Aikatsu and Pretty Series

Good night, sleep tight, ainons...

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Wrong! These idols are deceased

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It's Saionji Tsubaki's birthday today, ainons! Happy Birthday to Dreamy Crown's secondary user!

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literally whomst?

I wish she had more background stalker moments.

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>asking for Ako 2.0

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Ako 0.2 was great.

>not called "god hates otome.gif"


Her horniness made her pretty annoying.

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fuck off

Wife puri~

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*steals your wife*

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This is literally me.

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My cat is so beautiful.


pls show tits

fuck off


I wanna milk this cow.

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What's she watching?

She clicked an Introduction to JAVA class by accident.

My wife Miruki is pure sex.

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I hear she's something of an expert.

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Don't you mean Lemon?

King of prism

raibus can't watch boys, they would melt.

They aren't witches.

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This is a bitch you moron, not a witch.

What is she looking at?


Lemon is sex but Miruki is pure sex.

Lemon smells

Most g*mers do.

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GOD i love Maria.

I love YOU

I love GOD.

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Dating ainon...

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>Dating ainon

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>Dating Doroth

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imagine the smell

Imagine the smell

dumb aroma

I want to cum inside of Doroth.

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