Urusei Yatsura

>Urusei Yatsura
>Art gets better as it goes on

>Art gets worse as it goes on


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Looking at lum makes my penis hard, but looking at akane makes my penis soft.

I noticed this phenomena too

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are you talking about the manga or the anime?

I would guess the anime since the mangas are more or less consistent in style


I can't even try to cheat it the other way by like comparing a frame of the OP to that snowman episode.

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Mamoru Oshii?

Ranma >>> UY

>Art gets worse as it goes on
The OVAs and second film look a million times better than the show.

What a retarded take.


easy solution, read the Ranma manga which is better than the anime in basically every way

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>Urusei Yatsura
>Really didn't need a reboot, the anime itself is pretty legendary even if it isn't true to the manga
>Desperately needed a reboot because the original show shit the bed and mostly did filler shit but doesn't get one

80s anime looks like shit compared to 90s anime in terms of both style and production values
unless you have literal idiot tier spatial functioning.

>Urusei Yatsura
>Started with a low budget, became very popular so budget went way up
>Started with a high budget, got cancelled, then got rebooted with a lower budget
That's really what it boils down to.

Projected profits for Urusei Yatsura are higher than those for Ranma

Agreed, They put the budget on Ranma's body

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Don't start.

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Do you really not see the problem? We're comparing the anime with the anime not anime with ova or movie.

Maisonchads...we cant stop winning

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Except for the porn and that it gets compared to kor.

What's kor

Komitet Obrony Robotników, polish workers defence committee.

That's a lifeless style compared to this.

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A story on how some faggot chooses a whore over a girl who actually cares about him.

To be far that "whore" is a smoker and knows how to dress sharply.

such is the curse of good series.

Don't forget iy which also shat the bed.

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Check out this Ukyo I got from a drawfag

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I read the manga first, and I've always found the anime to be disappointing. Even the first season starts to shit the bed towards the end with filler, and the anime ended at a point in the manga before most of my favorite stories.

high budget ranma was a real feast for the eyes though

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Too tumblr for me

Jesus christ that looks really bad.

The worst part for both Ranma and Inuyasha is that Inuyasha had really good pacing in the first season where they produced about 10 volumes worth of content with no filler.
At that pace Inuyasha needed about 6 seasons to produce the whole story, it actually got 7 seasons but because of the volume of filler stuffed in by the idiot who made Yashahime the last season was rushed and had to fit in 20 volumes worth of content.
If not for all the filler they probably could have gotten through the whole story without needing to drop the budget and switch to digital animation.

Same deal with Ranma, at the 10 volume a season pace Ranma needed about 4 seasons. It got 7 plus OAVs and movies but because there was so much shitty filler there's almost 15 volumes of content still left unproduced.

>almost 15 volumes of content still left unproduced.
it's more than that, they skipped over like half the stuff after vol 10

Inuyasha has better art than Ranma 1/2. The art in the early chapters of Ranma is surprisingly bad. Might be better than Urusei Yatsura, but still.

Nah they spent the budget giving everyone an upgrade, including Akane.

If they remake Ranma, they better let Mage do the female character designs.

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Actually you know what, screw it, let Mage direct it as well.

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Chart it out over time.

If you go from UY to Ranma to IY there's a very clear progression in the art and the story telling.
Later UY stories especially those with Ryunosuke look and feel a lot like Ranma stories. Just like the later Ranma stories can look and feel a lot like Inuyasha stories.

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wont be aired on tv if that happened

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Knowing Mage he'd end the series with impregnation, but I could live with that. All the males are brick shit houses and all the girls are thicc as fuck.

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i support him, but sometimes they get too thick and not enough muscle under tge fluff for martial artists.

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That's fair. Female Ranma is skinny but with a wide ass and hips. Do like how he contrasts them with the dudes though.

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Even before volume 10 they made some really bizarre content decisions changing things for no apparent reason. Like why is the focus of the martial arts delivery race changed to be mostly about a one-off character, and why was the end of the phoenix pill arc changed from the beach to a ski resort.

he is more consistent with his male bodys. they fit the characters better is as far as ive really thought about it. for example, ryoga looks like what a male martial artist should look like in his style

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Martial Arts are obsolete

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I like the early UY art. Mostly because she hadn't quite kicked the influence of the older manga she read just yet.

based smoking girls are cute

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What would happen if Ranma got pregnant?

based hikaru appreciator

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Posting in this thread cause there is no dedicated UY thread up right now. I'm on episode 25 of the Anime and I'm thinking about dropping it mainly because I fucking hate Ataru, he's basically fucking evil and has 0 redeeming qualities. What's the point in seeing Lum win if Ataru is what she wins? Does Ataru ever get any character development or should I just drop the show now?