadow doesn't kill the ones it consumes. Probably just some Shamak shit

I can't believe that user sacrificed himself to Petra and got us a new chapter.
Never forget

It literally ate Oldfarts arm right off when he touched it.

>Subaru is farting on everyone and is trying especially hard to fart on Jorna and Rui
Can't tell if insulting or his fetish.

His arm is still alive in another dimension.

Seems to be the hand mostly. But yeah, part of it is missing.

Oh so its gigashamak like Peeako's?

>mobliafags get called out for shitposting
>"r-remcucks are doing it too"
Like clockwork.

Live footage from the scene

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>Remkeks crying
show us

That's not kissing. That's not kissing at all. RIP user, we didn't deserve you.

How many years did it take Subaru and Rem to get a branch where they had children and how many years did it take Subaru and Emilia to get a mere mention of a possibility of a branch.

>Taritta has been having nightmares for 3 years
Do you think the date relevant?

>Remcucks are bad losers who can't take the loss and keep quiet about Mobiliamongs being happy about finally getting answers that matter

She's kissing his spinal cord with her dart thing

About a year, Natsuki Rem came out on April of 2013.

they not getting an IF either, he would have wrote it long time ago instead doing school or genderbendshit. tappei also doesn't recycle plots and write the same IF plot again. don't think we gonna see subaru having kids in the main story because it doesn't fit the story unlinke MT. that's why you have a IF

In reality it may have happened, it could've been one of the already existing IFs, like Kasaneru.

Emiliafags are getting the main story, why are you even talking?

He needs a branch point, which he said he didn't have as of using his last one in arc 6. As a basic qualification Emilia needs to not be retarded and that isn't happening any time soon.

>Children with crazy Emilia
Not bad
But really he's just talking about magic viagra finally kicking in in the deleted lust IF. Enjoy, Emiliamongs.

>being happy about finally getting answers that matter
Hey now, we got confirmation that Rem's second named chapter is happening this arc

Not what Tappei said.

coping cuck

Will it be "Rem"?

It's pretty beeg for Rem, tho.

The irony.

Maybe he did mention Subaru's two named chapters.
So in the same vein
Rem and "Rem"

>tappei last Q&A about beatrice birthday: its a spoiler
>tappei now, her birthday is on march
what a fucking hack

>answers that "matter"
>*picks nose* yeah, sure maybe in an IF one day I'll throw you guys a bone and give Emilia a kid like I gave Rem two
The cope is off the charts for Emiliafags. Remfags can at least point to the story and Emiliafags say it doesn't matter, but now they're whacking off about how they "won" in an IF that doesn't even exist yet. It's sad to see, so much utter devastation of them has driven them to this low.

So "Rem" isn't Rem and won't be Rem again

>Capella shows up
>uses her authority on Moblia and gives her a brain that works