Oricon's Top 10 Weekly Chart by Series (04/11-04/17)

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Nice SxF.

I expected 1mil from SxF wtf

Underwhelming from sxf

assclass 2.0

Imagine losing to mediocre shit like Nazi Revengers.

Shangri-La Frontier is so underrated in Yea Forums. Very good manga that deserves more love here

Birdhead does sound like something straight up Yea Forums's alley. Kinda weird nobody cares about it here.

>some fag larpin in VRMMO
Nah, SAO at least had stake about being trapped in the game, but this is like watching those let play youtuber

I thought SxF would be a mega hit, not that it'd get mogged by Asspull Revengers of all things

Disappointing backlog boost considering most of it is from the new volume

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The new volume was the week before, Tokyo Revengers is the one with the new volume this week. Why is Yea Forums so bad at understanding context

Why are you telling me what I already know, it’s still disappointing

>Shueishasisters... what happened to our unquestionable dominance? We didn't even get half the spots (losing one to a fucking character book!) nor did we get first place despite our best entry having an anime boost?! AIYEEEEEEEEEE!

so what chapter is episode 19 of SxF? If i remember correctly, JJK only got huge boost after episode 7.

>kaiju 8 flopping
>spyxfamily flopping
guess its up to chainsaw man now

Stop using words you don't understand.

Cope SxFfag

are u guys baiting? it just got reprinted and its still ep 2.

Well, they can't even beat Wanpiss consistently, so ...

Jujutsu buyers the most disloyal ones of any manga i can think of, it literally has a movie that came out just 3 months ago and is still in theaters and sales are still stagnant from last volume

Yes, it's discord trannies (or a tranny) doing Yea Forums shit

its boosts are strong yet so short and has huge drop off.
It already peaked i guess

jap has shit taste confirmed. Tokyo Revenger doesn't deserve anywhere near that top 10.

I hope you retards realize TR has released new volume

What's so hard to understand in that Jujutsu's Top 10 characters are hardly relevant anymore outside of Yuuji and Megumi? It's like Shibuya closed Part 1 of the manga with characters as well. To me it's easily understandable why nips are dropping it. It's in a transitional and rebuild phase and they rather stick with the already established cast or cast that got introduced and waits for better utilization than introducing new characters.

How is Yuji relevant?

Relevant as in having an active role. Just because other colonies are shown, don't act Yuuji disappeared from the story after Shibuya.

Assuming spy new volume is 100k then it has around 46k~ backlog. very nice.
Perhaps it'll hit 2M per volume very soonish. We still don't know if that's the peak or not

Volume 1 is 1.7 million. The rest are around 1.2-1.4, so I think it won't reach 2 million since noticeably it decresed quite a bit from the first volume.

Manga that already saw a massive boost rarely get a second one from an anime adaptation. You guys would know this if you weren't new.

We're still at the start of the anime no? JJK hasn't hit peak of the boost until ep 12 or so. the reprint has been quite small though. only 100k per vol
Its still too early to say anything about the boost

>TR sales this high
>threads are ded

only mentally ill fujos care about TR. there are no fujos on Yea Forums

>Tokyo Revengers Vol. 26 522,222 (4 days on sale)
>Tokyo Revengers Vol. 27 535,999 (2 days on sale)
>TR doing better than last vol with a less day basis

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JJK has 1 vol left to release this year
TR has 2
SxF has 1
OP has 1 with movie boost (?)
MHA Has 3
Kaiju has 2
Blue lock has 3

the TR number is for the series as a whole not just vol 27

volume sales on friday. also TR 27 had 3 days actually. It probably hasn't decreased much if any

Jujutsu reached 3 million with volume 0. Nowadays the new volumes only reach around 2 million. When it started getting boosts, it was around volume 6-8 where a gap started to show in decreases. Spy could get decent backlog, don't get me wrong, but that -400k from the first volume onward won't disappear.

And how did it reach that 3M? after anime and movie boost and marketing. same applies for JJK volumes and the new vols decrease. a boost can offset the loss in readers by bringing new ones

>over a 1 year since since TR anime premiered
>still selling this good
The power of fujobucks

top 10- 5 weeks until half year sales
* 1st place * 8,667,761 Jujutsu Kaisen
* 2nd place * 6,357,286 Tokyo Revengers
* 3rd place * 3,662,964 ONE PIECE
* 4th place * 2,371,701 Spy family
* 5th place * 2,326,980 Kimetsu no Yaiba
* 6th * 2,268,967 Mystery
* 7th * 1,980,980 My Hero Academia
* 8th * 1,577,501 Monster No.8
* 9th * 1,493,245 The dress-up doll falls in love
10th * 1,225,764 Kingdom
11th * 1,173,400 Blue Rock
12th place **, 936,339 World Trigger
13th place **, 868,906 Dr.STONE
14th place **, 848,748 Record of Ragnarok
15th place **, 727,036 Haikyu !!
16th place **, 588,348 Takopi

>OP has 1 with movie boost (?)
Wasn't the theory that they'll desperately try to release four volumes, since the first of this year's was released as early in December as possible?
Are Oda's frequent breaks and hiatuses really this bad that they cannot do that to artificially increase their total sales anymore?

10 chapters are ready with 2 for next volume. a 4th volume could be rushed to release in sept-nov i guess? not sure

>warm piss down to 5th place
Oof! That kind of belly flop's got to hurt!

Thanks OP.

also JJK probably has 2 too. with the last releasing in nov?

Cheese luize One Piece won't even make the top 10 this year

OP has 10 chapters in a volume. To release 4 in a year, 40 chapters has to be made and that's not happening ever again by the looks of how frequent are the breaks.

>Even character books and fanbooks aren't counted as part of the series
huh. thought it was only spin-offs.

Haikyuu keeps selling well after finishing almost 2 years ago and no anime boost whatsoever

Slam Dunk's heir?

>won't even make the top 10 this year
That would be sad. There's way less meme potential in an 11th place than in a 10th.

are u guys retarded? OP will do 5M+ minimum. its entering top 10 and likely to end up higher than last year placement

>5 million

SNK is dead

>OP will do 5M+ minimum
Isn't it selling somewhat around 1.4M per volume right now? It will have to rely on backlog sales to make more than 5M. The rest depends on how well other things do, which in turn depends on how many more volumes they will release this year and what kind of boost they'll get.

new volume hasn't stopped selling and is likely to make it to 4m. there's another volume coming along with movie. There has never been a top 10 with more than 3 million. its guaranteed to be in top 10 this year.

higher placement depends but there's no SNK or KNY to get higher than it. and it doesn't look like there's big things coming in enough time. JJK,TR,SXF are the only ones that are almost confirmed to be higher

4m*. though it was only one year and most of it the limit was 2-3m

Tokyo Rev, SxF, JJK will definitely sell more than OP. Blue Lock and CSM could have done it if they got summer adapations but by fall it will be too late for backlogs to catch up to OP

Blue Lock is already capitalizing on the upcoming anime, top 10 is basically guaranteed.